25 Ex Best Friend Quotes to Make You Feel Better About Ending it

Losing a friend is hard enough. But are you best friends? to feel unbearable Hopefully these ex best friends quotes will make you feel better going through this.

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Deciding to end a friendship is harder than breaking up with someone. You are making a conscious decision to cut someone out of your life who may have been there for a long time. Fortunately, the words of a former best friend make you feel much better at the end of the friendship.

Although there is no magic method to put an end to your sorrow But words can definitely make you feel less understood and less lonely. Especially when we’re talking about a former best friend. You really need all the help you can get.

Not all friends will be in your life.

We all dream of keeping our present friends for life, but things don’t always go as planned. Like ending a relationship so is friendship when we grow up We grow up too, but sometimes we can grow apart from the people we love the most. even being an adult You will be different for another ten years.

If you’re lucky, you and your friends will change together And there’s still enough in common that they continue to be best friends. If you’re unlucky, you won’t. This feeling sucks But that’s the truth of life, friendships, even the best things in your life. It can end for many reasons.

Maybe you are separated Maybe friendship doesn’t bring any value. come into your life longer Or maybe you’ve done something more painful that friendship can’t go back to the way it was. [Read: How to get rid of a toxic friend for good]

Why can’t all friendships last forever?

As much as we think we’ll have the same friends many years from now. That’s not what happened. you grow faster than others And that’s okay. What you used to like may be completely different. 10 years from now, we grow faster than many things in our lives. This includes our best friendships.

That doesn’t mean you stop loving them. But there is a point where you have to forgo some of your best friendships for personal growth and development. If you hold on to your toxic friendship You will never become the person you were meant to be. And you’ll never let go of this toxicity.

This is where a former best friend’s speech is important – it makes you feel better about the situation even if the important friendship in your life is over. [Read: Why a friendship breakup hurts as much as a relationship breakup]

best friend quotes to help you get through

You’ll be offended for a while. Unless they do something scary enough to make you ignore them at all. You will have to go through an adjustment period. These ex best friends quotes will help you get through that time a little easier. [Read: 25 inspiring quotes to share with your best friend]

1. “Some people are unfaithful to you. They are loyal to your needs. when their needs change So is their loyalty.”

It happens. You’ve had a loyal friend. but just because they want something Unfortunately that’s the end of the reception. But it can happen.

The important thing now is that you learn from friendship. And you can use this as a learning experience for all your future friendships. Remember it’s not your fault. But it’s theirs that uses you. [Read: When & how to end a friendship if they’re toxic & holding you back]

2. “We never really lose friends. We just know who is real.”

when it’s hard to go The real thing gets stuck as the flakes fly away. This is one of the former best friends quotes that will let you know your darkest days will help reveal who your true friends really are.

These are the people who will have to fall back through thick and thin. through sunlight and darkness [Read: 15 qualities of a truly good friend]

3. “Sometimes the person you catch a bullet turns into a gun.”

Backstabbers – or shooters – are not good for everyone. You trust someone a lot and they tend to betray that. Watch your back because those who are willing to do anything for a long time will be the first to betray you. Such a terrible friendship But it can definitely happen.

4. “My dear old friend i never hate you I’m just disappointed because you became the person you said you wouldn’t be.”

The hardest thing to bear is when someone turns out to be the person you absolutely hate and the person they say they will never be.

Overgrown people are one of the worst feelings in the world because they haven’t betrayed you or anything. They just change for the worse. We are often told that people have changed. But no one prepares us for bad feelings. actual

5. “Why should I try to keep us together? Since you threw a wedge between us in the first place?”

When someone no longer adds value to your life. It’s time to release them. Effort isn’t the only key factor in a relationship. but also for friendship This is one of those former best friends that lets you know that you can’t fight for friendship when you’re the only one left in the fight.

6“Not friends, not enemies, just strangers with memories.”

Not everyone disappears from your life negatively. Some people are far away And you’re just strangers with shared memories. It’s very easy for friends to separate. Which is why it’s important to do something with it if you want someone to be around forever.

7. “Strangers can become best friends as easily as With close friends can become strangers.”

Not everyone knows when friends are changing before our very eyes. They are your best friends. And now you can hardly imagine who they are. Even if you want to help You know it’s out of your hands.

They become forgetful that you have no choice but to cut ties with them. [Read: 17 bad friends you have to get rid of ASAP]

8. “Oh, I forgot. I can only live if you need something.”

This type of person is the worst Say goodbye and finish with them. You really think they are offering you friendship. But they only come when they need something. You don’t deserve these friends. And you’d be better off without them.

9. “Someone asked me if I knew you. But all I can do is smile and say, ‘I used to.’”

It’s just the way life goes sometimes. You think you know someone until they do something or change it in a way that you don’t remember. This is one of those ex-best friends quotes that lets you know that there’s a friendship you can’t save no matter how hard you try.

10. “Somewhere I forgot who I am because of you.”

as well as relationship You can lose yourself because of friendship. Our friends have a lot of influence over us. They can change who we are for a while until we wake up and realize that our lives are better without them. They can make you forget your essence before they even come into the picture.

11. “It’s okay to think of memories. not an individual.”

You can wish that you had the time and those memories to come back. Even if you don’t want anyone around, we promise not to make you a bad person who feels this way. It makes you human as your best friend no matter how the friendship ends. What happened was still good and fun. even if it’s not

12. “It’s funny that the people who hurt you the most. said they would never do it.”

This might be the worst betrayal and heartbreak you can experience in a friendship—the one you’ve never seen. You never thought they would be the first to stab you or hurt you until they really did.

13. “I lost you. but found myself

Friends are often the ones that block our view of ourselves. when you lose them You might just know who you are. and you are better because of it Ending friendships can be painful. But at least you got better because of that loss. [Read: 11 tips to start loving yourself again]

14. “I don’t hate you. I just hope you will find a friend like you someday.”

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