Dating Your Sibling’s Friend? The Must-Follow Rules to Remember

You can’t control who you fall in love with. But you can control how you treat people. If you are dating a friend of a sibling Learn to deal with it properly.

Dating your friends, brothers and sisters.

Usually, dating your sibling’s friends is not a good idea. in fact It makes sense why we will fall in love with them You may see them more often because they are friends of your brother or sister. You have known them for many years and have a good relationship with them.

That’s a pretty good equation for something to happen between you. That is, if there is any sexual chemistry involved.

Although this is very good But consider your siblings and how they feel as well. If you want to be with this person but still maintain a good relationship with your siblings. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to manage your relationship properly. [Read: How to set healthy boundaries for a good love life]

How to cope with dating friends

No one can control how they feel about others. Sometimes we fall in love with someone we never even look at. but over time They stole our hearts. Love is so weird, believe me.

If you told me a few years ago that I was dating my girlfriend. I probably won’t believe you We are completely different but i fell in love with him

Sometimes it’s not just falling in love with the person who’s completely opposite you. Sometimes we fall in love with people who can do things that are a little more complicated and awkward. But if you deal with your siblings properly It will go well.

#1 don’t hide it Listen, finally your brothers and sisters will find out about you and your new flame. It just so happened that this person was also their friend. You might think it’s best to hide it to protect your siblings and relationships.

it’s a bad idea Seriously, have you never seen a chick flick? Don’t hit around the bushes Tell them in advance and as soon as possible. [Read: The must-know rules and exceptions for keeping secrets in a relationship]

#2 Give your brothers time to do this. After you tell them Don’t expect them to be okay with the idea right away. They might be okay with it. But it will shock them. Give them time to process everything. I would suggest not going on a date with your new partner on the couch right away.

#3 Live together as brothers. Just because you’re with their friends doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together one-on-one. Don’t forget that in the end, you are still brothers and sisters.

So make sure you focus on spending time together without your partner nearby. This way, they can open up about the relationship without being uncomfortable. [Read: How to be a good friend to those around you]

#4 know possible obstacles You know your siblings better than anyone. You should also know what their reaction will be. Be prepared for sibling reactions, whether good or not. You may have obstacles in front of you. As long as you know what you are doing. it’s okay

#5 Spend time with your siblings The first few times will definitely be awkward. But when you overcome the initial awkwardness Because let’s face it, it will be uncomfortable. Everyone will get used to this relationship. Spending time with the three builds a stronger bond and doesn’t feel like your siblings are losing friends.

#6 know how you feel Look, before you upgrade your relationship. You have to make sure you really like them. and really interested in them If this is just a glimpse in your eyes Why not choose someone other than your sibling’s friend? There are many more people to associate with. Seriously, just go to Tinder, but if you truly There is a feeling for them and then go ahead.

#7 Do not cling to siblings If you’ve come this far and decide to stay together. You will have to move from all sibling dramas. You are dating their friends now. There is no reason to think about the fact that they are your siblings’ friends.

If you keep worrying about it You’ll keep negative energy over the relationship between you, your partner, and your siblings. [Read: How to stop negative people from zapping your energy]

#8 Stop using PDA in front of your siblings. This might seem obvious. but i just have to warn you when you are in love You tend to overlook these things. If you’re hanging out with your siblings and partner, be respectful. The last thing they want to see is that you’re in an intense session with their friends.

#9 If it doesn’t work, then it’s over. This is your brother’s friend. You can’t hump and throw them away. I mean, you shouldn’t tease and dump anyone, but here it is. definitely Someone you shouldn’t treat disrespectfully.

If you want to end things, do it with dignity and make sure your siblings aren’t in the middle of your relationship.

#10 Don’t share any stories. Look, your siblings probably feel good when you’re dating their friends. But don’t expect them to feel good when you share your “story” about your relationship with them. You have other friends to talk about sex with. So don’t mess with your siblings. [Read: How to build lasting friendships to help you in life]

#11 Be careful what you say. You have to be careful what you tell your siblings and what you tell your partner. Remember that they are friends. What you say will travel through both of them. If you start to talk about your sibling’s flaws or problems with your partner. This can get dramatic and vice versa, so try to stay neutral between your siblings and friends.

[Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

If you’re dating a sibling’s friend, that’s fine. However, handle the situation with caution because it’s not just your and your partner’s feelings at stake.

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