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We all want to help others. But when it starts to hurt you It’s time to stop Do you have a broken bird?

broken bird disease

Do you always fall in love with the same type of people? You get sucked in because they seem to need help just to find what they really need. Is that an interest or not? If you are always trying to fix people and withstand constant attacks of mistakes. You may be suffering from what is known as broken bird syndrome.

Empathy is something to cherish. If you meet someone who is very sympathetic They are always there to help you. Because they are sensitive, kind, and understand your feelings like no other. You may find yourself falling in love with the same old things. over and over

To be honest, there are a lot of people in the world who love attention. They are thirsty and do everything they can to make sure there is a spotlight on them. most of the time This refers to events that can only be described as private parties. to make everyone feel sorry for them

The problem is, some people are good at it. It’s hard to tell a fake from a genuine one.

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What is broken bird disease?

We all want to help people and spread a little light and positivity. You feel good too. However, keep your focus in the right place and don’t just help everyone who comes to you. The reason? Not all of them are genuine. You can’t change who you don’t want or can’t change.

If you want to help or change someone who is damaged or broken in any way. tread carefully I’m not trying to think negatively. I’m just helping you see that there is a fine line between helping people in need. with the constant search for those in need or those who appear to be corrupted [Read: How to tell if someone wants to hurt you because they don’t care about you]

You’re not a BandAid, you’re not on this planet constantly fixing and caring for others. Broken or damaged people need help. Yes, but they also have to fix themselves. You can’t fix everyone. In fact, the only person you can fix is ​​yourself.

It damages you because you take your attention away from yourself and your own needs. By constantly emphasizing your needs and offending others, I know, but you have to balance it. [Read: The creepy signs your friend is secretly an energy vampire]

I am a helper depend on someone and be a light in a difficult world But if that person does not help himself and shows no signs of trying to save his own future and just thought wrong for your attention Ask yourself what your efforts are.

Just because you want to help a person or two doesn’t mean you have bird disease. This could be a problem for you if you are often attracted to victims. Allowing yourself to be attracted in this way This means that you place yourself firmly in the path of possible anguish. Not everyone wants to change. Some people enjoy being damaged in their own way.

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How do you stop yourself falling in love with the same old techniques?

If you want to get out of the clutches of Broken Bird syndrome. Accept that this is a problem for you. Relive your life experiences. Find out if you are always attracted to or attracted to the same type of people. and specify whether it ends the same way or not if so Chances are you’re suffering from broken bird syndrome.

You have to understand why this is not a good thing. It can be difficult for a naturally sympathetic person to understand why broken bird syndrome can be a negative trait. The important thing is that you are trying to help others. How can it be bad? because you are helping the wrong person You’re helping people who don’t want help or fixes. [Read: A narcissist and an empath and why they’re the worst ever match you can imagine]

focus on yourself

Again, this is too difficult. You may feel that taking care of yourself is selfish. It’s not. It’s a necessity. Realize that if someone needs your help. he will ask for help if they don’t And you really feel like they’re struggling. Only you can do it. People with broken birds often don’t understand the idea that self-help is as effective as the help you get outside. You should meet halfway

There’s nothing selfish about putting yourself first and avoiding being around people who deplete you. You’ll know when you’re around someone like this. It will feel like life is being sucked out of you. These people are often called They are ‘energy vampires’ or ’emotion fanatics’. They damage especially sensitive or compassionate people. [Read: Why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people]

Don’t edit people who show you they don’t want to edit. Don’t give explicit advice that isn’t necessary or doesn’t need it. And offer support only when you see positive signs that they encourage you to do so.

overlook the problem Ask yourself if people This is the person you really want to be with. Or are you only interested in the damage radiated by his aura?

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Do they really need help?

A good way to determine if someone is sincere is to avoid giving direct advice about their problem. Instead, give them other options, such as turning the conversation into something more positive. If this doesn’t work, and they tend to turn their backs on the poor feast. Offer that they may need help. See how it goes down If they reject you or look hurt from Your “lack of interest.” They are the ones who love to care.

However, if they accept offers and suggestions from you. give them more support [Read: How to help someone up when they’re down and depressed]

Learn to trust your instincts. It’s not just thinking that everyone who appears damaged is genuine. You are not on this planet to help everyone. Yes, we should all help those who need it. But if you look for someone who is constantly thinking negatively. You’ll find yourself stuck in the same toxic cycle for the rest of your life.

Avoid at all costs! This is the person who will drag you down and make you feel like your life is as negative as theirs. If someone really needs help They will accept it over time and show signs of encouragement. If anyone likes attention The cycle will continue.

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A broken bird is an unwavering desire to fix those who seem damaged or troubled. Remember that you cannot edit other people. You can only give advice. It is up to them to change.

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