Emotional Masochist: 24 Signs You’re Addicted to Pain and Drama

Being an emotional masochist doesn’t mean you want to be unhappy. But that part of you draws on feelings like fear and pain.

Masochistic mood

Being an emotional masochist isn’t what you ask for. But when you face that reality You get pleasure from being hurt. Engaging in repeated emotional negativity and drama in your relationship becomes a pattern.

And being an emotional masochist doesn’t mean you only succeed in that drama. but you also seek it You rely on things that are unstable and lead to unhappiness.

You may complain that you’ve never been happy. But your behavior is different. When you are involved in something healthy and safe. You found a way to complicate it to maintain your desire for the drama.

Suffering addiction is not uncommon. Most have never seen how they sabotage their own happiness and instead blame others. Are you an emotional masochist?

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What leads to emotional self-harm?

Emotional masochism is not something you just happen to one day. It’s often linked to your childhood or past trauma. And it’s often not a sane choice.

A person with a bright heart and a healthy child may not have a relationship with a married person. But it’s exciting for an emotional masochist!

when dealing with a busy or unstable childhood You are familiar with the passion, rage, and uncertainty of that style. So you search for it in other relationships. all of you This could be romance, friendship, and even work.

Mike Bundrant from PsychCentral fully described as “…Even though we consciously hate suffering But we still stick with it. It has always been with us for so long that we cannot imagine how it could have been otherwise.”

You may wonder why you don’t feel happy or fulfilled, but deep down in your heart it’s because you crave the unsettling feeling of being in pain or not knowing what’s going to happen. You thrive on drama rather than sit down routines.

And most people with these traits are not aware of it. You might be wondering, but read on to know for sure. [Read: How abandonment issues affect your relaitonships]

Are you an emotional masochist?

Emotional masochists are not the ones who need to be depressed or even have to deal with mental illness.

Emotional masochism can come from many places. But it is often part of your daily subconscious mind. It’s something that almost everyone experiences to some degree throughout their lives.

things like sabotage binge eating drug and alcohol use overspending and self-criticism They are all aspects of emotional self-harm. It is thought guided by the pursuit of adversity while under the guise of longing for happiness. [Read: Intentionally hurting someone you love – Why we do this and how to stop]

The point is, most emotional masochists are unaware of these behaviors. what is the cause or how to stop them

So if you find yourself in a sad mood all the time. Look for the negative side of any situation, or find yourself constantly “unlucky”, you could be your worst enemy. that stand in the way of your own happiness… emotional masochist [Read: OMG I’m so bored with life – 20 ways to bring the spark back]

1. You love to hate social media.

Emotional masochists experience things. which made them feel extremely miserable. But refuse to cut them out of your life. For example, you know stalking your ex’s Facebook or even looking at old photos. The two of you will make you upset. But you still look

If you scroll through Instagram and it makes you feel bad about yourself. your image or make you feel inferior But you still do it every day You may be doing it to bring yourself back into adversity.

Taking a break from social media can help you feel free from negative thoughts. But you must actively try to stop. [Read: How to love yourself: 15 ways to discover self-love and happiness]

2. You reach out to toxic people.

If you’re the one who vows to break up with a friend or family member but gets nervous and texts them on vacation to get fired again without a response. Shows that you may be an emotional masochist. You know what the outcome will be. but you keep doing

Maybe you hooked up with a toxic family member who often disappoints you, or responded to an ex’s Instagram story knowing they wouldn’t reply or would argue. You don’t expect different results. you know what will happen But get used to it and continue to follow that pattern. [Read: 20 signs of a toxic friendship to instantly recognize the toxic ones]

3. You run into problems that are nonexistent.

When you feel relieved and sober You’ll look around and find where the problem is. Maybe you and your partner haven’t quarreled in a month. instead of feeling relieved Do you feel bored or satisfied?

instead of enjoying the peace You can try to revisit past problems or even do things. to fight and feel that passion and excitement again

you want a challenge because you really don’t know What is it to experience true happiness? Explore why grief can make you feel so much better. so that you can stop this cycle [Read: Sabotaging your own life – 12 ways you’re making yourself miserable every day]

4. You are in a relationship that makes you miserable.

People in your life question your decisions in bad relationships, bad jobs, or even why you live in an apartment with a cruel or inhumane landlord. Even without excuses, you are, not because there are good things either.

You exist because there is a part of you that absorbs that suffering. you like to complain Having things to worry about can help you keep going. It’s something you’re used to. And the pain others don’t understand is what makes you feel good! [Read: How to let go of a relationship that’s bad for you]

5. You end a good relationship.

If all the good people you date are not like you. Stop and think about what type of person you are. Could it be someone who treats you badly because you are emotionally masochistic?

If you’re dating someone who is cute and funny and treats you with respect. instead of leaning in that direction You find it boring and there is no reason to succeed. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some people go looking for drama]

6. You are always upset with someone about something.

If it seems like you want someone to bother you all the time. Shows that you may be an emotional masochist. There may be no reason for you to be upset. But you need someone to upset you. You run into problems that don’t have or blow things out of proportion.

This doesn’t just make your life unstable. But it also creates problems for those around you. It makes you unhappy in the process more. [Read: How to stop being angry all the time]

7. You agree with what you don’t want to do.

If you think you can’t deny it because you’re kind. think again No one forces you to say yes. besides yourself You may be driven because you look for adversity and rejection.

When someone invites you to something you know you won’t enjoy. Instead of passing by and enjoying the night at home, you agree. They were satisfied at first. and then grow from your insults all night long. Any benefit you feel from agreeing to do something you don’t want will be suppressed by actually doing it. [Read: How to say no: Stop pleasing people and feel awesome instead]

8. You are drawn to unhappy people.

Misery loves the company if you look for miserable people nearby. You’re not trying to find happiness. You’re trying to find someone to be upset and miserable with.

You’re not interested in party life or people asking for advice. But you like someone you can become obsessed with. What could be better than emotional self-loathing towards a masochist? self-loathing group [Reead: How to stop making the same mistakes in relationships]

9. You push away the people who support you.

Pushing others away doesn’t mean you’re free. is that you push away the positive thinking and step away from the turning point. Having supportive and helpful friends in life can pull you away from masochistic malice.

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