Do Women Like to Swallow? And 20 Other Sex Questions Answered

We know there are a lot of questions about what women like when it comes to sex. Women like to swallow? Here are the answers and more.

Do women like to swallow?

When it comes to the world of sex There are often many questions. Women like to swallow? Do they really like pubic hair? What about their favorite sex positions? Many of these questions were never answered and to be honest, unfortunately.

Although we all have curiosity. But it’s still frustrating to never get answers to those questions. You often think of these things. and can cause distraction But you can’t ask any woman to answer any questions you have about sex, right?

Wanting to know what women like is a big deal.

Actually, it’s amazing how some guys are so deeply curious about what women like in bed. Why? because if you don’t ask questions You will never learn. and if you don’t learn You often can’t please your girl. Which I’m sure you all really want to do. [Read: What women actually want in bed]

And women like to swallow?

If you want to know about everything related to sex and women. We have the answer for you. Here are some of the most common sex questions any woman asks. Remember that every woman is different. And no one will always like the same thing.

#1 Women like to swallow? The truth is that it depends. Some girls really like it and are aroused by it, and some just can’t stand it. There are still a lot of people who don’t care and will do it to make you happy. Overall, there seems to be more women who don’t like to swallow than women who don’t. [Read: 10 reasons girls who swallow make the best girlfriends]

#2 Does size matter? Yes and no. Size only matters if you’re very small and you’re missing all the other departments too. If you have a smaller penis but have an amazing oral and have no problem doing it, that’s fine. As long as your girl gets her It’s usually no problem.

#3 Why do women like to bully Because we are tired and do not want to recommend men who do not listen more. That might sound harsh. But that’s why women tend to pretend. Or are they too afraid to ask for what they really want that will allow them to reach their climax? Sometimes women pretend because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings either. [Read: 12 things guys do that make girls want to fake it]

#4 Do girls like blow jobs? Again this will depend on real women. Some women like it and are displeased with the fact that they are making men feel good. Other women find it bad and don’t like it at all. They should still give you a mouthful if that’s what you really want – but only if you do the same.

#5 Do women like deep throats? This will vary from woman to woman. However, I would say that women who tend to prefer more intense and cuddly sex tend to like deep throats too. Pro tip: Don’t do this without making sure the woman is acceptable.

#6 How can a guy ask for a nice blowjob? I’ve been asked this question before and there’s an easy way. In asking questions that seem unselfish or pushy All you have to do is say, “Honey, I’d love it if you sucked my dick. It will be open like This should be enough to make her do it just because you love it. But don’t expect her to do it if you don’t give her a mouth. That’s not fair at all. [Read: 16 ways to get your girl to give you head with ease]

#7 Do women like sex as much as men? Short answer: Hell yes. Long answer: Women like good sex just as much as men. Women would agree to break up.

#8 Do women like squeezing, licking, or suckling nipples? This will depend on the woman. However, most women are sensitive in this area and find nipple stimulation to be good. But she won’t like it if you bite hard. and make it hurt

#9 Do women make money with pubic hair? Income doesn’t have to be the best word for it. But if you have tons there and it is not well maintained. It might be a little I will say this: if you have a lot of pubs. You probably won’t get a blow job. No one wants a face full of goosebumps. [Read: A man’s guide to removing pubic hair safely]

#10 Do women masturbate and how often do they do it? Yes, most women masturbate and they do it a few times a week to every day. It depends on the woman and her libido and sex life.

#11 Why do women like to have sex with the lights off? not all women But it’s normal if a woman is insecure about her body. With the lights off, you won’t see her flaws. to avoid this problem Tell your woman how amazing her body is all the time.

#12 Do girls like taking pictures of dicks? No, they’re not interesting. don’t send them

#13 Do women like to know how many men have slept with them? I think most women like to know. But nothing good happens when they know a guy’s number – especially if it’s super high. [Read: Don’t let your partner’s sexual history ruin things]

#14 Do women like circumcised or uncircumcised penises? really okay As long as you keep it clean There was no difference other than the appearance when weak.

#15 What do women think during sex? Usually whoever was inside her at that moment Some women fantasize about things, and other women think about the chores they have to do. If it’s good sex she will miss you

#16 Why do women not like threesomes? Some women like both men and women and prefer to have sex with multiple people. This problem arises when a woman in a relationship is asked to have three sexes by a monogamous partner. It destroys our self-esteem and makes us think we are not good enough. [Read: Threesome sex or three times the trouble?]

#17 Do women play with their breasts? Yes. Usually. So will you if you have them! And sometimes they hurt – during that time of the month – and feel good getting a massage.

#18 Does the penis bend over a woman? Not really. We thought it would be a bit more difficult. But overall it’s okay. Sometimes it can be a good thing if it bends in some way. [Read: 8 tips and positions for men with curved penises]

#19 Do girls like to watch porn? completely dependent on women Some women like it and like it while others find it disgusting and a big breakup. She’s also open to watching porn.

#20 What position gives a woman the fastest orgasm? Generally, a missionary with a pillow under her butt will give you the best g-spot. However, this depends on what your girl likes best as it can change for everyone.

#21 Why do girls hate to talk dirty? Many women really like it. However, if you find that your girl doesn’t and want to give it a try. She may refuse because she is afraid. Chattering can be a little scary if you’ve never done it before. So some women don’t know how, but they might actually like it.

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There you have it. The question “do women like to swallow?” has been partially answered. Hope this clears the air and helps men understand women a little better!

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