Ejaculation by Command – 3 Steps to be the Best lover

As a child or teenager, we can learn things very quickly. By the time we get to adulthood, those things that we learned quickly are suddenly very difficult to un-learn. As a teenager, the goal of masturbation was reaching orgasm quickly. As a masturbating teenager, the last thing on your mind is taking your time and pleasuring a partner. Prolonging the experience is not even considered. During this time we are training our minds and bodies how to act. Now in adulthood, our minds and bodies are trained exactly how to react when our penis is stimulated.

The solution is to simply deal with the emotional state that you have trained yourself into. Get the solution guide now. If you have tried solutions for premature ejaculation before and they haven’t worked it is because you haven’t tried this method.

The good news is you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on shrinks or anything weird like that. You can deal with this issue successfully on your own from the comfort and privacy or your own home. Imagine your partner when she starts noticing some changes…

Lloyd Lester has created an all-natural, simple-to-use guide to curing premature ejaculation fast. Get started now by downloading the step by step, “no pills, voodoo or witchcraft” guide to curing premature ejaculation.

What is Ejaculation by Command

Ejaculation by Command EbookEjaculation by Command explains a simple formula which comprises of only three steps but can change the way you think about sex.

Most men suffer from premature ejaculation because of their mental thoughts and hence the first thing to do is to exercise the right control over your mind. Take your thought away from ejaculation and learn to focus

This book will teach you simple steps and instructions on how to keep your woman sexually happy.

There is no longer any need to feel humiliated or anxious about premature ejaculation; this book will be an asset for any man who is tired of using endless pills and creams and wants to improve his sex life. The three simple steps outlined in this book can be considered as a treatment method for men suffering from premature ejaculation.

What’s Program All About?

That the guides in this book mainly focused on 3 main topics, they are: Mental Control, Hormone Balance and Physical control exercises


Mental Control plays a very important role in men endurance to prevent premature ejaculation. If you want to last longer during intercourse, you have to possess psychological regulation, because what you’re thinking when you’re having sex, will have a big impact on your arousal levels.

Knowing how to control your thoughts to make sure that you last longer during sexual intercourse is certainly the very significant point, and Ejaculation By Command explain this subject deeply because this is a very important matter if you want to beat premature ejaculation permanently.


When we’re making love, there are 2 hormones that our body creates and those hormones have a direct impact on our ability to ejaculate during intercourse. They are Dopamine and Serotonin.

Dopamine is responsible for decreasing our stamina during intercourse. When our body produces a high amount of Dopamine, it makes our stamina dropped.

Serotonin helps us prevents premature ejaculation biologically. When our body produces a high amount of Serotonin it will really help us prevent ejaculate too soon naturally. In this book, Lester promises that he will offer us a safe approach to use those hormones for our advantages.


Like other muscle in our body, our ejaculatory system can be trained. Knowing which muscles can help us last longer and what’s the best exercise for them is very important because train wrong muscle can make our Premature Ejaculation even worse, and all the techniques and exercises in this book are easy to do and natural. You don’t need any creams, lotions, or the dangerous pills that can only put your life in danger.

The Good

Ejaculation by Command Free DownloadIn order, ejaculation is one of the most comprehensive guides written on how to win, naturally, premature ejaculation (PE) through training and conditioning.

It is very easy to read and is described in detail, specific advice, techniques, and exercises men can do at home to last longer in bed and improve your sexual confidence.

Even if you do not suffer from PE, but just want to learn how to add minutes to your sex life, also find this book to be a great resource practice.

In addition, Lloyd did not just see the premature ejaculation in isolation. It takes a global approach and provides excellent tips to improve female arousal and cause a woman to orgasm (even if you’re willing to be “too quick on the draw.”)

The Bad

The wealth of information can seem overwhelming at first, and you can have the initial tendency to want to jump in the “technical” modules. But it is important to be aware of the basic modules of understanding the truth about premature ejaculation and male sexuality. When you have a clear understanding of basic principles to get through the strategies and techniques becomes much easier.

In addition, because this guide contains lots of hints and tips more than men who were actively seeking a natural solution to their memorandum of the understanding problem might be a family council. However, Lloyd did a good job of putting everything together, so pure a resource guide only to last longer in the bag.


In general, this is a great program for guys who want to be able to get hard and stay hard long enough to have a great sexual experience. with this, you will never have to buy a pill in your life.

You should be feeling great right now because the embarrassing moments are about to be gone from your life. It all starts with taking the first step of getting this program and actually taking action.

If you are ready to transform your sex life, this is the program to get.





This the book provides very solid and practical information – and perhaps one of the most complex, step by step to unlock the full power in bed. If you are ready to transform your sex life, this is the program to get.

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