DIY Home Energy Review – Read Before You Buy

Have you ever thought of boosting your savings by slashing or even negating your monthly energy bills? Who wouldn’t want to slash any of their bills, anyway?

Jeff Davis’ DIY Home Energy System promises to show you an affordable alternative to meet your home energy/power requirements. Apparently, this program can help you cut your energy bills by up to 75%.

You learn specifically, how to create your own solar panels and thereby install a Home Energy System. Learn about this program by Jeff Davis in this review.

About The Author

Jeff Davis is a resident of Wisconsin. He is a family man and a person who is committed to launching new innovations in the energy sector. So far, he has helped over 42,000 households slash their power bills using his DIY Home Energy System program.

How Jeff Davis created the Home Energy System

DIY Home Energy EbookAfter Jeff learned that trying to conserve energy doesn’t work, besides doing everything to slash his energy bills, he set out to seek an alternative energy source.

Unfortunately, his overpriced energy bills kept increasing. Besides that, he realized that the cost of installing green energy was going to cost him between $22,000 and $25,000.

Fortunately, he met Tim Baker an expert at Solar and Wind Power. Together they developed this system and tested it on 64 households, to ensure they built, set it up and used it correctly. The system proved to be an instant success!

The Shocking Cost of Installing a Home Energy System

If you want an alternative to the normal energy system you use at home, you will most likely consider Green Energy (which is about installing either a Wind Turbine or Solar Panel System). But this comes at a very high initial investment.

You will be required to invest over $20,000 in purchasing the Wind Turbine or Solar Panels. Then you will be required to hire a professional to help you put it up. Chances are very high that you will most likely opt to continue paying your high energy bills because of the high cost that comes with Installing a normal Home Energy System.

So what is the secret of Jeff Davis and Tim Baker?

Instead of buying solar panels from retailers, the program will teach you how to set up the system from scratch using simple readily available materials, parts, components that are cheap and available either in your home, local store or online.

The DIY Home Energy System will enable you to build a working Home Energy system for not more than $200 in one or two afternoons.
Worth noting is that you don’t need any technical expertise to install this. If you can use a screwdriver, then you can install the system.

The program has step-by-step guides, videos, eBooks, written guides and DVDs that feature video tutorials pictures and detailed instructions.

You will be taught how to install a high efficiency professional solar panel from start to finish. The system is about using solar panels to power your electronics and home appliances

The full video footage is three hours long, with an accompanying guide for each video.

Who can benefit from this program?

The question here is not about who can benefit from this system but who is benefiting from this system as we speak now. More than 42,000 homeowners in the USA and all over the world have successfully installed this system in their homes.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to have more dollars in your pocket at the end of every month, using a practical system that has been proven to work, then this system is recommended for your home.

What are some of the benefits of using this program?

DIY Home Energy PDFAffordable to Install

The system does not require expensive or large power tools. In addition, you will be given tips on how to choose the right materials, and directed where you are likely to get the correct accessories at an affordable price.

The initial investment required from you, financially, are two things, which is, first the cost of buying the program and second the cost of buying all the items for installing the program. The items are valued at around $200.

Easy to Install

No technical skills required to implement this program. Best of all the system can be installed in one or two afternoons.

Save on Monthly Energy Billings of up to 75%

You are likely to lower your energy consumption costs by more than 75%. What’s more, you will be saved from the headaches of blackouts, energy outages and any kind of power interruptions in your area.

You can afford to be More Extravagant

Apart from saving over 70% in energy bills, you will never have to worry about an increase in energy costs in the future. You will never feel like rioting or going to the streets to protest against high energy costs.

As a matter of fact, you will be saved from the stress of worrying about your energy bills. You can now afford to buy more electrical appliances without worrying about the consequences of your budget.

What’s more, you will gain the freedom to use energy. If in the past you were reluctant to do activities that consume power, e.g. baking you will now be set free to do them.

New Skill, New Hobby, New Obsession

In school, we were awarded a certificate upon completion of a course of study. Though you won’t be awarded a certificate here, by installing this DIY program, you will get to realize your hidden potential. This may be a start of you doing many other DIY projects. As a matter of fact, you will be very proud of your achievement.

New Forum for Friends and Family and Online Friends

This new secret will unfold a new world for you. As you start sharing this idea with your close associates, family, and friends, you will gain the trust of your friends. In addition, you can actually launch a business if you’re considering ditching your 9 to 5 job.

No more blackouts, peace of mind

This program will enable you to set up a DIY UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)system of sorts. You will have no more fear of unpredictable power shortages. For that matter, you will no longer worry about your food going bad in the fridge due to blackouts and stuff.

Any Bonus?

DIY Home Energy Bonus


  • Easy and safe checkout process
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • It’s tested and proven by thousands of users all over the world
  • Helps you save money
  • Access to a members’ area
  • It’s a follow-along program; therefore it is easy to use.
  • An opportunity to use green energy

3 Problems with This Program

  • You won’t find this product in a shop near you. It is available only as a digital product
  • The program requires action from you.
  • This program requires you to dedicate time and listen to the video tutorials and read the guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Forget about high power bills for a moment. This program will help you supplement your energy needs and in some cases even start supplying the national grid!

Whichever way you look at the DIY Home Energy Solution, this is an awesome program worth investing in.





The DIY Home Energy System could help us to lower our energy bills significantly and become much more energy independent. Besides, it is very easy to follow because it has step-by-step videos and guides for each step of the building process to produce free power at your home.

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