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What sex do women fantasize about? Super Fella reveals the top ten fantasies of women and reveals the honest truth. Sexual fantasies for real women And then quite similar to what men fantasize about!

woman's imagination

Sweet girls tend to be more fanciful and romantic. But they have sex fantasies for women too.

And it’s rather surprising that women’s popular fantasies are not much different from what men want in bed.

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If men and women are interested in similar sexual fantasies. Why do we have to hide and pretend we are clean like whistlers?

After asking a lot of women and of course from my own personal experience. Here are the top 10 sex fantasies for women.

Top ten women’s fantasies

Women may say what they want. But at least most women indulge in some of these fantasies. if not all

I am very confused about the lesbian fantasy that many girls think is hot. But there are a few others who are totally against it. but i like something like this This is the ultimate fantasy for women.

#1 rape fantasy

This might seem like something that women don’t like. But many women dream of being molested by a man. Or imagine a man walking up to her and picking her up into a haystack and hammering her with nails? Oh, come on! [Read: Date rape facts]

Women love to dream of a guy who rips off her Versace coat and D&G t-shirt and Victoria’s Secret underwear and destroys her. but for all the men out there Do not try to do this in reality. She’ll cut you off before you can get past her Versace, but a woman wouldn’t mind if her man did that to her, of course, minus the ripped off her expensive clothes.

#2 a stripper

What woman wouldn’t want to be a stripper? Give her a few shots of Absolut. and she will fill the table Throw away the clothes one by one. But most women don’t do that. Even after eating the whole bottle They are too restrained.

The next best thing is They dream of taking off their clothes for the audience. They especially love this when a guy picks up a few notes and hangs them down her g-string. Women are a little embarrassed to say this to men. But I really think they should. That would be two fantasies with one stone.

#3 role reversal

Women wonder what it’s like to be in men’s shoes, or to be honest, they wonder what it’s like to wear men’s boxers. They dream of a story where they can put on a long coat and hat with nothing inside and take the man front or back. [Read: Sexual roleplay tips]

Apparently, this man played a painful woman in this woman’s imagination. And he probably doesn’t like this much unless he has gay-like tendencies, or if he’s willing to walk around in a sore ass the next morning.

But what does a single word for a couple who wants to make a woman’s fantasies come true? ‘physician! Lubricant, we need a lot of lubricant!’

#4 group sex

This is one of the big fantasies for women and men. Guys love to dream of a good threesome when a good looking Asian girl or a Latina girl is involved.

Surprisingly, women like to dream about the same thing! But they don’t want irrational Asians or demigods (they may), they just want male friends! Yes, most girls like to play this pony with a good friend of a boyfriend or husband. [Read: How to start swinging]

# 5 a beautiful woman

Not all women accept controversial fantasies for women. But many women secretly fantasize about having sex with women like Angelina Jolie or others who always say she likes sex with women, believe it or not! Yawn!

Women fantasize about what it would be like to be with someone of the same sex. Someone who knows how she wants to be touched. And what will make her climax? [Read: Girls kissing each other]

And in case you never thought of falling in love with a young Angelina, she said she finds a woman’s body to be the most attractive thing in the world. (All men are inferior) and she likes to associate with women! Now, even though women don’t give women the idea of ​​sex, They might change their minds.

#6 exhibitionism

Lots of fantasies for women, including showing off. A lot! They dream of walking along the beach and by the time they reach the water. They had taken off most of their clothes. If not A woman will fantasize about having sex in a public place where people can see her performance. [Read: Public flashing girls confessions]

The closest a woman can do to familiarize herself with this woman’s imagination is to show an unsuspecting loner walking down the highway. Expressive fantasies can be a great motivator for hot sex. And it can also make women talk about real dirty things in bed, which are both open. Life is good! [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

#7 surrender mate

Women sometimes act weird. Men are usually the ones at the top. But sometimes women fantasize about a man doing more than just showing off his balance on her.

She fantasizes about being told what to do in bed. She wondered how it would feel to be called a slut or a whore in bed. It might turn her on Even though it sounds like a man’s imagination But what women do during this show is her imagination. Some women say they will listen to their partner. While some women say they will do the opposite of what the boss ordered and wait to be punished, lil’ freaky!

#8 Dominatrix

This is a reversal of the role of a submissive lover. Some women like to dominate men. Instead of being dominated all the time They imagine what it would be like if they could indulge in some crazy acts with their man.

This includes committing to him and doing whatever she wants with her man. Telling him to act sexually on her and begging him for what he wants. It’s just something that pops into the minds of women in this fantasy for women. and believe me Some actions are too crude to be addressed here. At least it’s about peeing! Omigod! [Read: Sexual fetishes]

#9 stranger in bedroom

Women may cringe when unknown men touch them. But they love it in their heads! The idea of ​​meeting a stranger for a night of great sex. She could do anything and everything she wanted was something that could awaken her like a light bulb.

She can do whatever she wants, talk dirty, ask the guy to take her from behind. talk about other women whatever you want Many women want to talk about a lot of things in bed. But worrying too much about what men will think of women’s fantasies. meeting strangers At least in her head, a lot of restraint was removed. [Read: How to start fantasizing about someone else with your lover]

#10 Come pick me up!

This fantasy is about having multiple men touch a woman at the same time. She probably dreamed of being surrounded by men who kissed, touched and seduced her at the same time.

Every woman has her favorite number in mind. with anywhere from three to ten men to find fault with her! There’s something about sitting back and being overwhelmed by the sex appeal of men turned to women. Women do not always dream of this and hope that one day it will come true. But they couldn’t help but sit back and wonder how it would feel!

Of course, there are many female fantasies. And there are also unique fantasies for women that may change some women’s minds more than others. But as long as you’re having fun and so are your guy. Go on exploring your mind further.

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You might think that your guy doesn’t like female fantasies. But you’ll never know until you hint at some ideas for him. and in any case Imagination for women and men is not much different, right?

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