Drama Queen Alert! 12 Steps to Calmly Deal with the Diva

If you’re struggling with keeping the dramatic persona in your life, You might benefit from knowing how to deal with a drama queen.

drama queen

We all know one person in our lives who is the queen of complete drama. They are overly responsive when it comes to everything and it interferes with your life. If one person comes to mind when reading that description. Show that you definitely have the queen of drama in your life.

They are not easy to please. But it’s useful for some things. The drama queen never sheds light on your difficult situation. You will always have someone to express your emotions. And who will be as angry as you? Even things that weren’t important to them.

How to spot a drama queen

Drama queens can disguise themselves as good friends. You might meet someone and you don’t know that she is the queen of drama. Until you’re too deep to get out Learn to detect them early. to deal with them properly.

in order to find out who is the queen of drama Pay attention to how they react to the little things. Do they roll their eyes a lot? make them astonishing Since they usually keep it to themselves? All of these are signs of a true drama queen.

Dealing with the Drama Queen of Your Life

as you can imagine Having someone like this in your life can be really annoying. Coming from someone who has endured a few drama queens *in my family*, I know very well how you will deal with them.
You’ll need to follow certain rules to ensure you don’t lose this person as a friend completely. This is how you deal with having a drama queen in your life.

#1 Calm them down whenever they can. The drama queen is always out and working hard on situations that are not a big deal. to deal with them You have to calm them down whenever you can.

Ask them to stop talking for a moment and sigh before they explain what happened to you. This gave them the opportunity to slow their breathing and panic rates. So that it doesn’t show off dramatically and distract you. [Read: 15 tips to be nice and loved by all instantly]

#2 Ignore their dramatic episodes. The drama queens look for attention from every source they can get. If the drama queen of your life approaches you with a story that is too ridiculous to be dramatic, it’s unlikely to be true. Let’s ignore this.
Stop lighting the fire so they can start learning to dramatize. no matter the situation won’t get their attention This will teach them slowly. that the drama episodes will not give them the attention they desire and they will stop

#3 Consult them when they need it. Drama queens often have trouble distinguishing when something is a big deal and when they’re upset for no reason.

When there is a really serious situation Give them advice and get them through without them thinking too much. Make sure to keep your composure so they don’t pull your reaction.

#4 do not promote gossip Drama queens love their gossip. It sets a fire and allows them to steal the limelight from the people they’re really gossiping about.

To deal with this kind of drama queen in your life, don’t listen to gossip. Don’t ask for details about what they gossip and ignore when they can. They can’t be dramatic if you’re not interested. [Read: 12 ways to ignore someone who mentally stresses you]

#5 Talk to them about their childhood. As much as you might not want to light the fire that drives their amazing behavior. Talking to them about their childhood can have the opposite effect. Most of the people who tend to dramatize have childhoods that they don’t pay attention to.

Having them talk about it will help them resolve these issues and see how their amazing behavior can be attributed to their childhood. It should not affect their current lifestyle.

#6 Emphasize that you care about them. This also helps with the fact that they have childhoods that they don’t really care about. Reinforcing your love for them as your friend. They feel that they don’t have to work hard for your attention. Stop their amazing behavior around you. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

#7 be gentle with them A drama queen is someone who has been hurt in the past and doesn’t understand that they are acting. For them, what they are doing is really a big deal.

They don’t have the ability to know the difference, and it can be especially painful if you rant because you’re annoyed by their behavior. The best way to deal with having drama queens in your life is to be gentle with the way you react to their theatrical performances.

#8 Let them convey what happened and not how they felt. When they come to you with tears and madness, what happened to them that day. Make sure you don’t pay attention to what they say and how they feel.

Let them tell you what happened. making them speak out loud Help them see what the situation really is. It’s not a big deal. And they don’t need to be so excited about it. Just make sure you calm them down first.

#9 Make sure you have time away from them. Everyone needs time to recharge after a day with someone who sucks their energy. To have the power to deal with having a drama queen in your life. you must be separated

They may be at home, at work, or anywhere they can’t reach you. I recommend not living with someone who is a drama queen. If you want to keep your friendship The drama they bring will not allow you to rest much if they are in your home. [Read: 10 tips for setting boundaries with difficult people]

#10 Make yourself less free for them. Don’t pick up your phone when they call. Get busy with other friends and do whatever you can so that you’re busy when they have amazing episodes. This makes it easier to deal with those situations when they arise.

#11 Set limits. All friendships need limits, and having the drama queen in your life means you need to set them tighter. Make sure they know they can’t call you in the middle of the night when they’re in trouble.

Set limits and stick to them to get them serious about you. Make sure they know when to contact you. And when do they want others to deal with their problems? To make sure you don’t get bogged down by the drama. [Read: Justifying your life choices – should you worry about it?]

#12 Stay calm. Overall, stay calm when you have the drama queen in your life. They tend to be emotionally overwhelming and you need to be firm for your calm behavior to override them. You never want to be so frustrated that they blow up on them and give them a reason to be more dramatic.

[Read: 10 simple ways to calmly deal with difficult people]

The drama queen isn’t always bad in your life. But having too much of her can exhaust you quickly. These tips for dealing with the drama queen in your life will help you find relief.

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