10 Exciting Ways to Find Your Missed Connection

A missed connection can sometimes be a missed opportunity for fairy tale love. Is there any missing connection to yours? Use these methods to track them down!

Search for missed connections

Have you ever shared a moment with another person? Feel the spark and connection Just to miss an opportunity to share contact details?

Maybe the situation at that moment prevented you from being together? Maybe you’ve experienced true love at first sight. But too embarrassed to act at that time?

There is one of two things you can do in that situation: You can accept that moment is gone forever and move on. Or you can try to reconnect with your lost love in hopes that they will feel the same way about you during that fleeting moment.

4 True story of lost and found love

Taking the leap of faith to find a missed bond may seem like a long story. You may assume that probability is not for you. But here’s a love story worthy of four movies that succeed in finding a lost connection.

#1 The lovers reunite and get married after 60 years.

Cynthia Riggs and Howard Attebery met in 1950. They both worked in the same geology lab. Howard was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Cynthia was involved with another man at the time. In February 2012, more than 60 years later, he took the leap of faith and sent Cynthia a coded love letter to the only address he could find. The letter reads: “never stop loving you“??.

After several months of exchanging letters They decided to meet. Howard, now 92, met 82-year-old Cynthia at the train station with a single red rose. Within an hour of the reunion, Howard offered, he moved across the country to be with her the following year. which they married

#2 Man finds love on a lost plane via Twitter

Jamie Kelly, 24, met a Canadian woman named Katie. When they sat next to each other on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin After talking throughout the flight They were forced to part ways at the passport checkpoint upon reaching their destination. After waiting for her on the other side He was in despair when there was no sign of her.

Knowing only her real name and the fact that she is from Nova Scotia, he took to Twitter to find his lost love. launch campaign under the hashtag The #loveatfirstflight and #findkatie Internet appeal was met by Katie’s relatives who contacted her. They have been chatting online since then and have made plans to reconnect.

#3 A New Yorker created a website to track a young woman he met on a crowded train.

Camille Hayton, Australian-born magazine intern. Get the attention of Patrick Moberg on a busy subway in New York. They made eye contact several times during the journey. But he lost her in the crowd when they both got off the train.

A romantic man is determined to find his mysterious girl. Set up a website dedicated to his searches.. He included her drawing along with the train itinerary they shared and his contact information. in a few hours His email inbox was overflowing. Camille’s friends contacted him and sent him a photo to verify her identity. “We have been in contact and waiting to see what happens”?? Later he added it to the website.

#4 A woman plastered on a poster above a New York subway station to find the missing connection in time for Valentine’s Day.

in February of this year Pictures began appearing on Twitter of wanted posters that surfaced on the walls of several New York City subway stations. “Pay attention to New York! about my heart”?? reading poster

Like Patrick Moberg, a woman saw a mysterious man on a crowded subway train. They met each other during a trip to Brooklyn in November 2013. She accepted her Valentine’s Day as Chance to find her lost lovePlastered about 300 posters in the New York subway with drawings of her men and details of missed connections. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if she ever succeeded. We can only hope!

10 Ways to Find Missed Connections

These stories prove that even the chances are small. But a missed connection can turn into a found connection. So it’s worth a try! Here are 10 things you can do to help you connect with the mysterious love interest you’re interested in.

#1 Write down every minute detail.

When you have limited information about lost love Every little detail is important, so if you decide to do a search. You should take note of any existing information before forgetting it. The exact time they stare at you, the place, maybe you can catch the name. the clothes they wear Maybe they were eating a BLT sandwich at the time… all the essentials that might come in handy!

#2 Ask your friends and family for help.

The key to finding missed connections is spreading the word. Start with your close friends and family. Inform them about your search and even if they think you are crazy. They are likely to support you enough to help you through retweets, Facebook status, or perhaps if the person lives in your neighborhood. They might even remember your description!

#3 come back to the meeting point

Maybe you saw the man or woman of your dreams at a coffee shop or supermarket. It is possible that they may visit the place regularly. Let’s come back at the same time of day. Maybe you can meet them again and gather the courage to ask for their contact information. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use with someone you really like]

You might want to try placing posters with your important information in close proximity to the fateful place. If they come back there at another time They may see your poster and call you.

#4 Google what you know

This may be a dark image, but sometimes Google and other search engines It can show quite successful results with little information. It is possible if your prospective partner is quite active on the internet. You can find them by just their name and location. It’s worth a try! [Read: 19 dating tips and tricks for introverts]

#5 social network search

In this day and age, most people use at least one major social network. If you are sure that people that live in your area Try trawling for mutual friends and “People you may know” ?? List them on Facebook or search for their names. If you know, maybe you have an idea about their career? Why not try searching on LinkedIn?

#6 Use a location-based dating app.

Even if you don’t normally use an app like Tinder, it can prove to be a very useful tool for your search. Set your location parameters to include areas where you find love, illusion, and swipe. Moreover If you can find it in one of these apps Chances are they will be single!

#7 Launch a Twitter campaign

Twitter is a powerful tool for spreading news. Use catchy hashtags and ask your followers to retweet. Most people like love stories. So you tend to take your side. Messages can spread quickly. And it’s very easy to keep track of the answers you might get.

#8 Place a personal ad

This is a tried and tested classic method. Submit your search details to your local newspaper. Some of them may have a dedicated section for acquaintances that have been missed. You can also try posting to Craigslist. They have a reputable forum where you can post. you never know They might be looking for you too!

#9 build a website

Set up a website to store all the details you have about your people and meetings. You can include a portrait of the person instead of a photograph. Social networking sites often provide limited space to post your information. So it’s useful to have a website to lead people to. You just have to hope that the people you search for will come to your particular site. Or at least someone who can contact you. [Read: Are you really in love? – 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

#10 Use the Postal Service

This may be considered an outdated method of communication. But it’s also useful if you have a postal address that could lead you to lost love. Maybe your missed connection is the person you went to school with and you know their parents’ addresses. Your letter may be found on the right.

Before you cancel that fleeting connection moment. Consider whether the person might actually be the right person for you. They could be your soulmate or Mr/Mrs. That’s right! Yes, you risk failure or rejection. But knowing you’ve tried is always better than regret.

[Read: 10 things about dating an 80s teen movie can teach you!]

In this day and age, performing such a romantic gesture is refreshing, so why not try these 10 ways to reconnect with your missed connections and reconnect with them before it’s too late. !

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