Drunk Kiss Dilemma: So You Drunk Kissed Someone… Now What?!

So, have you ever kissed someone drunk and now things look weird, what should you do to relieve the tension?

drunk and kiss

If you drink, there’s a good chance you’re kissing drunk. With someone at some point, it might feel good right now, or maybe you didn’t even think about it.

But the next day you wake up and you feel different. Maybe you regret it, or maybe you want it to happen when you’re not drunk. You don’t know how the other person feels about it or if they remember.

Can’t say anything and act like it never happened? Or should you deal with it?

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Do you fully remember your drunken kiss?

Here’s what you should answer before dealing with a drunken kiss. You probably don’t want to talk to people. That’s about it if you’re not sure what’s going on.

When drunk, your memory may be a bit blurry. For you, a kiss can mean something. but for them It was a sloppy mistake. You don’t want to talk about it before you know what’s going on.

In this case, ask your friends who are there if they remember what happened. do they see Did you tell them about it that night? Ask them if it’s fun for both of you or like getting drunk. This will give you a better idea of ​​where to go from here.

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If you’re both drunk and mean nothing You may go on without talking. But what if you cry later or feel like you crossed the friendship line? Now you can talk about it with a little more clarity.

Do you regret your drunk kiss?

I’ve been there and maybe you too. I used to dance with men at parties. While I knew I was a little drunk but feeling good, we started working out and I didn’t think anything of it until the next day.

He lives in my building and drunk kisses can make things uncomfortable. He thinks I like him? I really don’t care about him. and was nervous about letting him down. At first I avoided him. But when he was in the elevator with him the following weekend so i spoke up

I’m sorry I might have taken him drunk and he didn’t even remember. So it works better than I expected.

Now I’m just sad because of the awkwardness. But if you regret the drunk kiss because it’s your ex, things can get messy. Or if you’re drunk and kissing someone who isn’t your significant other. You’ll have to do a little more to do.

So what does it look like?

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How to deal with a drunken kiss

It depends on who kisses your drunken. Dealing with it is quite different. In some cases, you can just ignore it and move on. But some cases require a little patience and communication.

What is your drunk kissing situation?

#1 messy quick kiss Whether this kiss happened to someone you know or not. in most cases This kiss is forgotten with the mess you can leave in that cab. If there’s nothing noteworthy about a kiss other than a vague memory of someone else’s alcoholic breath. The best way is to leave it in the past.

Now, if the person remembers and wants to talk to you about it. You should honor Let them know you’re drunk and barely remember. Hope they understand and move on too. [Read: Have you accidentally kissed a friend and gotten away with it?]

#2 Kiss a drunk friend. Kissing a drunk friend can be a funny thing to laugh at next weekend. Or it might make what was once a modest friend seem complicated. It all depends on whether there are feelings between you or whether you are both more friendly when drunk.

If this has happened before or has happened to a friend you know handle it with laughter. It shouldn’t be a big deal. But if a drunk kiss yours with friends you may have feelings for or may have feelings for you It might be difficult to turn around now.

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If this is the case for you to face one-on-one if not then You run the risk of friendships and frustrations that last for weeks. Lets talk to your friends about it. Let them know how you feel about them and ask them how they feel about it.

This can be cleared as just a drunk kiss, or it may lead to the love you’ve been expecting.

#3 sad sad kiss This is a drunk kiss that happens when you feel lonely and kiss someone you know likes you. This is a selfish kissing moment that happens because you know you won’t be denied.

This can become really messy and unfortunate. When you know you’re kissing someone who has a real interest in you. But those feelings don’t match. you have to face it

You don’t want to convince innocent people to like you or give them the wrong idea. Let them know you’re sorry. But you’re having a tough night and the kiss shouldn’t happen. Yes, you’re going to let them down. But it’s better than despairing them.

#4 Bounce kiss. Just went through a breakup? Maybe your friend dragged you out to cheer, or you went out to survive your latest heartbreak? by any means The Maori bound kiss wasn’t much of a shock.

We tend to focus on someone new to forget that person from the past, even if it’s just for one night. with a colleague, friend or stranger because you are in an emergency Let them know that’s the reason behind it so no one gets involved. [Read: How to tell if a kiss meant something and wasn’t a fling thing]

#5 kiss past emotions I’ve been here too often, you don’t need to be so drunk to kiss. You can have one drink and succumb to the glamor of the past that was there and ready. It happened.

And the problem is that just one kiss can bring you back to your old habits. This might be a one-time drunk kiss with your ex because you have history and chemistry. Or may be dragged into a fire again for a short time. If you’re doing a drunken kiss with your ex, it’s best to let them know that it’s just the alcohol that pushes you toward something familiar and doesn’t mean anything more. There’s a reason you broke up [Read: You kissed your ex? The complete damage control guide]

#6 one night stand kiss The drunken kiss that leads to the shortest relationship of your life is absolutely unique. This is the drunk kiss that accompanies the person you cling to all night. You might dance or talk about your darkest feelings and, of course, kiss.

but on the last night You parted ways without even exchanging numbers or even names. This can be something you can look back on and smile. But you may feel like you’re missing out on something great. In this case, remind yourself that you’re drunk.

Drunk kissing makes you see things. different from what it used to be Alcohol is like wearing rose-colored glasses. Not only are they more attractive than they used to be. but it was one night And they are unlikely to be your soulmates. [Read: Your drunk girlfriend kissed another guy? Here’s what you’ve gotta do]

#7 brave kiss Do you have a drink in you and finally go with your crush? Good for you, but yes, you may be revealing more than you want or hoped for.

I know it must be very uncomfortable. But talking to your crush about it is the only way to clear the air. Let them know you want to kiss them. But that illusory courage is what led you to it that night. See what they say. Good luck. [Read: Here’s how to tell your crush you like them]

#8 deceitful kiss And then there’s the deceptive kiss. This one is completely unfortunate and difficult to deal with. Whether you use drinking as an excuse to kiss someone or you can’t really control your abilities. You should tell your lover

the chance that they will find out from others And it’s best to hear from you. If my partner kisses someone else when they’re drunk I must be angry But if they recover immediately would have a higher chance of being forgiven than if they had hidden it. And I found another way

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Drunk kiss is what it is. But the disadvantage from it is not easy. The good news is that you can fix everything with great communication.

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