60 Dirty and Seductive Things to Say to Turn a Guy On

Awakening a man is an art. And it’s something that can be perfected with the right words. Use these seductive, dirty strands to make a man awake and leave him hard.

Dirty things to say to wake a man

From the thrill of seduction to the blossoming love to the revitalization of a long-lasting relationship. It’s always nice to have dirty talk with your partner here and there. when we say “Talk dirty”?? However, we’re not talking about swearing and slang that you can only find in Urban Dictionary.

Dirty and mischievous words can be as simple as witty sarcasm or suggestive phrases. It depends on how you say it and how you know how your guy will react to what you say.

There are so many tempting things to say to your man. And maybe you say a few things that don’t really mean anything. We have prepared a long list of dirty items. To speak to make him feel hot for you right away. Either through text, in public, or while you’re in the bedroom.

But before we talk about this hot topic. Let us first give you some tips on how to awaken your youth with your words.

6 Steps to open your man’s mouth

#1 be genuine Think about what made you interested in him. Whether it’s a smile, tight buttocks, strong arms. or a smooth movement that knocks you off your feet. The best seduction secret is to mean what you have to say, so whether you want to compliment him or just show your admiration in a sexy way. Make sure it’s true. And your words will really solve the problem. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

#2 Tease him. You can definitely make your guy mad by teasing him in just a few words. You can take a peek at what awaits him or explain what you will do to him later. Pair this with a sexy wink or smile. And you can definitely add some heat.

#3 Tell him how he makes you feel. Either by the way he touches you or the way he kisses you in an intimate setting. You can easily open up to men. by telling him how to change you on. A clear and explanatory visualization of the subject will excite you and your imagination. Just remember not to let everything go though. Leave some details for him to expect and look forward to more. [Read: 40 naughty, playful texts to keep things hot and horny]

#4 all about time like anything else time is important There will be moments, such as when your guy is stressed at work. Dirty words won’t cut it. He might think you’re weird. *And not in a good way* Be sensitive about timing and suitability if you don’t want your man to eventually make you feel cold.

#5 know what to say There are also things like softcore and hardcore dirty talk. And you should know which ones you and your partner are comfortable with. Softcore dirty words are like joking. But you can make it up and go hardcore all the way with slang and even expletives. Especially when you’re already doing this.

#6 natural You can be sincere and everything. But if you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable Speech is translated according to the way you speak. When it comes to talking dirty to seduce your guy, it’s really not what you say but what you say that matters most. The secret here doesn’t sound compulsory. But it’s quite natural and natural. [Read: The art of talking dirty to a guy and sounding really, really sexy]

60 Dirty and Seductive Words to Say to Change Your Man

through text

#1 See you in the parking lot after lunch. I want to go out and say hi *insert your pet’s name for his dick*

#2 You have a dirty mind and it makes me upset!

#3 Where would you like to touch/kiss me later?

#4 I’m not very horny you’re just so sexy

#5 I can’t forget how good your tongue feels there.

#6 Show me you want me to put my hands on you *You can make him send you pictures of his body parts*

#7 I’m thinking about what I’m going to do with you tonight…

#8 You make me think of such dirty thoughts…

#9 I wish we could lie in bed and cuddle all day.

#10 I’m just lying in bed naked. Interested to join me? [Read: 20 sexy step-by-step questions to text any guy and seduce him instantly]

#11 Add to your schedule tonight. I have a surprise for you.

#12 Shop for underwear now. Want to see what I bought?

#13 Guess what I’m wearing now…

#14 What a boring day! If we are together now What do we do?

#15 Don’t make yourself too tired. We still have activities to do…in the bedroom.

#16 Come tonight, I’ve got a hot fudge sundae. You can lick it off of me.

#17 I love your lips… Can’t wait to taste it again.

#18 I’m close to home now. Undress and wait for me in bed.

#19 Send him a picture of the body part you want to hit and text him: hit me here later.

#20 I’m in the bathtub now. Touch myself. I hope you’re here with me. [Read: 50 sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend and arouse him]

in public

#21 This morning I woke up wet because I missed you.

#22 I don’t wear underwear

#23 I can’t wait for you to put it in me.

#24 get out of here I want to rip your clothes off.

#25 i am a girl You can slap me later

#26 Fumble with him inconspicuously or “accidentally” ?? Touch the crotch and say: Wow! You’re so big!

#27 After your workout, say: Seeing you sweating excites me. [Read: 10 conversation starters that’ll get both of you really horny]

#28 I have to take you home I need you!

#29 I love seeing you in tight jeans.

#30 Wow, have you exercised yet?

#31 Tonight I will be your slave Why don’t we go to your house now?

#32 Take me home and you can have me the way you want.

#33 Let’s get out of here. I want to taste/kiss her there. *points to the sexy part of his body*

#34 I will take care of you tonight

#35 when he was about to say something Touch his lips and say: SHH! Don’t talk, keep those lips for later.

#36 Like what you see? It’s yours.

#37 You look especially hot today.

#38 You look so sexy!

#39 If we’re alone now what will you do to me

#40 I’m wet now. Want to see? [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirty lines for girls that’ll rock any guy’s world]

in the bedroom

#41 I’ve been waiting for this all day

#42 I need you here now

#43 Please f*ck me!

#44 Shut up and fuck me!

#45 F*ck me harder!

#46 Slap me harder/stronger!

#47 squeeze my chest harder and kiss me [Read: How to talk dirty in bed – Dirty talking examples you can use tonight]

#48 touch me there

#49 Just looking at you in boxer shorts makes me wet!

#50 oh my God!

#51 Oh yes, oh yes!

#52 speak rudely to me [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy in bed]

#53 Tie me up and ride me harder!

#54 Grab my ass and bang me from behind

#55 You’re so big!

#56 Deeper/heavier!

#57 Oh, how amazing it feels!

#58 Don’t stop!

#59 I love it when you do that!

#60 come into me [Read: 23 sexy tips you HAVE to know before you try talking dirty with your man]

While you can’t go into a guy’s mind and find out what he wants to hear or what makes him feel. Knowing these dirty and sexy things to say is a great way to start and have. he want to get into the pants These examples are a good place to start. And you can always customize and customize it to suit your mood, your man, and every situation.

[Read: 20 naughty questions to ask your man and open up a whole new side to your sexual relationship]

Words are powerful, they can brighten up any day. teasing or even hurting They can also start a life-changing relationship. When you know what to say and how to say it You can easily use a guy’s thoughts and seduce him. and leave him feeling offended all day!

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