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Is your fan gamer spending so much time in front of your screen that your relationship suffers? Here’s how to deal with a partner who is addicted to the game!

Video games will always have a special place in the hearts of men. In addition to entertainment It also serves as a channel for intellectual stimulation. Including a temporary escape from reality where he can act as a backup in another version: a hero with a mission. and a set of skills and powers to accomplish.

This is especially true for the younger generation whose video game boom coincided with its formative years. asked a grown man And of course they will have good memories. About the old game consoles always gathering dust in the attic.

However, as with other entertainment activities, Video games can become addictive if left unchecked. And as with any form of addiction, it will prove detrimental to self and relationships. Video game addiction is growing exponentially with every new console released with more advanced “next generation”?? of video games

But try to be fair and don’t immediately try to homophobic video games and the gaming industry. Effectively dealing with video game addiction is a personal test. And you, as an important person, can play an important role in helping your partner cope with this type of addiction.

Keep in mind that video game addiction can affect women too, but according to studyThe proportions are unbalanced and heavily biased towards the male of the population. Let us move on from the stereotypes of gamer geek living in the basement and try to understand how to deal with partner gaming addiction. It can affect anyone at any age. [Read: 11 reasons you should date the nerdy guy]

Casual gamers vs. video game addicts

Before you go out there and break into his man cave and smash his console. Consider that he is really addicted to video games. Or just admire them like a normal person. Suddenly accusing your partner of video game addiction with no further information about it could make both of you worse.

Gamers were initially classified as casual gamers or “Hardcore” ?? gamers, but with the popularity and mass availability of video games and gaming platforms Three categories were born. and these are:

#1 casual gamer Most of the people who love video games fall into this category. They are people who occasionally play video games and only to relieve boredom or to kill time. The games they play tend to be easy-to-play. is a puzzle And there’s often content that includes free apps from your smartphone or tablet. Wasting money on games? no way!

#2 passionate gamer They are the mediator in the gaming population. Enthusiastic gamers hold video games as their main pastime. and dedicate some time and resources to purchasing game equipment and software. They set up “return the game” ?? Once a week to camp in their room to play video games on their own or with their crazy gamer friends. Video games may be mentioned from time to time during the conversation. and of course there The occasional “shirt day geek”?? for them.

#3 Addicted to the game. These guys are at the edge of the curve and are usually avid gamers. They were born to play video games. and they spend more money 5 Depressed hours every day in front of the console doing their thing. All their resources are allocated for video games. Forget new clothes and food. This Guy Must Buy The Latest Metal Gear And DLC For PlayStation 4.

And why go outside if he can lock himself in the basement? Game addicts are also indistinguishable from video games to the point where they express their anger if you interrupt them or a sudden technical problem occurs with their internet connection.

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What’s the difference?

In summary, video game addicts sacrifice other aspects of their lives. All just to support their addiction. Video games consume time and resources. And these are red flags for determining if your partner is a gaming addict. As mentioned above They put gaming above all else.

Therefore, video game addicts prefer playing PS4 over spending time with you or your kids. They will skip meals. *or eat while playing* and forgo sleep just to play video games. As a result, their relationships, careers, schools and bank accounts have been horribly affected.

How to deal with game addicts

Again, the solution didn’t break his console to shreds or cancel his World of Warcraft subscription, like most relationship issues. The solution lies in communication, patience, and techniques to wean him from video game addiction.

#1 talk. The first step in solving the problem is to let him know your feelings. Set aside time for you to talk and tell him that your relationship is the most important thing. Try to stay calm as much as possible and don’t be too fussy or confrontational. Unless you want to extend the point to controversy.

Emphasize that you are not against his video games. And your main concern is how much time he spends with you and your relationship. Play with your words a little and don’t be hostile to his hobbies. It is important to describe your point in detail. List instances where his addiction manifests itself, such as if he forgot your anniversary, had dinner, or the fact that he had to pick up the kids. how from school Set a goal but stay firm so he knows you’ve got a point in what you’re saying. [Read: 9 ways to get your man to start communicating with you]

#2 wean him from his supervisor You should do this in baby steps. Hiding games, throwing them away, or destroying them is not a good idea. even as a last resort Replace his game time with something you both enjoy, such as if he likes it. Assassin’s CreedYou might want to introduce him to real free running, or if he’s a first-person shooter. You could try laser tag, paintball, or airsoft.

Not only will you spend time together. But you still have the opportunity to get your partner out of his game room. while allowing him to lose the weight he gained from sitting all day. Choose an activity that simulates his game. but on a real life level The point is to make him realize that spending time with you is better than tethering himself to the couch all day playing video games. [Read: 10 perfect conversations that could steer your man away from games]

#3 Make mutually beneficial agreements Killing the habit doesn’t happen overnight. And you can’t ask him to play video games coldly. Try to find an agreement that both parties will be satisfied with. Set a schedule for his games and for your relationship. Maybe you can allow him to play games one night where he can play his video games undisturbed. and for the rest of the week he will be all yours

This will be easily accepted as it is fair and reasonable for both of you. Once you’ve set a schedule and he’s happy with it, go over the border little by little. Until he became a passionate gamer instead of addicted to the game. [Read: 10 hints guys give when they want more space]

#4 Do not join him in his hobbies. Some self-help documents suggest that if you join him in a video game The problem will be solved. On the contrary, this is your surrendering to the problem. And you only need to strengthen his character. Ignoring the problem doesn’t help either. Again, the main objective is to make him focus on your relationships and activities as a partner or family rather than his video game.

#5 come up with a surprise date The first thing you need to do is write down his game schedule. Usually, this happens at night. So no one bothered him. Try to disrupt his daily routine by finding an unusual date.

When you notice that he is about to escape to the cave man. Ask him to go out for a night drive or a drink at a bar. or if you are not a drinker then go out to buy snacks or take home This will break his routine as you discover simple new activities. that you both can enjoy [Read: 25 unconventional date ideas to try with your guy]

drastic measures

If the above advice doesn’t help. Maybe it’s time to bring out the cannons.

#6 seduce him using the same formula as #5 When you see that he is about to start playing video games. Surprise him by breaking into the man cave wearing your sexiest underwear. or if you are brave enough It’s nothing

Take him out of the terrifying cave and send him to a paradise that no more scantily clad Tekken chicks can provide. However, it only takes a small amount. This will lose its effectiveness when used frequently. This strategy is a classic conditioning where you strengthen your bond over playing video games. [Read: How to turn him on by sitting next to him]

#7 Go to strike sex. Contrary to the previous list If his addiction persists to go on a sex strike The idea was not to deprive him of him indefinitely. Instead, you will punish him by suspending sex if he breaks your agreed deadlines or other chores. that he forgot to do because of video games

Lysistrata should be used sparingly and strictly. Boycott sex when he’s in the most horny places, or he’ll return to his own comfort.

#8 Get professional help Believe it or not, there are professional marriage and relationship counselors who specialize in video game-related relationship issues. If the problem is too difficult for you to deal with. or if you have exhausted all the options We encourage you to seek professional advice to address his video game addiction. This type of service will cost you time and money. But if you’re really determined to set things up right, why not?

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Although video games are generally harmless. But video game addiction can be a huge problem if not properly addressed. The answer to the male video game problem lies in building relationships based on shared experiences. So you can find activities that you both can share and enjoy.

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