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Too many people value their relationship status on Facebook too much. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things?

Facebook Relationship Status

Since when did being official on Facebook mean so much? What do you think it means to you being formal in real life the most? But it seems that your relationship status on Facebook is more important these days.

And as a matter of fact? that’s a little silly It’s just social media. Who cares if people know you’re in a relationship or not? Doesn’t matter what strangers think? The point of a relationship is that they bond with each other in general. Facebook status shouldn’t matter.

Unfortunately, people trust Facebook’s relationship status too much.

It’s as if being official on Facebook means they’re more dedicated to you than anything else. It’s a stupid idea. But a lot of people think it’s true. In fact, some people are so convinced that by ticking a certain box, they’ll end up doing great things with people who don’t want to post on Facebook for obvious reasons. This was extremely detrimental to their love life. [Read: 15 things to remember about how Facebook ruins relationships]

Does your Facebook relationship status matter?

Short answer: No, in the long run, whether you’re officially Facebook with someone or not. It doesn’t make any difference.

If you’re someone who thinks relationship status on Facebook is important, there are a few reasons, however, you should know why it doesn’t ultimately matter. Here’s why you care and why you shouldn’t.

Why is it more important to you?

You might be the type that cares a lot about having a formal relationship with Facebook, do you know why? There are a few reasons that verifying your relationship on Facebook might mean a little more to you. [Read: Is your guy ready for a Facebook official relationship?]

#1 You have to be extra safe. If you have problems with low self-esteem or lack of confidence You may find it extra safe to formalize your relationship on Facebook for some reason. Public commitments make you feel better when your partner remains loyal.

Being the type of person who relies heavily on your partner to post cute pictures of the two of you and needing a relationship worker on social media to be happy is unhealthy. If you feel serious about your Facebook relationship status being marked. It may be a consequential problem.

#2 You care a lot about what other people think. If you really care about your public image. Having a formal relationship with Facebook means more to you. You want to make sure everyone knows you’re with that person. This isn’t really a bad thing. But it’s why you pay more attention to status updates. [Read: How to stop giving a damn about what other people think]

#3 You’re the type of person who feels a love for public performance. Love comes in many forms to give and take. You might be the type of person who feels cared for by compliments or someone who loves physical affection.

There are also the types of people who feel most loved when their partner shows their affection in public. That means relationship status on Facebook means more to you than it does to other people. In this case, that’s fine as long as you talk to your significant other.

Why it doesn’t matter in the long run

Ultimately, having your Facebook relationship status confirms that you’re with someone doesn’t matter. It might be a cute thing. but not necessary and this is the reason

#1 Your partner’s loyalty doesn’t depend on Facebook. The fact that some people feel safe from their partner confirming their relationship on Facebook is ridiculous. It literally does nothing.

They will be loyal if they are good people. If not, it won’t be. Facebook relationship status will not make a difference. so it doesn’t matter [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#2 Self-measurement should be shown. It’s really bad for your health. To have a habit of measuring your partner’s love based on their social media interactions with you is not good.

How they feel about you should be clear when you’re together. It doesn’t matter how they treat you on Facebook unless they treat you badly. Their actions in front of them truly mattered.

#3 People who know you will know that you are with someone. Your relationship status on Facebook should let people know you’re with someone. Will they not know this? If they are your friends They will already know because you will post a picture or tell them.

So what’s the status? It doesn’t really make a difference in your relationship. If you have it there? People will know that you are with someone based on the fact that you are with them. [Read: How to prove that you love someone the right way]

#4 It can actually cause problems. In fact, relationship status on Facebook may negatively affect the two of you. If one of you is too sensitive about the other, you don’t want Facebook to be official, you can turn into a pointless argument. Realize that this is not on purpose so that you can both be as happy as you are.

#5 Some people didn’t even notice. In fact, some people don’t even look at their relationship status. They didn’t even care about it. So why is it important?

Only a few people saw comment or like a change in your relationship status Discomfort will only be negative in your relationship. So it shouldn’t matter. [Read: 13 clues that will tell you if she’s single or taken]

#6 It doesn’t matter. to your relationship Unless you meet on Facebook, making your relationship official on Facebook won’t matter. What’s the point? Just let the general public see that you’re not single. [Read: Facebook dating – Can you have a real relationship only online?]

But Facebook is not a dating site. Why should it be important in social profiles? It doesn’t make your relationship any better or give you anything special. And that shows that it’s not very important.

#7 The quality of your relationship isn’t tied to Facebook. or other forms of social media Just because you’re official on Facebook doesn’t mean your relationship is better than someone else’s. That’s why it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t have any real purpose for your relationship.

[Read: 12 signs your partner is ready to settle but you’re not]

Updating your relationship status on Facebook won’t change your relationship in the slightest. It doesn’t matter in the long run and focusing on it can actually make things worse.

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