The natural Fatty Liver Remedy by Layla Jeffreys

Did you know that the liver is the largest internal body organ? Fatty Liver Disease is a condition in which there is excess fat in the liver and therefore this organ fails to function normally. Left untreated, this can lead to various health complications including type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health complications.

Layla’s natural detoxification program helps you manage the fatty liver disease without surgeries, liver transplants or drugs. The fatty liver remedy program offers many lifestyle changes that are easy to implement as well.

About The Natural Fatty Liver Remedy Program

Fatty Liver Remedy EbookThis program has been designed to educate you about the fatty liver disease and everything related to the condition.

In this guide you will learn about factors that cause fats to accumulate in the liver, therefore resulting in fatty liver disease. You will also learn about medications that are harmful to your liver and also get to know foods that harm your liver by increasing its fat deposits.

The program aims to teach you about how to flush out toxins from your liver and instead make it function in the right way. Therefore, you will learn liver detoxification techniques, meaning that you will learn how to cleanse your liver from fats, harmful substances, and toxins.

The program will teach you about various herbs that help in the detoxification process of the liver cells.

Best of all, this program will teach you how to keep your liver functioning optimally. This way, the liver can serve its primary functions of eliminating toxins in the body, producing bile, controlling glucose levels in the body, among other functions.

You’ll also be exposed to the best-recommended cooking oils and foods that keep liver cells in good condition. In addition, you will learn weight loss methods that are easy to maintain and learn why some weight loss methods are not recommended e.g. crash diets.

About The Author

Layla Jeffrey is a nutritionist, author and former sufferer of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. She is an expert on fatty liver and has written a lot on this topic, on nutrition and other health-related topics.

In 2009, the lovely woman was diagnosed with fatty liver disease at 36 years of age. This prompted her to find a natural cure – something that took her several years of trial and error. Upon witnessing success in this program, she decided to go public in order to share her idea with other people who might be in need.

Is This Program Suitable For Me?

This program will mainly benefit two categories of individuals. For starters, it is meant to benefit anyone who may be living with fatty liver disease. So, if you’re tired of trying out different drugs with little success, this is ultimately the program to try – if anything, it is natural and inexpensive.

The program will also benefit you if you want to avoid the fatty liver condition. Whether you are at a high risk of contracting the fatty liver disease, depending on your family history or your current lifestyle or you just want to know more about the disease.

This program is rich with information and offers an alternative healthy lifestyle so that you can eliminate any chance of getting fatty liver disease.

What Is The Highlight Of This Program?


The program is developed by a nutrition expert who is also an expert at the fatty liver disease. She developed this program after successfully reversing her condition using the method shared therein. Therefore you should have no reservations about implementing the diet recommendations as your nutrition and health is a priority.


Fatty Liver Remedy ScamThis program is very affordable and comes with no risk. The only cost to be incurred is in buying the program which is competitively priced and has a 100% money-back guarantee. The rest of the program is a do-it-yourself program.

There are no drugs or pills used in this program. And what’s more, you get to implement the program from the comfort of your home. The program requires a lifestyle and diet change and most importantly offers enough recipes for your new lifestyle changes.


This program is so easy to implement. It is very convenient because you won’t need to schedule appointments with doctors. Indeed, the program is well thought-out because you only need to make a few tweaks to your lifestyle and diet.

Whether you spend most of your time busy at the office or working from home, this guide provides you with the convenience you need to manage your condition – healthily.


By the end of the program, you will have learned so much from Layla Jeffrey. You will have learned about the three kinds of fatty liver diseases, about causes of fatty liver disease and natural remedies. This program will equip you with so much knowledge that will not only help you but help your family and friends too for life.


This program does not recommend drugs, pills or food supplements. Rather it recommends herbs and nutritious foods. There is, therefore, no health risk in trying out this program whatsoever.


This program has three bonus ebooks. One is titled “188 Liver Friendly Recipes”. These are 188 food recipes that can be cooked at home that are liver-friendly. The other bonus ebook is titled “Detox Your Body Guide” and offers information to boost your immune system and the health of your liver.

And the last ebook is titled, “What to eat and what to avoid”. This book will guide you about various minerals and nutrients important for your body and will give you a list of foods that may harm your body.


  • Although this program requires lifestyle changes, it provides very many delicious alternatives
  • No technical skills required
  • The program is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Support from the author herself
  • Payments and refunds are secured by SSL
  • Instant download upon payment

3 Problems with This Program

  1. This program requires lifestyle changes
  2. This is a digital program and therefore not available at your local store
  3. This program requires you to dedicate time to understand it fully before implementing it


If you have the fatty liver disease, Natural Fatty Liver Remedy is handy and comes at no risk at all. This program has been designed with your food concerns at heart and that’s why it offers 188 recipes as alternatives to the unhealthy lifestyle you may be used to.

This is a program worth trying. The goodness of the program is that it gives you a 60-day tryout period allowing you to try it for free before committing.

We would like to recommend this program to anyone who may be suffering from fatty liver disease. Try it out today.





The Fatty Liver Remedy is one of the best programs to consider if you are someone struggling to get rid of the fatty liver disease. The best thing about this program is that it is well explained and contains only safe, reliable and effective methods to get rid of excessive fat from both your body as well as liver.

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