Deleting Pictures of an Ex: The Psychology Behind It & Why We Do It

Deleting your ex’s pictures right after the breakup can tell a lot about your mental and emotional state. So let’s unravel what it means.

erasing past images

Deleting your ex’s pictures is a newer habit. Whether you did it right after the breakup or thought about it years ago, you can discard or even burn your ex’s photos if things go south. Now you can erase all traces of your past love. All with just a few clicks.

But not everyone does this. And some people don’t even think about doing it. like me etc.

My last relationship had some lovely couple photos. I’m sure I annoyed my Instagram followers, but when the relationship ended. I didn’t even think of scrolling through my profile to delete all of our photos.

First, I don’t want to delete that experience. it’s part of my life it taught me something I don’t look back on those photos and reminisce. But I didn’t feel the need to delete that moment in my life from the digital diary.

but as said Many people disagree. Who are you?

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How do you feel about deleting pictures of your ex?

Each person’s relationship is different. If you’re in a dysfunctional relationship and your ex’s photos make for difficult memories. It’s not surprising that you delete it. But if you and your childhood sweetheart broke up because you went to college, one day you might look back at those images with more admiration than pain.

but in general What are your thoughts on deleting pictures of your ex? Was it obvious what you did after the breakup? Some people find it draining like returning an old one.

Some people find it weird that I never delete photos of my ex, but others find going back in time and deleting all of them is trivial and trivial. What do you think?

Regardless of your current feelings about deleting your ex’s photos. I’m sure each situation is different for you. and none of these things are wrong. [Read: 15 mature ways you can grow up and start living life like an adult]

The Psychology Behind Deleting Ex-Girlfriend Pictures

Deleting your ex’s photos is your decision. No one should judge you about what you decide to do after a breakup. It’s your social media. your relationship It’s your breakup and your photo.

do what you want Either you remove all traces of that relationship or look back and appreciate what it has taught you. it’s your choice

Before we talk about deleting photos of your ex that talks about you. You have to know that it doesn’t make you cruel. And keeping it doesn’t mean you’re still attached to your ex.

There is no such thing as a deletion of an ex’s photo. There are many possibilities and ideas that lead to that decision. Or why did your ex delete your picture? or even the reason you stick to the photo. These are just a few of the reasons that have been put together. [Read: 17 signs to help you decide if you should block your ex]

1. Helping you move forward faster

One of the reasons for deleting pictures of ex-girlfriends for good is that they remove physical evidence of the relationship. It’s basically like taking them out as your phone’s wallpaper and taking a picture of the two of you from your shelf or desk.

you are no longer together So deleting parts of the relationship removes the reminder. When you’re logged into social media and can’t see your ex’s photo. You can forget those moments and the ending. It’s like starting over. [Read: How to forget someone and move on fast]

2. Message your friends and family

Although it’s not a healthy reason to delete your ex’s pictures. But it is understandable. When your relationship ends you want others to know You don’t want to keep pictures of you and your ex cuddling and kissing when you’re not together anymore.

You want the people in your life to get the message and you don’t want them confused. Delete your ex’s photo only if it’s what you want to do. It’s not because it’s what you think other people want you to do.

3. You are meeting new people or want

If your ex deleted your photo. Of course, it could mean that they’re seeing someone new and don’t want that person to see that photo. But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes deleting an ex’s photo not only sends messages to the people you know, but also the world over. If someone you might be interested in scrolling through your pictures. You don’t want him wondering if you’re in a relationship. [Read: The 10 stages of a breakup and how to get through each of them]

4Don’t want to be warned

This is probably the most common reason people delete pictures of their exes, even unfriend them online. When the breakup is new and the pain is new Being constantly reminded of your loss can spark anger, sadness, and lots of other negative feelings.

You remove the temptation to look back at the photo and get upset by deleting it all. You focus on the future, not the past.

5. You don’t want to look like you’re still in them.

Personally, I think this one is too little. But if you’re worried that your ex will think you didn’t forget them because you kept the pictures. Deleting it will send you a message that you are continuing.

Some people even delete photos of their ex because their ex was the one who deleted them first. It can be a bit embarrassing for your ex to delete all traces of you from their profile. But you still have holiday albums posted for everyone to see. that shouldn’t matter but there are too many [Read: The healthiest way to get over your ex]

6. I don’t want drama.

This is why you might keep a photo of your ex. If you delete it, they may contact you to ask why. If your ex isn’t in the same position as you. Removing their photos from the page might spark something in there.

They didn’t just reach out. But it might spark controversy for this reason.

7. You don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Even if you don’t think your ex will say anything about you to delete the photo. You wouldn’t want to hurt them. Especially if you break up, I understand, but at the same time You have to do what is right for you and your future.

Worrying about your ex’s feelings isn’t your problem anymore. Of course, deleting your relationship pictures can hurt their feelings. But in the end, it can help push them forward. [Read: 20 positive ways to live in the moment]

8. You are not ashamed of your past.

Some people who don’t regret want to keep pictures of their ex because the relationship is part of their story. Of course it’s over. but it still happens

Capturing images is just a part of our lives for people like me who use social media to digitize our lives. It happens. Whether that’s good or not. keeping it a part of you

9It’s just the feeling right now

Another popular reason people delete their ex’s pictures is that they feel they should do it now. We all go back and look at pictures with our ex after we broke up. part of the process

Depending on how they make you feel, is that the reason why you hit the delete button? The best for you is all good.

Whether you delete the photo or not Memories will always be in your heart. Even without that digital evidence You can’t delete that part of your life. But erasing it forever can be a drain if you will.

Some experts say archiving photos during the breakup and revisiting them when you’re in pain is a good option. Make this process private

Should you delete your ex’s pictures?

There are many reasons to delete your ex’s photo. you already know And there are many reasons not to. But nothing matters when you do it. It all depends on how you feel.

If you hate looking at photos and know they’re bothering you, delete them. You can remove them from social media and save them to a private folder in the darkest corner of your Dropbox. as it should You might want to look back one day.

But if you like to know that you’re in a relationship that doesn’t work out. keep the photos If it doesn’t harm you let them go You don’t have to look back at them. But having them there can make you feel stronger.

Now, if your current partner wants them to go, that’s another problem. Are they insecure about your relationship? Do they feel threatened by your ex? Talk to them about it and see why they feel that way. If it’s not important to you in one way or another, delete it. [Read: How to get over someone you have to see every day]

Option to delete photos of the past

Deleting your ex’s pictures can be venting, painful, or even alleviating. but because of this It is therefore a personal choice that will only be made by you.

You might be wondering if deleting photos is too harsh and permanent. But you don’t want to keep it for the world to see. There are other options that fall between the two.

1. Archive

This means that the public cannot see the photos. And you won’t see either. They were made public. but is hidden on your page will not be deleted but not in your face This means you have to search for them to find them. It might be good to look back on good memories when everything was said and done.

2. burn it

It sounds harsh, but it’s something people have been doing for a long time. whether you delete it from the internet or not Print them out and burn them safely. this will feel draining You don’t have to hate your ex to do this. It’s very clean to see something from your past burning. So you can turn the page.

If burning isn’t your thing Soak it in the sink, tear it apart, or tear it apart. These can help you release your negative emotions and move forward. [Read: Should you keep old memories or throw them away?]

3. Ask a trusted friend

Send a folder with all your ex’s pictures to a trusted friend. Delete it from your computer and social media. Ask your friend to protect that folder with a password. Then when you are ready to see them you can ask If you don’t miss it or look for it. You know you’ve gone on. but always ready for remembrance

4. Post a new photo

Instead of scrolling back to your social channels and in your albums. Lets post a new picture. Look ahead and take pictures with friends and family or killer selfies. Look forward to your future on social media. not what it used to be

5. Make an album

Make a real photo album. Print all your photos from that relationship. Instead of deleting it, save it. You can delete the digital copy. But there is a hard copy. Even for a relationship that ends Making an album or scrapbook can help you stay optimistic about your relationship. You can appreciate what it is as it lasts and remember those moments and keep them on the shelf.

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but in the end The decision to delete a photo of your ex is up to you. Do what you feel is right. Respect your ex and do what they feel is right.

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