Dating a Perfectionist: 12 Things You Must Know Before You Date One

Most of us are not perfectionists. However, some of us end up dating perfectionists. Even if you know that no one is perfect. But it may not be on the same page.

Dating a perfectionist

I date perfectionists. Tell me that it’s durable may Two months. For a non-perfectionist like me and in a relationship with a perfectionist. i applaud you There is true love in your relationship.

for myself I was mad because I didn’t want to understand him. He doesn’t like this or that. And I try to care for myself in ways I’ve never imagined before. Make sure your hair is styled perfectly. My clothes are not wrinkled. And the makeup was on point. it’s so tiring Especially since I’m the one who hugs my dog ​​and can wear the same sweatpants for weeks. I wash them in between okay.

Dating a perfectionist

The point is when dating a perfectionist. can be difficult If you are not yourself although in some aspects It made me more aware. not just myself but also the way I interact with people. Did I learn something about myself from this experience? definitely. [Read: Types of toxic relationships to watch out for]

Will I date a perfectionist again? Maybe a mediocre perfectionist. The perfectionists are too radical for me. If you’re in a relationship with a perfectionist. There may be moments that drive you crazy. But if you learn how to cope and understand them That relationship can be a good relationship. It’s hard but totally doable.

#1 Are you a perfectionist? Before you point your finger at your partner Let’s see what kind of person you are. Many of us have qualities that can be described as idealism. Now maybe it’s not the size of your partner. But there may be something that you need So take a look at yourself and see where you fit in. [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility instantly]

#2 Talk to them. Look, they know they’re perfectionists, I mean, if they’re truly perfectionists. They will be reminded of this throughout school and work. Identifying this quality is not difficult. So just talk to them about it. See what makes them feel bad. And how does it feel when things don’t work out? their way. [Read: Signs of insecurity people can’t hide when they’re feeling insecure]

#3 set some boundaries You both need to set boundaries for each other. You have to accept some of their behavior. And they have to accept your behavior too, so let them tell you something they can’t move.

Maybe they always have to be on time. So let them be on time. Or they have to wake up two hours before you to prepare for the day. let them go But you also have to show some things that you’re not okay with.

#4 decide. Now, if it’s an important decision in life, then of course you’ll want to talk to your partner. But when it comes to deciding which movie to watch or where to eat? So don’t always let them control you. Remember, they are perfectionists. So they want to plan everything for T. However, you’re in the relationship too. Life doesn’t always go according to plan.

#5 but allow me to suggest I don’t want you to be a tyrant in your relationship. That’s not the goal The goal is to get them to relax their controlling behavior. So don’t ignore their thoughts and opinions. They should be able to speak out. Listen to their suggestions and have an open conversation about them.

#6 daily schedule limit The perfectionist has everything planned. Some people write them in their calendars or schedule books. but you want to gradually Quit doing that. Of course, the structure is helpful and positive, but without a plan. For example, try to make the weekend unplanned and show your partner that going with the trend is also fun. [Read: 18 ways you can become more spontaneous in life]

#7 work together as a team Idealists are used to doing things on their own and in complete control of the situation. But you have to change that. Instead, focus on working together as a team. Have them assign tasks to you from projects and make sure you complete them without their help. They will try to take over and do it for you. But that doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

#8 positive reinforcement If the perfectionist’s plans don’t go the way they want. It could be disastrous for them. But this is where you come in as a sponsoring partner. You have to support them and show them that just because their plan didn’t work. That doesn’t mean the plan will fail. Show them the positive side of not wanting everything to be perfect. [Read: 20 positive ways to live in the moment and enjoy life for what it is]

#9 show your imperfections For many of us dating perfectionists. We always do what they want. If you don’t like something, we change it. But that’s wrong. They must see that imperfection exists. Don’t hide your imperfections or change yourself drastically to please them. They must know who you are!

#10 Make sure you like them. I know, it sounds weird. But dating a perfectionist is hard work. You have to invest a lot in your relationship and them. So make sure you really like them. I didn’t say because of them. i say because of you will have a hard time And if you really have feelings for them You will get through it.

#11 Give them time to think about themselves. Most people tend not to think about their personality flaws. But if you point out their perfection give them time to think about their behavior and why they behave like this

There may have been a traumatic past that led them to this idea that need to control everything But they had to find this on their own. [Read: The signs you’ve found yourself in a controlling relationship]

#12 If you are a good planner Yes, opposites attract But if you’re a planner too may not reach the level of planning It might be good It raises your anxiety and need for planning. You will enjoy planning. So this will not be a burden to you.

[Read: The awful dating habits you need to change that are keeping you single]

Now you know some helpful tips for dating a perfectionist. I hope you use it Everyone is different But you can use those differences to learn not only about yourself. but to build a strong relationship

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