Emoji Sexting: 16 Fun Emojis to Make Any Conversation Sound Naughty

Thinking of getting quirky via mobile? Why not use emojis to spice things up? Emoji sexting is new and fun, try it now!

Emoji Sexting

I’m a millennial, what can I say? If technology wants to keep advancing and provide more and more tools to express yourself—emotionally. and sexual Who am I to shy away from it! No, I’m on the emoji train. Get your tickets now, come on, don’t be a square. eggplant, sometimes?

Let me walk you through this slowly. because for some of us This may take a lot of time. Sexting is an evolving form of phone sexting. Texting + sex = sex. Math is easier than ever. You look cheerful and hot through the text. But you might be hiding in the middle of a meeting at work, we don’t know! How fun is it? You throw a small colorful picture to really SEND YOUR MESSAGE AND DING DING DING— YOU WIN!

Pro tip: Let yourself laugh when you want to show off an emoji or just sex. It’s awkward and silly. If you allow yourself to enjoy it a bit. It will be easier and more fun for both parties.

What is sexting emoji?

Think of having sex with emojis like having normal sex. The more comfortable you are with the other person and the more comfortable you are with yourself. The more you have sex with them. Confidence is key And trust is also an important factor. You need to know that this person will not share your private details with their friends. And that includes your dirty messages. [Read: 12 flirty emojis that’ll make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

Sex can also include sending pictures and videos of yourself in the nude or almost nude. This has become increasingly popular on Snapchat, allowing users to display their photos for only 10 seconds or less, with a notification if someone else takes a screenshot of you.

This also works in the chat section of the app and many users have started using Snapchat’s chat feature for sexting emoji again. It’s more secretive and can’t be shared with their friends. unless they capture the conversation at that point. you will be notified [Read: How to master snapchat sexting and own your lover with your camera]

Cheerful with sexting emoji

Technology has advanced this far. And it allows us to explore our sexuality even further. And that continues to change to this day. And who knows what the sexting emoji will be like in the next 10 years, but now we have the sexting emoji and it’s great.

Ready to have some fun? Let’s get started Here’s a list of some of the most popular, highly researched emojis *apparently* academic.

#1 The eggplant Come on, you’re really not surprised! I mentioned it in the first paragraph. You must know it’s coming! I’m not sure if I really need to explain this to you. Check out the shape of that bad boy, it’s like… uh, phallic shape, wouldn’t you say? I think you can customize how to use this one, right? [Read: 10 easy answers to make you a penis know-it-all]

#2 three drops of water Listen, if you can’t stand the heat let out of the kitchen combined with eggplant and You have a party! Basically, in one picture, it represents something wet and slippery. Again, you have a party. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves to get anyone hot and horny]

#3 tongue. Maybe you’re preparing to attend an ice cream party… ? Or you know – never use your tongue, ladies and gentlemen, always use your tongue.

#4 Peaches. Handsome or not!? Yes, the figure is good, let them know. Throw a heart eye emoji if the thief is really Good. Every woman likes a good compliment. So don’t miss the opportunity during the emoji show to take this one her way!

#5 pair of hands. Listen, there are so many of you to love. They need two hands, okay? Hint: Use both hands and peaches at the same time. Two hands/one thief

#6 Surprised face. Yes, I hate to be the one to destroy it for you. But you can use this emoji and no be shocked from a distance Put eggplant next to this emoji and everything will be clear to you. start flirting with it

#7 Little finger. There’s no cute way to say this… [Read: How to initiate sexting and make your partner hot and horny for you]

#8 shower. You can do your best to clean. But there’s nothing clean about what you’re going to do. Here’s another emoji that can be paired with other people, like eggplant or peach.

#9 camel. This makes me laugh, to be honest. so Me. Use the camel emoji and add “ing” next to it. Got it… camel has a hump… and you want a hump… This is a golden joke, people.

#10 Tacos. ladies and gentlemen Tacos are vaginas right there. I said it myself. do what you want Here’s another emoji that can easily be combined with some of the previously mentioned emojis like eggplant, water drop, tongue or….finger bang.

#11 The booty slap combo. Peaches mixed with clapping are hot emoji combos. Emoji sexting has never been this hot. [Read: Colorful heart emojis and what each of them really mean]

#12 The booty call combo. I noticed a trend here… Thieves have many combos.

#13 Dead face. You’ll reach an orgasm until you almost die. And of course you will love it every second.

#14 Banana. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. This can replace eggplant; However, eggplant seems to have become the most popular for this use.

#15 Fire. The story is getting hot But maybe they are already. Put this next to a peach emoji or reference to her body and she’ll go insane. Send this to a guy referring to his trash or just him in general and his ego is about to explode. he will need you very much [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to ease into sexting]

#16 Tongue face. Just like the standard tongue emoji. A full tongue face is typically used in sexting emojis to show licking gestures.

[Read: How to start sexting when you’ve never done it before]

Showing up sexy with emojis can be really hot and sexy if you know how to get it right. Be sure to enjoy it and let it go when you do. You will have a hot and fun time.

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