DIY Smart Saw Review – Does Really Worth Buying ?

Are you into wooden work and love creating marvelous pieces out of wood logs?

Imperfect measurements, inefficient tools and wrong pieces of wood make it unable to achieve your dream of outstanding woodworking?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of these concerns any longer. We have rounded up a review for an amazing DIY Smart Saw here that can help you take your woodwork projects to a completely new level.

What is DIY Smart Saw all about?

DIY Smart Saw EbookDIY Smart Saw is a CNC machine based program that empowers woodworkers to work on any project with ease and accuracy.

The machine uses a simple mechanism and is designed to follow the commands given from a computer to move and carve out desired items from wood logs.

You can feed your preferred design with the help of numbers into the machine which will then automatically begin sculpting because of its amazing sharp tool.

With the help of some basic tools like hammer, tubular wrench, screwdriver, tape measure and more, you can build your own DIY Smart Saw after watching a video guide.

The video offers detailed imagery so that you just have to watch it once before proceeding to build the machine. The instructions are very clear and you won’t face any trouble getting the things done right.

As soon as your DIY Smart Saw is completed with perfection, you can use a micro USB cable and connect it to your computer.

There are various woodwork designs that you can download onto the saw before you begin your woodcarving. No matter what computer you have in your home, it will work exceptionally well with your home-made DIY smart saw.

Once your machine becomes operational, you will be surprised to see how effortless designing unique wood items will become.

You will be able to create magnificent wood items for home decorations and also remarkable furniture for various nooks and corners of your abode. It will take no time at all. Plus, you’ll save thousands of dollars that interior decoration must have needed otherwise.

Alex Grayson & DIY Smart Saw

Alex GraysonAlex Grayson, an engineer for the car industry created this awesome DIY Smart Saw. Alex is a woodworking enthusiast who has smartly designed this comprehensive guide on building your own CNC machine in a matter of few hours.

This Computer Numerical Control machine will empower you to complete your woodwork projects with relative ease, accuracy, and speed.

Prior to the idea of building a DIY Smart Saw crossed Alex’s mind, he found it pretty difficult to transform his dream of carving beautiful wood items into reality.

Building hand-crafted wooden art without a CNC machine is a far-fetched dream and because these machines are very expensive not everybody can afford them. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new machine. Even if you plan to buy a secondhand machine, you will have to spend somewhere around two thousand dollars.

CNC machine is basically a saw that allows you to plug in numbers according to your specific requirements. The machine then follows instructions to carve a piece according to the specifications. It moves precisely the way you want it and the measurements you take with it are always 100% accurate.

According to Alex Grayson, one day he came across a video in which a woodcarver was using one of these CNC machines to carve out defined details into the wood. And because he was always eager to find out a way for improving his carving skills, that video prompted him to do more research in this field.

He was determined to make a cheaper version of that high-end machine. And when he eventually succeeded in his endeavor to make an affordable version of CNC machine, he named it DIY Smart Saw.

How Does DIY Smart Saw Work?

DIY Smart Saw Review ScamDIY Smart Saw is designed with a very simple mechanism in mind. You can sculpt any unique design into a wooden log by simply instructing the computer.

As told earlier, there are numerous designs that you can download onto your saw. For instructing your computer to carve out a particular design, you will have to feed relevant numbers into it.

The saw has a sharp sculpting tool which moves in multiple directions from left to right and front to back. So, whenever you feed numbers and operate your saw, it will move in a definite pattern to finish the required woodwork.

In a nutshell- pick the design of your choice and let your machine do the rest of the work.

What you will learn?

  • Alex Grayson has divided the guide into four prominent sections. Each of the steps is accompanied by a detailed illustration of the machine constructing process.
  • There are various helpful tips, notes and warnings included in the written manual so that it becomes relatively easy for the user to build his DIY Smart Saw. The list of all the required tools and components is also written clearly. Moreover, these tools are easily available in local stores.
  • Alex has also used simple tricks for figuring out what parts are easily attached and how.
  • From collecting parts to build the machine to finally checking the functioning of your DIY Smart Saw, Alex will guide you through each step of the process so it never seems like a cumbersome ordeal.
  • There is a help and troubleshooting section given in the guide where a team of experts is available 24/7 to help you in case you’re stuck somewhere in between.
  • The guide also includes ‘101 woodworking’ as a bonus. It is a short video guide to help you bring more remarkable and unique designs to reality.

Pros of DIY Smart Saw:

Even if you compare a secondhand CNC machine to a DIY Smart Saw, you will realize that smart saw is indeed a very cost-effective and cheaper version of high-end CNC machines.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to spend on an expensive CNC machine, DIY Smart Saw is always there to help you. Other than this, there are other benefits of DIY Smart Saw as well:

  • DIY Smart Saw takes away the guesswork which usually comes from the traditional woodcarving methods.
  •  Once you follow the instructions clearly, it becomes incredibly easy to execute the blueprint. Every step of the process given in the guide is simple and would help you put together your own amazing DIY Smart Saw.
  •  There is a 60-day money-back guarantee given along with this product. Irrespective of the reason behind your return, you will get a full refund within two months after your purchase.

Cons of DIY Smart Saw:

  •  The identity of the author is a bit apprehensive. The sales page says that Survivopedia hired Alex Grayson to write this guide. Thus, the real story behind this product is still not clear.
  •  The hard copy of this guide is available nowhere.

The bottom line

Overall, this is an awesome guide for anyone who dreams of creating marvelous wood items or sees his career in woodcarving.





The DIY Smart Saw will undoubtedly be of great benefit if it is your wish to enhance your woodwork skill and if you don’t have money to acquire CNC machine. Not only that this program comes in the form of eBook but also includes instructional videos, pictures, guidelines, and useful information to enable you to make your ANC machine trouble-free.

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