10 Depressing Reasons Love Dies in a Relationship

The minute you realize that love has died in your relationship. That’s when you know the end will soon follow.

why does love die

Love is a very strange thing No one can truly define love. because the two love is not the same There is no power in the world to be such a mystery to many. They say that love never dies naturally. And I’m here to talk about what killed it.

when talking about love I admit I’m just a fool What I have learned from love I got it from experience I really can’t rely on books. Because there are so many books that become just the illusion of a beautiful mind.

Has that forever?

with a lonely soul So I found myself wandering from place to place. I try to find meaning in life. And sometimes listening to people’s stories gives meaning to my seemingly colorless life. One of the things that fascinates me is listening to the stories of couples who made their love last. I learned the hard way that nothing really lasts in this era. Everyone is used to life in a hurry. Even love is devalued in the process.

Found love, lost love, just to find it again. time after time where I find myself picking up the pieces of my broken heart I would feel comfortable talking to people. in listening to their stories I was fascinated by what they had to tell me. Because their love story makes it seem more real. And it’s not something you can buy at the dollar store.

Have you ever heard of a broken hearted person saying that they are “lost in love”?? Or is there no “chemistry left at all”?? Stories like this frighten me. If nothing lasts forever How can love be?

Why do people fall in love with their partner?

What causes love to escape the perfect relationship it once was? Here are 10 reasons why love promises forever. But sometimes it withered into nothingness.

#1 Love dies of unrealistic expectations. When a person is in love, one tends to have unrealistic expectations of the whole relationship. Although putting your partner on a podium is not dangerous. but there is a thin dividing line Between idealism and blindness to all things Remember, those romantic movies and novels have a one-dimensional feel to the characters and situations. and your partner is only human prone to weakness, bias, and flaws

This is the beauty of true love. Choosing to love someone when they are weak, unrealistic expectations can ruin a relationship. This is because expectations can lead to disappointment when these expectations are not met. Unfulfilled expectations can lead to feelings of inadequacy and betrayal. which will ultimately cause the relationship to fail.

#2 Love dies because it is not built on solid foundations. When love is built on a weak foundation of self-doubt and dishonesty That love will eventually crumble. Even good sex chemistry isn’t strong enough to lay the groundwork for resisting the obstacles your relationship might face. No matter how strong a friendship is, it can’t be the only foundation that must be made.

You need trust, respect and honesty. You need perseverance to pass the trials of love. Establishing a relationship with something fleeting and fragile, such as sex, infatuation, or flirtation with each other, is the only guarantee of failure.

#3 Love dies because it was not love in the first place. I’ve heard many couples’ love stories because they don’t feel like love anymore. Most people become obsessed at the beginning of a relationship. And they always look at everything through rose-colored glasses.

When the honeymoon period is over They realized that things Not what it used to be The truth is, relationships get better as the two people involved grow and move forward together. in the case of infatuation The connection was only as brief as it was. with the first excitement of gravity

#4 Love dies of betrayal Trust is an expensive gift. And we shouldn’t expect from cheap people. saying that How far can “once a cheater always cheat”? go? To be honest, I already know what it’s like to be with a cheater. Now I can tell you how horrible the experience was. And when someone is cheated, one will feel unreliable again.

when one person is betrayed by another It can be difficult to trust that person again because of this. So love dies slowly and painfully. It was like being in a personal hell. where your doubts and paranoia engulf you and ruin your relationship. [Read: 8 things you need to do before forgiving a cheater]

#5 love dies of fear It’s okay to be afraid of losing a loved one. But the problem arises when you’re so afraid of losing him that you end up doing something that doesn’t make sense to hold them back. Sometimes hugging your partner too tight can suffocate them.

You might think you’re just doing everything you can to make your partner happy. But you’d be surprised how well people perceive fear and despair. And when this invades your relationship You will find that love is pushed to the sidelines.

#6 Love dies of lack of growth. Years tend to change people no matter how subtle the change is. Couples in good relationships allow years to help them grow in a better way. They find ways to strengthen their relationship. Let it grow with time

However, there are some couples who are trying so hard to save their honeymoon that the relationship doesn’t progress. There are also some couples who compete to keep each other on the same level. These actions are only hindering the growth of relationships.

#7 Love dies of old pains and old lies. There are old wounds that will never heal It can be caused by the pain of betrayal, disappointment, or resentment. Old wounds can lead to pent-up resentment and anger. When these old problems remain unresolved These problems will be prolonged and eat only good things. remaining in the relationship Let them know that pain, anger, or resentment is stronger than their love for each other. [Read: 5 ways to stop an old affair from ruining your marriage]

#8 Love dies when there is no trust or fidelity in the relationship. The foundation of a healthy and solid relationship is trust. When you find yourself constantly wondering where your partner is. or constantly doubting your lover You know there’s something wrong with your relationship.

Trust is what holds relationships together. Trust is what gives them peace of mind in a relationship. Often, many people find that they trust their relationship too much. All this will be in vain. [Read: 10 telltale signs your relationship is doomed]

#9 Love dies because of disagreements. Although it is true that opposites can attract. But compatibility will be a deciding factor in a long-term relationship. The love honeymoon phase will help you look beyond the flaws and idiosyncrasies your partner may have. But eventually time will help you see if your relationship will last or not.

This will open your eyes to the truth, and sometimes you will find that no matter how great things begin, Your ultimate disagreement will set you apart. [Read: 10 cathartic love songs about the one that got away]

#10 Love dies because romance comes in. Let’s be honest: romantic love. have to die so that more mature love grows and flourishes. Romance can sometimes look and feel like true love, but it’s actually love that hides real problems in a relationship.

Love isn’t just about gestures and romantic flowers and candlelit dinners. Couples must learn to break the trap of love in order to see that love is all about hard work. overcoming trials together and growing up as a couple When lovers are blinded by romance they see love But it’s an incomplete picture.

[Read: All the quotes you need while going through a breakup]

When you find that the love in your relationship has run out. Don’t let hope die with it. You can mourn and mourn. but in the end You have to know that you have to get up and move forward.

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