Feeling Trapped in a Relationship: Should You Stay or Break Free?

When you feel trapped in a relationship It might be a catch 22 – you feel you have a duty to stay. But it’s hard to breathe

feeling stuck in a relationship

Whenever I feel attached to a relationship I think that’s because I feel limited in my expression or my freedom because of the expectations of that relationship.

I think there should be some limitations on acceptable and unacceptable behavior in any relationship. For example, not going to an agreed meeting with friends because you can’t be disturbed is a form of defamation. express But it’s not the kind that often leads to lasting friendships.

However, when you feel stuck and can’t see any real benefit, in fulfilling the expectations of that relationship further Resentment and resentment will begin to creep in.

Speak your mind when you feel trapped.

I have friendships, family and work relationships that I feel have to be perfect. so as not to disagree or say anything that might be inappropriate It’s not a good tactic to build a good relationship.

What I find is that always surrendering is a good way, not at all, a great way. *Note the capitalization of F* to create a feeling of being attached to someone who could be a good partner, friend, family member. Colleagues or lovers

So I learned to speak my mind. which creates a feeling of freedom in me all the time It’s also a great way to screen people who don’t fit my true personality. Will they love me or hate me? But at least they’ll see that it’s true. who am i As opposed to false representation [Read: How to be comfortable in your own skin – 20 ways to love being you]

What to do if you feel stuck

Now we have the basic principles. Here are some questions and ideas to consider if you feel stuck in a relationship.

#1 know the law of powerThis might be an awkward but very true truth about the dynamics of power within relationships:

Those who are willing to leave are often the most powerful.

Just knowing that this law of power exists. This allows me to assess whether the balance is uneven to excessive in any relationship.

For example, if my partner constantly threatens to quit if I don’t do what he tells them to. The more subtle display of power I get is when someone in the habit of walking out of the room during a conversation while I’m trying to communicate important points. [Read: Dating rules – 10 unfair but relevant rules we all have to live by]

#2 Q: Why do I value that person? Most people don’t want to be scheme B, so if you keep someone sticking to their expectations but at the same time having a better and better plan. This may gradually swallow up your own sense of freedom It’s called cognitive dissonance. And even the most seasoned players can do it.

The more I was able to arrange everything in my life into the Empire State Building and not the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the better things seemed and the more I was excited about life.

If I suddenly feel stuck I try to consider: my values life partner’s values my life vision *And how does it fit* and will I be honest with it? [Read: 18 emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]

#3 Keep an eye on the triangle drama.. Babies need to be supervised. It is the same for people with severe aphasia. However, I disagree that a partner who is unable to manage their own lives is your responsibility.

Sometimes people will consciously or unconsciously use emotional control to get you into a relationship with them.

I keep an eye on this reminding myself of the Drama Triangle. I think the Drama Triangle is a triangle where each triangle of 3 Scores are different words: victim, rescuer, and abuser.

My philosophy is when you take on one of these roles. You will lose power over yourself and hold others accountable for what you do or don’t do.

For example, if someone plays the victim They will let you be a savior or a persecutor. However, I think a good relationship is a bad deal. and invite others into your life.

If someone is there to save your life or get help from you. Show that you are responsible for them and are likely to create an experience of feeling stuck at some point.

You also know that they tend to blame you for not helping them or allowing themselves to be helped. You may be persecuted when things become sour

I’ve been in a relationship where I was a victim of persecution. And I almost live for a chance to prove that I was right and that she was wrong. Fed up innit? Drama Triangle creates many tangled vines

#4 Ask yourself: am I afraid of physical consequences or vengeance? I’ve seen people both love and fear their spouses. This may lead them to ignore obvious signs of manipulation and/or harassment.

Perhaps their partner is in a bad mood, is bullish, or is emotionally or financially strong. Finding others who have been through the same situation. Even if it’s online or by reading YouTube articles or videos, it may help to put these types of situations in context and help you make decisions. [Read: 21 big signs of emotional abuse you may be overlooking]

#5 Ask yourself: am I afraid of what third parties will say or do? Sometimes your social, religious, or cultural circle can make you feel as if you have no choice or that you have limited choices.

For example, I have taught clients who are bound by family agreements to fulfill their marriage agreements. He looked for people facing similar situations and found very helpful information that helped him deal with the worst and balance his life goals.

#6 Q: I live at my edge? The first time I heard the word ‘edge’ in the title book. The way of a superior man By David Deda. Later I also wrote a book on this subject. I find myself using it in various contexts. Many because of how important it is. However, I think only a few people take that edge as a philosophy of life.

Think of the edge as the real edge, which is a steep fall to where you dread. I think the challenge for us as parents, friends, workers and artists is facing it in order to grow as individuals. For example, when I am not chasing a challenging and exciting goal. I’m not really alive

Although I have a safe long-term relationship with a beautiful girl. But it fell apart for me and became a psychological prison because I stopped trying to challenge myself as honestly as possible. When I felt like a prisoner in a relationship that didn’t serve me. I always ask myself first that I’m not just a prisoner for my own fear. [Read: How to focus on yourself – 17 ways to make your own sunshine]

#7 Talk to a close friend or family member.. I have a habit of walking for an hour and sometimes several hours with my best friend.

It surprises me that after our conversation How can I get more context about the disgustingly cramped home situation? What I find strange to me always makes him nodded in agreement: ‘Yes, brother, I got the same thing at home too!’

#8 look at your social life. I like the principle of Again, I believe that not having a broad network of contacts is unhealthy. I think nature has designed us to seek diversity. And this change allows us to align and reshape our beliefs and behavior patterns. so that we don’t fall into the neurotic habits.

when I don’t have friends It’s hard for me to thank my parents or my sister. And as my social life boils over, they all feel more approachable and alive. Whenever I get emotionally attached only to realize I haven’t been hanging out with my friends for too long.

It’s hard not to feel depressed or stuck when you don’t have friends. The world looks scarier and more critical. And you can dispel this fear with the people closest to you. A psychologist will tell you that having a good social life Have two or more close friends And family too is an important part of emotional health for most people. [Read: How to be more social – 19 ways to genuinely connect with others]

#9 Ask yourself, will I miss that person? If the answer is not difficult Show that you have some information to tell. I have pretty good control of my emotions. But I still find myself wanting to cut people off from the nonsense I thought they did to me: opinions, expressions, or reactions. Sometimes I overreact and take time to calm down. But sometimes there is a pattern.

Just ask yourself honestly if I enjoy spending time with someone. Let me know if I’ll benefit from leaving I would ask myself if I still had enough energy after interacting with one or less of them. [Read: 13 creepy signs your friend is secretly an energy vampire]

#10 Ask yourself: What are my responsibilities? I’m not a father, but I’ve seen that even a mother can start to feel trapped by her child if she doesn’t live for herself.

However, she certainly wasn’t able to pick up the luggage and dust off his hands in the blink of an eye. in the same way For those who are at risk It may be your responsibility to take care of them in some way.

#11 Ask yourself: Am I afraid of commitment/responsibility? I believe we live in an era where easier path worship and a meteoric rise in the media and more part of social norms is a path of hard work and slow growth.

I like to remind myself that having more responsibility can make life more meaningful and fulfilling. On the contrary, it was a path that I was not responsible for and was always pursuing something new. Trying in vain to ignore the emptiness as it widened within.

[Read: 15 Types of toxic relationships to watch out for]

When you feel trapped in a relationship It can be confusing, however, I think it’s a feeling of deep reflection and determination. and an honest assessment in order to grow through it.

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