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Is it acceptable for your boyfriend to contact his ex? If your boyfriend talks to his ex often. What should I do? search here

Boyfriend talks to his ex

Most of the time, exes tend to have a way to wriggle into new relationships and mess them up.

We can’t really tell right now. whether intentional or not

But if you’re in a new relationship with a guy. Chances are, he has an ex who is now a good friend.

Unless you leave him first or find someone better.

If you’re dating a guy who is still in contact with his ex. should be careful

And if you’ve been dating a guy who’s been talking to your ex for a few days now? You should follow him.

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Is your boyfriend talking to his ex?

Are you upset with your boyfriend dealing with his ex? Now don’t think that you’re giving him a hard time.

You have every right to be annoyed if your guy spends hours on the phone with his ex.

as much as your boyfriend might convince you otherwise. There’s no reason for your ex to be friends or keep in touch often.

They broke up because of incompatibility. So what’s the benefit of staying friends?

Maybe your boyfriend or his ex is thinking about breaking up. Or now that this guy is serious about you? His ex was starting to realize how special and wonderful he was. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. But being friends with your ex is never good news for the other person.

Most of the time, exes are friends only if they see the secret benefit of being friends. [Read: Can you be friends with an ex after a break up?]

What are his excuses for dealing with her?

There is no obvious excuse for an ex to be friends. unless they are still attached to their children or working together in the same place or unless they are still using each other for some benefit.

Have you ever asked your boyfriend why he is still in contact with his ex? Does he say he values ​​her as a friend or does he like her for who she is? no no excuses If he thinks that she is very good Why did he break up with her in this world? In fact, your boyfriend is already in your arms. But he may still have a weakness for his ex.

Wouldn’t you feel attached to your ex either if you talked on the phone every other day? And now when you’re dating someone and you’re out of bounds Your ex may also start to like you more.

Has he ever cheated on you with your ex?

This is the biggest concern most women have to deal with when their boyfriend is still in contact with their ex. After all, they have already shared a physical relationship. All they wanted was a little spark. to start a relationship

If your boyfriend is very friendly with his ex, yes, he might be in a relationship with her. They both have sex and are having sex already. And now he is busy and in your arms. His ex may find him more attractive. [Read: How to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

Has he ever told you that he doesn’t want to keep in touch with his ex? But the ex is the one who calls all the time? He obviously lied to you. Did he ever say that she still needed him for emotional support? He clearly had something physical in mind.

If your boyfriend wants to be friends with his ex, even if you tell him it’s bothering you. Apparently, he wanted a cake and wanted to eat cake too.

Is it possible to connect with the past?

If your boyfriend and his ex are in a relationship where the love and excitement fades away, or if they’re totally modest. may be acceptable

If your boyfriend doesn’t care about his ex. He should have no problem meeting you in his arms. Meet his ex a few times and see if you like the person. Maybe they can become good friends. [Read: The right way to become friends with an ex]

10 warning signs if something happens

Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right about the way your boyfriend treats his ex? Here are 10 warning signs to help you know if there’s something fishy between your boyfriend and his ex.

#1 He doesn’t like when you read texts from his ex on his cell phone. Sometimes, he even deletes messages as soon as they read them.

#2 He walked out of the room when he received a call from her. Is your boyfriend furiously defending his area when she calls him? Does he expect you to give him his quiet space until he ends the conversation?

#3 He’s very awkward around you and bumps into her or gets a phone call. If they’re just friends, there shouldn’t be anything awkward, right?

#4 You’ve heard that his ex was rude to you. But your boyfriend doesn’t express his opinions to you even if you confront him. Or sometimes, he’ll take the side of your ex or defend her by saying that your ex’s feelings for you are instinctive or neutral.

#5 His friends kept talking about his ex as if she had feelings for him. And they pull your boyfriend’s leg with his ex from time to time. It’s like there’s something you didn’t know about his ex.

#6 He had found her, but he never invited you along. and sometimes He probably won’t tell you about it until the last minute. Or maybe pretend you just bumped into her and decide to have lunch together.

#7 Your guy will get mad when you tell him you don’t like him talking to his ex. And he doesn’t like it when you ask questions about the kind of relationship he shared with his ex or what he said to her. He said you were interrogating him when you asked questions about her.

#8 His ex tries to distract you from you when you’re around them. She acts more like his girlfriend and tries to be too friendly with him. [Read: Does your boyfriend have a very flirty gal pal?]

#9 He lied to you about meeting her or talking to her. Has your boyfriend ever lied to you about meeting his ex or have you ever caught him talking to her or spending time with her?

#10 He said he didn’t want to keep in touch. but she wants him This is the biggest lie you’ve ever heard. if he doesn’t like her he will walk away The fact that he behaves like she wants him makes it clear that he needs her too. If your boyfriend can’t avoid his ex. Shows that he has unfinished business with her. whatever it is [Read: Sure signs he’s dating someone else along with you]

What should you do with it?

Sometimes two ex-girlfriends can be friends, that’s okay. But good friends? It’s definitely okay Use the 10 warning signs above to see if your boyfriend and your ex’s relationship is a potential threat to your future together. and what to do with it

#1 If it really bothers you just tell him If you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with their relationship. But still have trouble dealing with a confusing love triangle. Tell your boyfriend that you’re uncomfortable with the intimacy he shares with his ex.

#2 be careful. If you have questions It usually means that something isn’t right. A woman’s instincts can be too much at times. but almost all the time it reveals the truth Do you feel that your boyfriend and his ex are doing something behind your back? It is very likely that they may be. [Read: How to know if he’s cheating on you with another woman behind your back]

#3 try to go together The relationship between boyfriend and ex is complicated. There could be a real reason for their intimacy. Try to understand their relationship with an open mind and see if you can get along.

#4 give him an ultimatum Is it you or his ex? If nothing is better, ask him to choose between you and your ex. If he really cares about you He will leave his ex for you. Although he hesitated for a moment But he definitely has feelings for his ex. [Read: Stages of love in a man’s mind and how they fall in love]

#5 make decisions about relationships said and done It is you who has to make the final decision. Your boyfriend talks to his ex and hangs out with her from time to time. Can you trust a guy like that? Don’t you think your boyfriend is selfish and doesn’t care about your feelings? [Read: Is he really the one for you?]

Even though he decided to leave his ex-girlfriend anyway Do you still want to date a guy like this? Make decisions time and time again and make decisions about your relationship with your boyfriend and the direction he’s heading.

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Talking to your ex and hanging out with her often. not good Although there are a few exceptions that rarely occur. Does your boyfriend talk to his ex often? Do something about it, especially if it bothers you!

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