Do Guys Like Short Girls? How to Know for Sure if You’re His Type

Everyone has their own type that they tend to go over and over again. Wondering why men like short girls? Let’s explore!

Do men like short women?

It’s true that we all have our own type. Whether we are fully aware of this or not. Are there just certain body types, hair colors, and even eye colors that we like more than others? Maybe, but it’s the way we are. So every guy has a type and there isn’t much you can do if you don’t suit their preferences. So why do men like short women?

Actually, it all depends on the person. Some men may prefer tall women and others may prefer short women. You can’t really tell what a guy likes just by looking at him. You can’t assume that if a man who is shorter too He also likes short women. [Read: Measuring up: Does height really matter in a relationship?]

We all like different looks.

You might like short, athletic guys. Your friends may like tall men who are slim and fit. Why do you have these differences in taste? Genetics Basically, we like what we like because our bodies see someone and decide we’re genetically matched.

That’s how it really works. when you see someone Your brain is making connections based on your DNA and deciding that the body Does the person’s face shape, hair color, etc. suit you well? This happens unconsciously and you don’t even know it. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

It’s good news on many levels. If we all like the same thing Can you imagine the competition? It will be a nightmare! We’ve all broken up. try to attract people the same time and time for that reason It is a blessing that we are all fascinated by the qualities.

What is your preference? You might not know these things at first. But you can figure it out by going back through your dating history and finding similarities between your ex. Are they all taller than you? Are they all well made? Do they all have blonde hair? At least it’s fun to know! [Read: Dating expectations: Type A vs type B personalities]

Do men like short women because they want to feel masculine?

Probably the main reason many men like short women is because it makes them feel more masculine. It’s almost as if they’re taking care of you. playing as a knight in shining armor It played with his male ego and made him feel special.

However, there are still many men who don’t care about height at all. They shouldn’t be after all. A taller woman might be a better fit for him. So why did he have to let her go because he was also interested in a woman who was smaller than him?

Even though all this You might have a hard time finding a guy who doesn’t hang up when he’s hanging out with his girlfriend and she’s much taller than him. [Read: What is masculinity? The truth behind what women want in men]

How to tell if a man likes short women?

The process of determining who’s right for your type is a quiet internal process, so you can’t tell if a guy likes short women just by looking at him. However, you can tell if he likes your type too. another way? Here’s how to find out if the guy you like likes short women.

1. He had dated a short girl before.

See all his ex-girlfriends. Are they relatively short? Even if he’s dating a taller woman But pay attention to most people. If most of them are all short He definitely has a thing for shorter women.

However, you may find that there are no trends for the women they date. Some are tall, some are normal. And there may be short women too. if this is the case He’s a guy who doesn’t particularly care about height. He focused on other things. [Read: Is he interested in you for all the wrong reasons?]

2. He’s shorter too.

This is not a standard at all. Some shorter men prefer tall women with long legs towering above them. However, it is common for short men to prefer women shorter than them.

This has to do with the fact that shorter men don’t usually feel very masculine. They are short. Other men are much taller. So they feel less manly. Short women made them feel as if they were taller than them. They can feel more masculine if the female is smaller.

3. You notice that he often hits short women.

observe his behavior Did he hit a short woman or a tall woman around? You can easily tell this if you’re both in the same bar or nightclub. Who did he convince?

Men tend to go for the woman they want. If you notice that he ends up talking to several taller women. He probably liked them more. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t like short women back then. It’s a great way to see the type of woman he likes. [Read: 14 ways to know for sure if a guy is flirting with you]

4He doesn’t seem interested when tall women talk to him.

Now look at the woman walking towards him. if they are tall women Does he look interested? Does he flirt and lean closer and smile often? If so, he probably likes tall women. However, this is probably because she is very attractive no matter how tall she is.

A good way to tell is whether or not he tends to talk longer with shorter women. It might be quite obvious if he talks to a short woman for a long time. You also have to keep in mind that sometimes he can talk politely and be completely disinterested.

5. He openly said that he likes short women.

Some men are very open about the fact that they love short women. I’ve dated a guy who said he loves a smaller woman. with average height and slightly above average So I made a note of this. I don’t have to be like him. But he still likes me the same.

You’ll know if a guy likes short women if he talks about it. Sometimes men get together and talk about what they like about women. And if you’re nearby you will learn He might just say he doesn’t like tall women. It means that he doesn’t like women taller than him. [Read: 20 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys]

So why do men like short women?

This does not mean that men prefer women of a certain height. but prefer shorter women. Yes, some men may prefer women taller than them. But this is not normal. This is why men prefer shorter women.

1. It makes them feel more masculine.

We have already said that men love to feel manly. That’s what you need to know about what men like. That’s why men like women who are very feminine. And that’s why some men prefer shorter women.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all men have ego issues. and just wants you to make them feel manly. However, the big reason men like short women is because they feel bigger. So it’s more of a man. [Read: 3 big reasons men feel emasculated]

2. It makes them feel like they’re protecting you.

#2 It felt protective to them. Again, this has something to do with masculinity. Men want to feel masculine and larger than the women they date. They will feel that they can protect them.

This also has to do with the male instinct to protect. The work is easier when the women are a little smaller and they feel like they are doing more.

3. Sadly, it seems to be more socially acceptable.

Unfortunately, this is just the truth. Guys dating taller women are funny because people think they make men look less masculine. This is a very distorted visual society cast on people. However, men still feel affected. [Read: 13 opposing traits that split weak men and strong men]

4Some men find short women less intimidating.

Do you know why models are so scary? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are beautiful. Many short women are beautiful. The model is very tall and towers above the others.

Weaker men with less ego wouldn’t want women to look scary to them. It can make them feel smaller and less masculine. even if they are not

5. Short women are considered to have more mothers.

This has nothing to do with the fact that women are shorter and more related to psychology. When a man sees a shorter woman They will think that she is more caring and motherly. It’s all about genetics and how our minds perceive shorter women. [Read: How to be feminine and reveal the softer girly personality in you]

Size doesn’t matter, height doesn’t matter.

Men have held onto penis size for centuries. But it seems we haven’t taken all the new size issues into the equation. Simply put, height doesn’t matter, size doesn’t matter. You’ll find guys who love short women. You will find men who love tall women. You’ll also meet countless men who don’t really care about height. and are more concerned about appearance and other features.

[Read: 15 qualities men secretly crave in their women]

Do men like short women? The answer is it depends. Some people like and like tall women. It really depends on the man. but overall There seems to be a preference for short women.

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