Do I Love Her? 33 Signs to Discover Your True Feelings

There is no mathematical equation to solve. Do I love you? But there are signs that will indicate your true feelings.

I love you

Ah, love is a mystery romantic talk It can also be frustrating, angry, excited, confused, unbelievable, and sometimes frightening. There’s puppy love, infatuation, lust and true love. Sometimes it feels the same and asks yourself if you love her?

There is no definitive test to determine love. It’s not easy to know if she’s the right one for you or the right one for this week with so many gray areas. Love is not just about wanting to rip a girl’s clothes. Although that would certainly be part of it. about this inexplicable feeling

Sure, love can be seen, heard, and touched, but even those who have so much knowledge about love are really hard to explain. [Read: What does true love feel like?]

What is love?

Before you find the answer to the question “Do I love you?” You should know what love is. Love is not just one thing or one feeling.

Love is a mixture of many emotions. it is the state of being If you combine admiration, respect, lust, intimacy, passion, commitment and trust. You will receive something similar to love.

Answering the question “I love you” is as simple as knowing. Trust your gut and you probably know. But for those who have never been in love reluctant to love or for whatever reason you really want to be sure Read the signs that you love her. [Read: How to recognize love]

I love you?

when a man is in love He behaved differently than when he was away. He was less selfish. protect yourself more and have a better understanding Love is not just a feeling like saying “I love that new taco place.” Love changes you. your behavior and even your future if done right

Find answers to your questions. Do I love you with these symptoms?

1. You want to share the good news with her.

Being in love means she’s the one you go to when you want to celebrate. You want to share good times with her. You want her to be proud of you. If you dare to tell her something good. that came to you first That’s a good sign that you love her. [Read: Have you been hit by cupid’s arrow already?]

2I want to tell you bad news

more importantly She will become your emergency hotline. When she’s the person you communicate with when something bad happens, you want her to be there. You know that her presence will improve every situation.

That’s a sign of trust and support. which is an important part of love The first person you think of when bad things hit your fans is someone you trust and love.

3. You are protecting her.

You get angry or upset when someone treats her disrespectfully. Whether it’s her boss or a friend at a restaurant. Your first instinct is to make him pay. But hopefully you can ignore that and instead worry about how it will affect her.

If you love her, instead of showing anger or jealousy. Show that you are protecting her. You want her to feel comfortable and safe regardless of the anger you might have towards the person who hurt her. [Read: 80 questions to ask before getting serious with her]

4. You see her in your future

You might not be making serious plans with her. But you subconsciously think of her as you think about the future. If your boss offers a promotion You think it will help the two of you buy a good place. together how

You don’t only think about yourself, but include her in things you never really thought of. Even if you need clues that you’ve always been ill. You’d be more than happy to give up on that to be happy with her. Some changes that you think are stable for her are signs that you love her.

5. Do you think the children how will yours

If you see the qualities in her and think, “Man, I think children Ours would be great if they inherited it.” Cupid’s arrow should hit you. we found things in those we love whom we want to continue and be a part of forever.

Even if you never thought of having children. These thoughts may jump into your head because of human nature.

6. Thinking of having a baby

if you want a child *Not wanting children is not wrong* and you are still thinking of having children with her. It could be a sign that she stole your heart. [Read: Everything a couple must do before having a baby]

7. You really care about what she thinks of you.

We all care what others think of us sometimes. But if the slightest criticism from her confuses you and rethinks who you are and makes you want to change? There is a high probability that you will love her. If she thinks you’re busy You need to be more organized and organized because she sees that possibility in you.

You want her to see the potential in you. And her belief in you makes you want to be a better person.

8. You feel bad when she’s upset with you.

If she gets upset with you for one thing, it will break you down. No matter how you yell at her Offend her or make a mistake. Knowing that your actions hurt her is cruel. You’ll do whatever it takes to calm the situation and make sure she’s not in pain anymore.

If you really love her You’ll have no problem admitting you’re wrong and saying sorry because you know she deserves it. [Read: Sweet ways to genuinely say “I’m sorry“]

9. Think about how to make her happy.

If you find yourself dreaming of a way to show her smile. That could be a sign that you care more about her than yourself. when you go out You can think of a little treat that you can pick up to surprise her.

Little things like this show more love than grand gestures.

10. You find yourself daydreaming about her.

If you can’t do anything without her face glittering around you, you might be hit. It might even be more than that. If you’re more focused on making the night special for her than getting the job done. Love may take its place

11. When she hurts, she hurts.

If a coworker makes you cry or hurts her feelings. You feel it too You’re not only upset that she’s upset, but almost feel like sympathy for her. when you’re sad She was suffering no matter what. Sharing that bond is a sign that you love her. [Read: 30 ways to make someone feel better]

12. You care what her family thinks.

If you shower and clean yourself just to meet your distant cousin. Show that you are bitten by the insect of love. This isn’t just a step forward in terms of looks.

You want to make a good impression and want them to know how much you care about her. [Read: How to tell if there is serious chemistry between two people]

13. You want her to know your family.

The fact that you didn’t run for the hills or didn’t want to get involved is a huge red flag that she stole your heart. You don’t just want to meet her family. But you want her to meet your family. You want your world to be linked together. Being in love will do that to you.

14. You decide together.

where you live your career And buying a house depends on your life together. You are no longer just making choices for yourself. you decide together Even your weekend plans When you want someone to be involved in every aspect of your life. maybe because you love her [Read: How to have a good relationship that keeps getting better]

15. You made a promise.

If you’re okay with committing yourself to her by adopting a pet together. That’s a commitment that you don’t just do wholeheartedly. you are in it long term All animals mean that you do not see the end in sight.

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