Do Men Have Feelings? Why They Act Like They Don’t Care –

Have you ever wondered why your man isn’t as excited or overwhelmed as you are during emotional times? Here’s a glimpse of why.

Do men have feelings?

One of the most common questions I hear from women in relationships is: Why is he not interested in me? Why didn’t he show it?

The answer is simple, girl. because he did not want If a man—no Scratch it—if people want to express their feelings. They will do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, there are many things that prevent us from communicating.

We may be embarrassed, we may be anxious. We may be obsessed with other things. There are many reasons people don’t express their feelings fully. but the point is You can’t control how people are programmed.

It’s even more difficult when people expect us to communicate in a specific way. When it’s not the way we are programmed to act. That’s why some women want men to be more open-minded and in tune with their feelings.

Men are different species. Because they are programmed differently than women. Society told them not to express their feelings and fathers told them not to do what women do. Although the line between the genders seems increasingly unclear. But many men still feel they have to behave in some way to maintain their masculinity. [Read: Why men feel so emasculated by the world they’re living in today]

What women really want…

When women complain that men are cold or indifferent. They didn’t ask them to express their emotions. They want these men to show their love.

There is a distinct difference between the two. But men still earned the reputation of being a mound of emotionless stones. That’s because affection is an expression of emotion. If it doesn’t exist, people immediately assume that the person has no feelings.

Just because someone is unwilling to express their emotions doesn’t mean they don’t know how to feel. The normal state of the human mind drives us to express our emotions because it aids in our survival. Show that it’s not real Or are they inclined towards sociological behavior?

The truth is that men tend to express their feelings. Not what women expect It is accepted that there are more and more people. that breaks down walls and alleviates the status quo But the truth is that some women still wonder why they break up—why can’t men change?

Why are they in love while still being paid the same as men? Why are they not being sympathetic while still being regarded as independent individuals? women need love but men are not willing to give [Read: 25 signs your man really loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

Why are men reluctant to show love?

Back to the first complaint: Why do men act like they don’t care? Psychologists were equally perplexed. with where you are That is why they decided to consider why men are reluctant to contact their sensitive side.

thin study It shows that men are wary of women who insist on expressing their true feelings. The reason is when they finally show up. Their partner did not get a positive gesture. Most women don’t know how to deal with emotional men. But they persisted in revealing—and more often than not. Not yet ready for impact

For example, when a man finally cries Usually this only happens in intense emotional situations. A woman asks for a man who says she loves you?? They’re not quite ready for guys to say “I’m in pain, please help me” ??

It’s shocking to see someone you see as your protector admit that they can’t. It feels like a threat to your whole body. because if something happens to you whether physically or emotionally Your man is too incompetent to help you. [Read: 14 things you say or do that emasculates your man and makes him go deeper into a shell]

It’s even more damaging when you don’t recognize the effort they’re making to express their feelings. Most women end up petrified or shocked when they finally learn that men are emotionally intense.

This is just to show that you might ask for more openness. But not necessarily everything that comes with it. Women say they want their partner to express their feelings. But there are only some sensations and in such a small quantity—so small that they might not even be considered open-minded!

Whose fault is it then?

It’s not anyone’s fault This is how society has evolved. If you can wait a little longer, things may change. For now, you’ll have to wait for a guy who doesn’t stick to the traditional norms that have been imposed on them.

They are experiencing what is known as Society is pushing them out of their shells with more emotional expressions. but when they do They will be seen as being poorly adapted.

The problem is that men are conditioned to remain silent for so long that the thought of expressing fear, weakness, or sensitivity can overwhelm those who see. [Read: How a man’s mind works when it comes to love and relationships]

Still has a silver lining. Because we’re talking about how other people perceive men when they express their emotions. Positive reactions may encourage them to open up more in the future. If they can express themselves without being judged It is not necessary to show indifference.

With that in mind, it might be time for everyone to start accepting the fact that men feel just as much as women and don’t blame hormones for the mismatch. Men are loaded with the most aggression-stimulating testosterone. So it’s probably a good thing they don’t PMS like we do.

What do you do to deal with an indifferent spouse?

If you’re dating a guy who isn’t willing to show his emotions, then you’re in for a treat. Here are your choices:

#1 Discuss the need for more openness and communication. not easy especially if they were ever tolerant and indifferent. But you should be honest about your needs.

#2 Know what questions to ask and when. Just because your guy doesn’t show up doesn’t mean he won’t answer your questions about his feelings. Let him know that your relationship is a safe space.

#3 don’t pry If you don’t get the answer you expect. It just means that your guy doesn’t know what to say or how to explain his feelings to you. Respect his privacy and move on with your day.

#4 notice. Even though men do not express themselves normally But it is expressed using another channel:

NS. They change their feelings. For example, instead of being sad Men may express anger or testify.

NS. They bring their feelings to other activities. It could be a sport, a hobby, or even just going out to get some fresh air.

c. Their emotions can manifest as physical pain. Sometimes a headache or back pain can be caused by stress that men are unable to express verbally. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 10 things you HAVE to do]

#5 accept it. You can’t change people You can encourage them to make positive changes in their interactions. But there is no guarantee that it will work. For now, you can comfort yourself with the fact that your man is feeling something. He just didn’t know how to show it.

#6 If you can’t take it Do something honorable and stop associating with people you can’t contact. The first thing you should consider is dating a guy who doesn’t care what other people think. and when you do Make sure you are as open as you want your man to be. It’s your pretension to demand vulnerability while hiding yourself.

[Read: 9 baby steps to get your man to start opening up to you]

Although there are many jokes and jokes about men and their emotions. But many women find themselves truly losing their sense of masculinity. The most common requests in relationships are: Show more emotions The above steps will help women overcome the need for greater love. or encouraging men to open up little by little

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