The Early Stages of Dating and How to Navigate the Dos and Don’ts

How to guarantee decreased appetite? Start a new relationship! The first phase of dating was a minefield. One wrong move and it might end the game.

The first phase of dating

I remember the early days of my dating well. I couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t hard to lose weight. restless all the time Check the phone several times the home button is stuck. and pressure on friends Always be stressed with questions and doubts.

Yes, the first part of dating is a fun time … or not!

In many ways, the busy day of “Do they like me or not” is full of wonderful memories. But I think this is like childbirth. *Not that I ever had kids* It’s amazing when you look back. But at that moment it was a nightmare.

It may look beautiful and full of emptiness. The self-doubt and constant urge to check their social media pages is exhausting! Honeymoon stage? I’m not going to pay you to take me back to the early days of dating, no!

Of course, some people like the hustle and bustle. It’s like a chase in many ways. You set your goals, you chase them, you get them, and you enjoy the ups and downs until you decide to stick with them. or try to find someone new personally I can’t think of anything worse. but wait Each one is his own! [Read: The 20 most cutest, awkward moments in a new relationship]

The first step of dating is done.

To help you explore the bizarre and questionable waters in the early stages of dating. I’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts. Hope I can help you get through this confusing time in a better way!

#1 keep yourself busy It’s easy to suddenly Will obsess over checking their social media pages “accidentally” end up wherever they tag themselves. and talk about them endlessly. But you have to be yourself!

Keep yourself busy with the things you normally do, like work, study, socializing, hobbies, and exercise. Trust me, they’ll wonder why you didn’t pursue them. And they tend to chase instead! [Read: How to recognize normal and toxic signs in a relationship]

#2 Make your social media pages full of positivity. If you’re in a busy startup phase It’s possible that your boyfriend is checking your social media pages as much as they are. With that you are reviewing their page. In that case, stay light and positive.

No one likes the constant talk of deep and meaningful speech. bad love messages and seriously negative feelings It’s tiring and will likely get them running a mile. Be bright and positive And don’t forget to tag yourself for a fun trip. with friends! [Read: Starting a new relationship? Your checklist to a new romance]

#3 make time with friends This is the do’s and don’t. But you shouldn’t let your friend wander because of a new relationship. I don’t want to think negatively. But what if everything goes wrong? You need your friends!

If you say you will meet them to do so And make sure you stay up to date as usual. For example, if you regularly meet friends at Wine Tuesdays, go on Tuesdays!

#4 Set your boundaries The faster you can set boundaries. The more successful your relationship will be. Don’t let anyone trample you on throughout your life just because you were a little passionate about them in the beginning of your date.

Keep your own interests But if you refuse to do anything let it know That doesn’t mean sitting down on a number one date and making a list of things you don’t want to put up with them. But be open and honest about what you will and will not tolerate. [Read: 12 relationship boundaries all new couples must draw early on]

#5 be happy! Remember that in the beginning of your relationship is something you will look back on over the years with good memories. Make those memories as fun as possible. And don’t forget to show your personality. Don’t hesitate just because it’s all new and you’re worried about scaring them. is their own person!

The first few days of dating shouldn’t be.

#1 Accept everything. Don’t give up on your friends, life, hobbies, and interests just because you met the person you were with from the start. Maintain your own interest and avoid losing yourself in this relationship, whether it’s progressing or not. Keep your friend’s promises and give you time. Also let your partner have theirs too. [Read: Are you losing yourself to impress someone you like?]

#2 semi stalk them It’s true, it doesn’t look good, in many places it’s really illegal! Their social media monitoring is one thing. But going through it with a tiny toothed comb and obsessing over the person who might be in the photo is not something you have to do with your time. Having an interest in health is one thing. Being a stalker is something completely different!

#3 Try to make their friends your friends. Although it may happen over time. But remember that at this stage You have to keep the space and let your relationship grow. Finding your new best friend will leave your lover feeling breathless. It was as if they had nothing of their own in life during this time. Step back and let them have the space they need.

#4 Set days and activities every day. In the beginning of dating You don’t really have a strong relationship. That’s something to keep in mind! you are in step That means not scheduling dates and events. future holiday And the weekend is gone! release control Let things flow as they should.

The needy is not a good looking person. The more you go with the flow The more likely it is that this relationship will go in the direction you really want. [Read: 13 new relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]

#5 Put a label on it I just said you haven’t had a strong relationship yet. So don’t call your boyfriend your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other brand. Keep it light. Don’t give them a unique status name. You should avoid getting upset if they do the same to you!

At this point you have to see what happened. Some were shocked and ran a mile away when the people they saw started giving them names. Hold on until the conversation naturally occurs. [Read: The DTR guide to make the talk super easy]

It was a confusing time. but try and have fun

I’m not going to sugarcoat and pretend that the first phase of a date is magical and full of unicorn sunshine. They’re not. They’re confusing, weird, full of doubt. and forces you to fly from one emotion to another at the speed of light.

I know I’m not painting in the best light this time, but who really enjoyed it at that moment? I mean, besides the guy who gets a weird rush out of it, when you start dating someone. You want it to go somewhere, if you don’t, and it’s just plain casual. These early days probably aren’t that important to you. [Read: 15 romantic gestures in a new relationship all couples must know]

When you feel confused and strange That’s because you’re developing a feeling of going with it, but holding back a little at the same time.

[Read: The stages of a new and budding romance that define your relationship]

The early stages of a date can feel like pulling a Band-Aid out of a particularly hairy part of your body. is their own person make memories And don’t try to change who you are.

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