11 Famous Couples in History and How They Changed the World

These famous couples in history may have drama, passion, and death, but they changed the world as we know it.

famous couples in history

Have you ever thought about the most famous couple in history? How do these things affect our lives today?

What kind of passionate love must exist to inspire such a violent story as Romeo and Juliet? Love has made people do crazy, nasty, sweet, compassionate and serious things over the years. with as many outrageous twists and turns as with your favorite romantic movie or novel Only these things are true.

Yes, love has conquered, hindered and overthrown people, countries and beliefs over the years. And although not all of these love is selfish or healthy. But these love clearly shows the power that sparks when two people are so mad at each other. [Read: 32 weird and true psychological facts about love no one seems to know]

famous couples in history

Ah dear, who would have thought that the love that two people had for each other could change the course of history? These four pairs definitely do exactly that!

1. Henry the 8 and Anne Boleyn

The show of your love … that they forced me to honor, love and serve you forever and ever. implore you to continue in a firm and consistent purpose. certify that on my part I would go over it rather than to reciprocate each other If your heart’s loyalty and desire to please you, you can.” – Letter to Anne from Henry VIII Admirable where the initials “AB” are drawn inside the heart at the bottom of the letters.

their story

Allegations of infidelity and your beheading don’t really fall into the category of fairy tales. There is still something powerful and unique about love that is briefly shared. between Henry 8 and Anne Boleyn, this is what made them one of the most famous couples in history.

The famous Anne Boleyn refused to be Henry’s mistress like her sister did. She was a handmaid in place of Henry’s wife, Catherine of Aragon. Ann is hot. frankly and perfectly orchestrated. Soon, the passion between Henry and Anne exploded until Henry’s desires had no limits. She was accused of bewitching the king long enough to insist that there would be no handkerchief until they were married. [Read: 10 sneaky techniques guys use to get into your pants]

Henry all but pleaded with the Pope to divorce him from his wife who was too old to produce a male heir. Without accepting the revocation, Henry handled the matter with his own hands. He carried out reforms by separating the church and the state. He did this by condemning the power of the Catholic Church on his marriage and country.

when in the hands of the people Most of the reforms were about Protestant religion. which Henry once resisted And today it is still insistent that Protestantism is the official religion in England.

with a new religion and a new proclamation as “The world’s highest head of the Church of England” King Henry the 8 Divorced and married Anne Boleyn. This was a huge disappointment for the British who loved their former queen so much. Anne soon gave birth to a daughter and one of the greatest rulers England had ever seen – Elizabeth the 1 with this challenge Henry thus initiated a religious revolution that swept out of control throughout his life.

Things took a turn for the worst three years after Ann and Henry got married. Without the male heir that Anne had promised, Henry VIII’s gaze swept across his wife’s awaiting wife, Jane Seymour. and the king gave Anne Boleyn beheaded for adultery incest and the use of witchcraft while disappearing The love between the fiery wit Anne Boleyn and Henry the 8 The Almighty is enough to shake the whole country. Its impact still resonates to this day. [Read: 13 toxic ways love can harm you permanently]

2. Lord Edward at 8 and Wallis Simpson

“I find it impossible to carry such a heavy burden and perform my duties as a king as I would like to do without the help and support of the woman I love.” – Duke of Windsor Edward

their story

Another king who rocked England with his love interest was Edward. Crown Prince of Wales After her introduction to Wallis Simpson, the twice married woman was often criticized for being a social climber. Edward found his perfect partner. Edward became king when King George the 5 died, but remained in love with Wallis and eventually offered to

The offer sparked a scandal in which the prime minister said he would resign if the couple got married. Instead of drawing Henry 8 Edward chose to abdicate after less than a year’s rule and left England to marry Wallis. Now is love!

Trivia: Edward and Wallis were apparently both Nazi sympathizers. Imagine if Edward and Wallis got married and he reigned as King of England! This famous couple in history may not be an inspiration story. but generates a lot of current [Read: Unhealthy benefits of falling madly in love]

3. George Burns and Gracie Allen

happiness? Good cigars, good food, and a good woman – or a bad girl. It depends on how much happiness you can take.” – George Burns

their story

Theater enthusiasts George Burns and Gracie Allen meet at a musical theater in New Jersey. They soon became music, radio and television stars through a successful partnership. Burns falls in love with a betrothed co-star.

A year later, at a Christmas party Burns made Allen cry. which eventually she surrendered to his love She said he was the only man who made her cry. And this must mean that she really loves him.

This famous pair in history defied the social standards of the time. Jews and Irish Catholics married and adopted two children, and the two also had philanthropic causes, such as donating large sums to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

The on-screen/off-screen couple also use cute nicknames for each other. Gracie calls George “Nattie” and George calls her “Googie.” Let’s say it together now: Aww!

Gracie died in 1964 and slept in the basement with the inscription: “Goodnight Gracie” was later replaced after the death of George Burns, with the basement reading: “Together Again.” [Read: 13 small changes that improve your relationship]

4. Antony and Cleopatra

I made these wars for Egypt and the queen that I thought I had. because you have mine.” – William Shakespeare, Anthony & Cleopatra

their story

Cleopatra VII Philophator, the last Egyptian pharaoh and a beautiful winged woman imitated to this day. It’s more than just a makeup inspiration! Cleopatra was a knowledgeable woman, who studied religion, language, and mathematics and knew how to make good use of the intelligence, charm and craftsmanship of women. In fact, she deposited money several times!

It is customary to marry family members. So she became the wife of her brother Ptolemy. at the same time She was also the mistress of Julius Caesar, the dictator of Rome. A lover who will eventually entrust her as queen over Egypt. Within just a few years, at the Ides of March, the murder of Julius Caesar caused chaos in Rome with various groups. many vying for power over it. One such army is Mark Antony, who was once a loyal friend of Caesar.

Mark Antony calls Cleopatra in Tarsus. and while there Cleopatra saw an opportunity to gain power within Rome. Anthony’s part He immediately fell in love with her charm. Soon the two became lovers.

Finally, Antony returned to Italy to discuss an agreement that could end the political unrest in Rome. Troubleshooting? He was married to Octavian’s sister. The legitimate heir of Caesar and at that time the Emperor of Rome. It must have been three years before he had seen his Cleopatra. at the very least Lovers forgive and mother and son again. [Read: Should you ever forgive a cheating partner?]

after meeting again Cleopatra conceived and retreated to take control of Rome’s eastern assets. which disappointed the Roman emperor

Soon a war erupted. And even though many of the crew and seafarers sent by Antony and Cleopatra left. Octavian was victorious. And Antony fell on his own sword by suicide. Hearing that her lover had died and that her forces had been defeated. Cleopatra then dressed modestly and followed the dress of his lover – suicide.

while the tragedy The shared love between these two historical figures has inspired movies and dramas over the years. The famous couple in history has led many people to try to paint their own fiery relationship and death with their own hands.

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