13 Dating Rules for Women Who are Tired of Games and Bad Dates

You’ve probably gone to scary dates many times. But maybe not about them. but about you Follow the rules of dating for women. And it won’t be that hard

Dating rules for women

Dating is one of my favorite things. But I hate it with passion. I’ve dated enough to share some dating rules and dating rules for women that you should follow to be successful.

I like meeting a guy for the first time. feel the chemistry between us and learn about them But I couldn’t bear to ask those annoying questions I’d asked hundreds of people before them. “Where did you go to school?” “Do you have siblings?”

You know, after a while Those questions were repetitive. But that’s okay. I know how it feels to be in the dating scene. And I sympathize with you, lady. because it is not easy [Read: 12 easy ways to avoid a first date catastrophe]

13 Dating Rules For Women You Must Follow

Maybe the guy didn’t call you. Maybe he’s late for the date. I mean, there are countless things they do, but listen, there are some dating rules for women you need to keep in mind. So you have to keep your personal standards high and don’t let them dictate where the day will go.

You can control when and how the date ends. It seems like these days thanks to Tinder *although I like Tinder*, dating is now just a short chat, which is fine, but if you’re looking for more. That could be a problem. Maybe you should print it out and stick it in your wallet.

#1 You are not single because no one needs you. Yes, if he asks you this question. He was also trying to fill his insecurities. Don’t give him the answer he wants. But to be honest, don’t say, “Oh, I don’t know why. I guess guys really don’t like me” or whatever excuse you come up with. You know why you’re single. You don’t find anyone worth your time and energy. Tell him and he’ll know he has to step up. [Read: The dating advice all women need to follow to transform your love life]

#2 If the day goes bad, don’t give up. After a bad date, it’s really easy to say, “I’m never going to date again.” Maybe he texts all the time or “forgets” his wallet. Anyway, he’s an idiot. Of course, this leaves a bad taste in your mouth. How could it not be? But this doesn’t mean you should give up and spend the weekend watching reruns of friend. [Read: 10 types of guys to stop dating if you want real love]

#3 he can come to you especially in the first date let him come to you He should put in the effort and time to get you. If he doesn’t have some plans for your dating, turn it down. Screw that! He could check if there was a movie tonight or take three minutes to book a restaurant. It wasn’t hard if he wasn’t willing to put in that effort. He’s not like that in you. Just good for something informal.

#4 Don’t give everything to him right away. I always say who cares just how you feel, but really, it’s important not to give a guy everything he wants as quickly as possible. I know he’s cute and you want to have sex with him, but don’t be slow. Show him you respect yourself. It means not giving away items right away.

#5 don’t think about the future I know you’re on a first date. and as a woman You might already be thinking about his future with him, which isn’t bad, but don’t jump too far. Keep calm, enjoy the date and see how it goes. [Read: 10 pieces of dating advice for women in their 30s]

#6 know what you want This is one of the most common dating rules for women that we have overlooked. Before you go on a date You should know what you want. Are you looking for something serious? It’s not official? What kind of man do you want? You don’t have to know the right guy. But you should know the nature of your values. That way, when you’re dating. You don’t question yourself because you know what you want.

Go in knowing what you want. This way, after a date. Have you figured out if you want to invest more time with him?

#7 keep it honest You might actually end up dating this guy. So be honest I mean, why continue to lie? It will not bring anything special to the date. If you’re straight and straight from the start Show that you have built a solid foundation no matter how you end up.

#8 If you have a good day, call them. If you really have a good day with them. and want to see them again. Call them. You don’t need to wait for them to call or text you. and should not be given three days If you like them, grab them. Don’t waste hours counting on what’s called “right.” You weren’t in high school. Those rules don’t exist in the real world. [Read: Should you call him? The signs to help you make up your mind]

#9 be emotional If you haven’t broken up with your ex, don’t go on a date. I know people might tell you the opposite. If you still cry for him It means you’re not really ready. Plus, it’s not fair for you to use this guy as your help. Be true to yourself and your date. If you’re ready to make an emotional investment in someone, anyway, let’s go on a date. [Read: How to be emotionally available and actually find love]

#10 See red flags. First date is very important. It’s basically your first meeting intimately with this guy, so get as much information as possible, yes, be optimistic, but pay attention to the negative.

Perhaps his previous relationship was unsuccessful because she was “crazy”—red flag, or “he was working too hard”—red flag. Check out those red flags for a better picture of this guy. Also, listen to your gut instincts.

#11 Don’t walk into a date with a list of expectations. If you have a list of expectations you want in a man it won’t work If you have a list that says he has to be funny, dark, tall, handsome, then you’ll have trouble crossing out everything. If anything, you only limit yourself from the men who might really be a good fit for you.

#12 Don’t play too hard to get Research shows that playing too hard is really against you. Of course, people like to play with little cats and mice. However, you don’t need them to go wild goose hunting. Doing so will hinder them. at some point You let them know you care about them, that’s okay! [Read: Is he playing hard to get or is it a sign he’s just not that into you?]

#13 Be yourself. no other way You can pretend to be someone else, that’s fine, but in the end, you have to take off your mask or you’ll forget to wear it one day. Just save yourself the hassle of trying to be who you are not. Trust me, you’ll find people who value you.

[Read: The dating girl code all girls HAVE to know]

Once you know the rules of dating women. Next time you go on a date Always keep in mind that Following the rules is not easy. but will help you in the long run

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