8 Different Types of Guys You Meet At Bars

night out with girls Finding yourself as an eligible bachelor can prove difficult. If all you’ve seen in the club are these guys

type of guy in bar

Some people firmly believe that you can’t meet quality men at clubs and bars. And some people are more optimistic. We tend to think that quality men don’t go to bars. Because they actually work or are beyond that? And the free time they do probably won’t get them drunk every Friday or Saturday night. [Read: 33 best places to meet attractive and eligible guys]

The typical guy you’ll find at the club.

Why do we tell ourselves “good”? Can’t find the guy at the bar I can assure you that when you meet him You’ll find the following people at the same watering hole as well.

#1 Mr. Moneybags. This guy wants you to know that he has money. or at least want you think He has money, he has no problem spending money. buy drinks for everyone and is often heard saying, Always “put on my tab”?? This person was also the one who took a picture of his bill at night. so that he can post on social media and show off his big spending methods.

It’s good if you meet a guy with good finances. But it’s important to keep in mind how you would feel if you were dating this guy. Especially knowing how he spends his money and loses it freely. especially when he’s hanging out, drinking

#2 Sloppy Mr. This guy didn’t know when to quit drinking. And he doesn’t care about manners. In fact, this guy might just spill a drink on you as he tries to introduce himself to you. And probably won’t even think of giving you a napkin when he does.

He was sloppy and very drunk. until if you tell him your name is Sara At night it is safe to say every time I see him again. He’ll call you Sally, Samantha, and other non-Sara. Because that’s what these guys are. Sloppy guys do, they don’t remember names, conversations, manners, and they don’t really care. They just want to have a good time with the mess and everything.

Of course, we all have our lame and less attractive moments when it comes to a night out that involves drinking. But if you find Mr. Sloppy at the bar more often than you’d like. It’s safe to say that he will be. Consistent regulations If he messes up when drinking Imagine what he was like when he ate! He’s also the type of guy who might come to work wearing a half-shirt, assuming he has a job.

#3 as usual The normal master is a rare breed. This man acts like he lives in a pile of “Cheers” ?? where everyone knows his name and what is his usual order. This guy enters the bar acting as a close friend to all the bartenders. and when he had the opportunity to order a drink He’ll hear him say something like “normal” ?? This usually causes the bartenders to panic a little. because in reality He thought he was more memorable than he really was.

#4 Sheep Skating Have you ever gone on a date with a guy who tells you how much it costs? If yes, then you have met Mr. Chipskate. What’s worse is when you meet Mr. Cheapskate at a bar and you, Mr. Cheapskate, is the kind of person who will walk up to you, flirt with you, talk to you, and look really charming. Unless you notice he’s never been offered a drink for you.

When you know he doesn’t offer You decide to order a drink for yourself. And only in the classic Cheapskate form. This guy would say something like, “Oh, how does it taste?”?? which he is saying he wants to try yours *yes blue moon is very rare* or he will convince you to buy him a drink. Annoying, this guy can hear him making comments like “Do you believe that beer is 9 coin?”?? with his friend It’s good to have a limited budget. But saying too much about it is tacky. [Read: 11 signs you’re being used for either sex or money]

#5 claimant. The claimant is an idiot. Moment. This guy is arrogant and very self-righteous. All this for unknown reasons. If you ever go out to eat and hear or see someone clapping or calling the waiter. You know what kind of guy I’m talking about. This is the guy you heard from 10 rows on the plane yelling, “Mam, another one” ?? to the flight attendant

This guy is the guy you’ll meet at the bar who literally yells at the bartender. because for some reason he thought he was demanded A very loud and arrogant voice would get their attention much sooner. He had no idea that being an idiot made him unable to get around. The more he drank, the more demanding he became. [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships]

#6 smooth operator When you’re at the bar and a guy walks up to you. It’s nice to know that other people find you attractive. And it’s not hurt to be told by others. But if you meet Mr. Smooth Operator at the bar It can be said that not only will you meet him. but other women In the bar you are with you will also meet him. This guy uses that sweet monopod and pickup line as often as he can.

This is the guy who asked for your phone number. And then you hear from outside the bathroom door introduce himself to the woman in the same row as he introduced himself to you. In a nutshell, this guy might be a smooth conductor. But he’s quite a player. And if you’re looking for love He might not be your best bet. But at least he makes you feel good about yourself. even if for a short time [Read: 7 surefire signs you’re dating a player]

#7 Mr. Downer. Mr Downer is an unemployed, heartbroken, or perhaps an alcoholic who should quit drinking and seek help. This guy wants everyone to know he’s been fired. Or his girlfriend just cheated on him. He was disheartened to be near.

If he knows how to converse as little as possible Or learn how to listen instead of speaking entirely. Talking to him might be more fun. But he didn’t know what to do, but complained about what he was going through and talked about himself. Mr. Downer is not the person you should spend the night with if you want a good time. He will eventually get bored of you. Get rid of your stream and leave you feeling brain dead

#8 Mr. Creeper. Mr. Creeper likes to hang out in the dark or at the end of the bar and watch the girls come and go all night. You might find this guy mysterious. But the truth is that he is just a creeper.

He’s the one who might hit you too, and sometimes, he’ll become your shadow all night. because he will not leave you alone. He might be joking that you’re his girlfriend to anyone who tries to walk up and talk to you. And at first it might look cute. But after a few more times You find it unsettling

This guy doesn’t make you feel relaxed by any means. And if you find yourself stuck with Mr. Creeper Take two steps back and get out of the shadows! [Read: 9 pervy guys and how to spot them on a date]

Although the bar may seem like a breeding ground for the privileged gentleman, But when the alcohol starts to flow You might find yourself facing the dark side of a pleasing gentleman. Next time you hit the bar!

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