Erotic Massage 101: How to Seduce a Woman with Your Fingers

Erotic massage is an intimate experience for both the giver and the receiver. If you’ve never had a massage like this with you, it’s worth it!

erotic massage

Of course, no woman would ever say no when her boyfriend volunteered to rub her back. As he lacked professional hand skills. He used a gentle and caring hand that was constantly wondering about a woman’s body. Because when a man massages a woman, it will feel more sensual and intimate compared to a massage from a spa. But what if you give an erotic massage a foreplay?

Guys know that a 15-minute back rub can easily get a woman in the mood. And most likely not sending her to rest. However, massage is still an art. You can’t randomly massage her body. Learn these basics And you might be surprised tonight

preparation for massage

Whether it’s a relaxing, erotic, or therapeutic massage. Massage requires a number of basic things to enjoy. If none of these It can hardly be called a massage. Be sure to prepare in advance for a more relaxing massage.

#1 prepare a place to rest Always remember that the place makes or breaks a massage. As a general rule of thumb for any massage, a place should be clean, relaxing and private. [Read: Tantric sex: The beginner’s guide to awaken your sexuality]

Massage bed. If you don’t have a suitable massage bed like most people do. You can choose a mattress that you can lay on the floor or use your bed. Use a clean cloth to wipe the top with a large towel to soak the oil you are going to use.

Lower the air conditioner to a comfortable level. You and the woman may be half-naked during the session. Therefore, the AC temperature should be set accordingly.

atmosphere If you are really interested You can add mood candle lights and ambient music to complete the spa experience.

#2 Choosing the right massage oil Oil is essential when massaging as it facilitates hand movements on the skin. It also makes the touch more pleasant because not everyone has soft hands. There are many types of massage oils available to purchase at specialty stores. But the most commonly used is lavender, rose or jasmine oil.

#3 towel. Needless to say The massage will be messy. After that, you don’t have to rub the oil all over. Make sure you have clean, clean towels lying around. to caress her after it’s done

#4 hygiene As a masseuse, make sure you have clean hands and nail clippings to avoid scratching her skin. Ask her to take a shower before the massage to avoid the day’s dirt from spreading throughout her body during the massage. [Read: The massage virgin’s guide to massage etiquette]

The basics of erotic massage

Generally, a massage involves knowing the right hand movements and knowing where to use them. Erotic massages are aimed at teasing and stimulating rather than relaxing the body. So it’s generally lighter than a regular massage.

Hand movements and massage techniques

#1 sarcasm or stroking. The easiest and lightest technique is friction rubbing. This type of movement is intended to stimulate the sensation of touching the skin. This is done by using the entire surface area in contact with your partner’s body. The touch should be fully exposed with minimal pressure. [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

#2 compression Compression is done by applying pressure on a specific area. This technique aims to reach the muscles and connective tissue under the skin and increase blood flow in that area. Compressions are usually done using both palms.

#3 massage Massage is similar to compression, however, it focuses on smaller and more precise areas. and use circular rhythmic movements This technique requires the most pressure and is used to target larger muscles such as the buttocks, thighs, and abs.

Erotic massage target area

An erotic massage is like preparing a full course meal. You serve light appetizers. before going to the big course We recommend that you start with a light touch first to warm her up. Then focus on the specific target area later.

#1 Start with a head massage. Women like head massages Head massages don’t require oil. You can do simple massages and massages. Gently massage your scalp with your fingers. and stroke the line from the hairline to the crown

Alternate massage and stroking, and finish with a light massage. on the back of her neck [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic]

#2 Gently pat all over the body.. Start on the back, under her shoulders. Technically, you just oiled. but at the same time You also rub her back. Use long strokes. by applying oil all over her back. Starting from the shoulders down to the top of the buttocks. When you’re done with her body Put some oil on her arm first. Then apply it to her legs and feet.

#3 Use a little friction along the muscle grain. Do this to bring maximum happiness to your partner. The muscle spasms will make you feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

#4 Work your way from her middle mass out into the extension.This means that you start by massaging the back to the side and end with moderate pressure on your fingers as you run her arm towards your hand. As mentioned above Apply more pressure by massaging larger muscles, such as the buttocks and legs.

#5 Work in the erogenous zone After you’ve passed almost all of her body. It’s time to massage the erotic part. At this time, her circulation improved. She was more relaxed and her nerves were more sensitive. Makes her more responsive to the stimulation of her erogenous zones. [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive women wild]

haunch. Gently rub the edge of her gluteal groove while adding pressure to the massage as you go out. This will feel as if you are lightly touching her ass.

thighs. same as the first method Gently scratch her inner thigh with your fingernails, and gently touch her entire thigh with your hand as if you were holding onto a cane. [Read: 10 secret pleasure triggers to arouse a woman instantly]

her stomach. Rub her abdomen with moderate pressure using both hands in a circular motion. Work your way from the center to her side.

bust and bust If you’re touching her breasts, do it gently, as it’s sensitive. Apply moderate pressure from the base of her breast and continue toward the nipple using light circular touches, working on the breast one at a time. [Read: Massaging your partner to orgasms – 20 pivotal dos and don’ts]

pubis areaAn erotic massage wouldn’t be complete without the focus on her Venus hill. Ask her to spread her legs a bit and start by pressing against the pubic mound while touching her thigh near the opening with her hand.

Make sure you use a light touch if you’re near her vagina to enhance the teasing effect. If she starts to move, startle, or moan, that’s okay. means you are doing very well.

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Most people agree that an erotic massage from your special someone can be a better experience in many ways. First, you get it for free with the added bonus of love. and secondly It can be a wonderful relationship experience as a couple.

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