Do You Have a Boyfriend? 13 Best Ways To Handle an Annoying Question

when the assembly arrived Your family is probably obsessed with asking one question: Do you have a boyfriend? This must be disappointing for you.

Do you have a boyfriend yet?

When everyone asks you if you have a boyfriend or not. It might be frustrating for them to think a lot. No matter how lively you share your life. What they seem to focus on is that specific detail.

It’s not a difficult question to answer because it really isn’t. What happens after that is frustrating. Why don’t you have a boyfriend? We don’t often know why we don’t have girlfriends. Asking it felt like a slap in the face.

You try to answer politely but in a friendly way, but deep inside, you are furious with a mix of frustration, confusion, and difficult feelings. [Read: Experiences all single people face]

Answer the question Do you have a girlfriend yet?

When someone asks you these questions. They are asking you what happened to you. why are you not with anyone why didn’t you find anyone

Most of us smiled awkwardly while others drowned in holiday food in front of us. No matter how much you love your family This question will always make you feel cold.

When asked, the best way to keep you calm is to avoid arguing or expressing your frustration. You can choose to laugh at the absurdity of the question or ask the question back. They ask frustrating questions. Why don’t you do the same?

This is why we’re going to give you some tips on how to answer the question of how you have a girlfriend. Once you know the correct answer You can act cold in front of family gatherings and holidays.

1. Close the question

If your 90-year-old grandmother asked you this question. You won’t tell her to shut up. Instead, you’ll find a better, gentler way to answer questions.

However, only some of them made it difficult for them to endure. Since how many times have they answered this question, slowly let them down and tell them you’ve finished asking the question.

If they insist on why Tell them your love life has nothing to do with them – politely of course. Not unless you want yourself to be kicked out of the family gathering. [Read: Stop pleasing people and feel awesome instead]

2. Only talk about the good things in life.

Not having a boyfriend is not the end of the world. it might be suitable But if you’re not in a hurry Why are they like that? You are happier and more satisfied with being single now.

When someone asks you the question, *Do you have a boyfriend? Talk about what you are grateful for in life because it is about what you have right now.

Overcome them with envy with your lively story on your journey around the world. Career promotion and so many new things you try. You may be single, but you’re living your best life – show them! [Read: How to find happiness being alone]

3. have consciousness

Self-awareness might be your favorite thing in the world, right? However, you’ll love it when you use it to your advantage in answering the question whether you have a boyfriend or not.

You know what you want and what you deserve. You know exactly who you are. So why would you lower yourself to someone you really think is not right for you? If the relationship comes, then it comes, but you don’t have the desire to force yourself into a relationship like this.

You want to find someone you think is a real match for you, and listen, that might take a while. When your family pressures you to answer Tell them you’re focused on improving and that you’re waiting for the right moment. That kind of confidence is all you need to silence them.

4. Say I’m not interested in the drama

No one in their conscious mind needs drama in their lives. Yes, relationships have beautiful moments where you feel like you’re flying. How do you pay your phone bill and rent at the same time?

Frankly, you don’t have time to stress about quarrels with your boyfriend or how they don’t even dare to understand you. And that’s more than enough.

5. Tell them you’re focusing on yourself.

We live in a world that makes you believe that having a boyfriend is more fun than being single. But that’s not true. There are a number of things you can experience when you’re single that help you focus more on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with this, and to be honest, this is really your sacrifice.

Before you enter a relationship You have to be the right person so you don’t hurt the person you’re dating. Instead of expecting them to be the right person for you. Be the right person first [Read: 15 reasons why being single can be so much better than being in a relationship]

6. Say you have what it takes to accomplish.

It’s undeniable that relationships can become a huge distraction in your career. especially if you’re not ready yet. Maybe you want to move to another country or travel the world for a year. It’s the right thing to say to someone who’s always asking if you need a boyfriend.

You have dreams and goals that you want to achieve and don’t need unnecessary stress. Relationships aren’t just about drama and stress, though. But it may also affect the way you achieve your goals and dreams.

7. said that he felt uncomfortable

We all have experienced those days. no matter how hard we try We end up feeling stuck in life. You just don’t know what to do. And that’s fine. Remember, you don’t need your family to remind you why you don’t have a girlfriend.

It’s okay to tell them that you feel trapped in life, otherwise if you force yourself to relate to all that baggage. It can be dangerous to other people.

Your family just needs to realize that dating when you’re not ready can do more harm than good. especially in the long term Being uncomfortable can be the worst feeling in the world, and adding a relationship won’t help. [Read: Legit reasons why it’s okay to not be in a relationship]

8. laugh at them

Okay, don’t laugh like crazy. But just laughing at the questions can make you feel cool. Even if you’re angry inside But laughing at the question will make the question disappear completely. or at least That’s what we hoped for.

what more can you say It’s a stupid question, and it’s the fifth time you need to answer today. So you’ve reached the boiling point. Instead of arguing and getting annoyed every time someone asks you this question. You can laugh at them.

9. Change subject

You can always use distraction skills if you want to leave the subject. Just talk about your dog or play a YouTube video of an adorable baby goat that can help you. By now you should also realize that even if they are your family. But only you have the right to choose to share.

If you refuse to say anything about your love life. They should respect that. as your family They should also know that it’s uncomfortable to answer why you don’t have a girlfriend when you don’t know the reason. [Read: 15 things to do when you feel like you’ll be single forever]

10. Ask if you know someone who is single.

Because they ask, you might as well build a network. The best strategy you can use to your advantage is to ask back questions whenever they ask if you have a boyfriend. You never know They can connect you with people with the most beautiful eyes!

The best part is – asking this question will definitely quiet them down. It makes it look like you’re trying to find a potential boyfriend. Even if you are not

11. Lie to them

Before you say ‘lie’ in this whole section White lies can be helpful in dealing with unbearable family gatherings. If they keep pushing you to answer the question whether you have a girlfriend or not. You can always lie

Tell them you’re dating someone and still see where it goes. Although the truth is that you are not. This will close all topics and move on to the next one. However, you’ll need a backup of who your partner is. [Read: Follow these golden rules to not hurt people’s feelings]

12. Ask them dating advice

If Grandma is bothering you about finding a boyfriend. Instead, flip the question over and ask her how to find a good man. This will turn the focus on you having a girlfriend to give you the perfect advice.

They can talk about their dating experiences. So the focus shifts from you to them. It’s an effective strategy! These stories are always interesting and can be connected to you as well. [Read: 11 things about being single people fear the most]

13. Weak

If these methods really don’t work for you and your family. that Difficult to deal with risky This should be your last option because who likes to take risks, right? However, just telling them the truth will surely silence them.

was hit by your ex focus on your career Enjoy having fun? Tell them all these and don’t be afraid to be true to your family. if they love you They will understand and stop putting pressure on you when you are not ready.

You have a boyfriend, how do you respond?

There is no perfect way to answer this frustrating question. But the questions mentioned above can be of great help in family gatherings and unbearable holidays.

This question will not be easy. But you’ll deal with it with more grace and calm as you get used to it. You may learn to laugh at this question when someone asks you the 10th time.

Now you know how to answer scary questions. Do you have a boyfriend yet? You know how to properly handle your next family reunion.

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