How to Get Over Feeling Unwanted & Start Feeling Desirable Again

If you feel unwanted in your relationship or in life. That relationship will not last forever. Here’s how to get over your feelings of needlessness and attract the world to you.

How to overcome unpleasant feelings

Feeling unwanted is probably the most lonely feeling in the world. It goes hand in hand with the feeling of being unloved and something that is not easy to separate from.

Feelings of needlessness may arise from childhood. dating style Or even someone who intentionally made you feel that way.

You can feel unwanted in marriage. Maybe you can stay together But have lost the intimacy you once had. You may feel unwanted when going on an accidental date. Maybe you always meet people. But it’s never been more serious. You may feel unwanted due to past traumas, such as being abandoned by your parents.

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Why do we feel unwanted from the people we need?

These things can make you feel unwanted as an adult. And that leaves you with trouble in all relationships, from romantic partners to friendships and even your family.

Although these feelings are often provoked by external influences. But it often becomes an inner feeling as well. People go from feeling not wanting from others to feeling not wanting themselves. And that’s a deeper problem.

Finding not only why you don’t feel the need but moving on from it and knowing how much your worth is, requires careful reflection and discussion and thought about your past.

If you are willing to delve into the past and move away from these negative feelings. You will be able and will know how it feels to be called upon.

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pain from feeling unwanted

The pain of feeling unwelcome is so lonely. whether because of the past your present or something else Not wanting to be wanted was not what I wanted for my arch nemesis.

When I have a long form of being haunted by people who seem interested in me. I fell where I didn’t want to. I’ve talked to a lot of people and tried really hard to date and find someone to connect with. But they never wanted me or even knew me.

That made me feel that I didn’t just want to. But I still feel that I’m not worthy of being wanted. That pattern affected me in such a way that I thought there was something wrong with me.

From there, I regularly exhibited self-destructive behavior and self-sabotage in my dating and even work life. Unwanted feelings, even from people you barely know, can reach you and affect your life in many ways. [Read: Am I unloveable? The ONE thing you need to know when you feel down]

The feeling of needlessness and the questions it forces you to ask yourself.

Feelings of not wanting make you question your worth, abilities, and confidence in all areas of your life. The pain is no matter what often feel hopeless

For you, feelings of needlessness can be caused by unusual relationships or even inappropriate past or present relationships. It could be caused by something in your childhood.

Unwanted feelings are often caused by the actions of others that affect how we feel. We weren’t born without feelings. It is a feeling that swallows up self-confidence and self-worth like a parasite. and cannot be stopped without much effort. [Read: Why friends ghost you – And why it hurts so fiercely when they do]

How can I stop feeling unpleasant?

Feeling unwanted for me was a difficult time. I have struggled with confidence and been in a rut for most of my life.

I’ve never had that low confidence. Even during the awkward middle school years. I was beaten by my situation and was passive.

Now, the feeling of needlessness may be accompanied by crippling anxiety and depression. If that’s your case even if you are not sure There’s no shame in seeking help from a mental health professional.

Asking for help from a friend family members Or the therapist is just expressing a desire to overcome your situation and that you have the energy to work hard to learn your worth.

that’s what i do With the help of a therapist, my friend, and patience with myself. I can overcome the unpleasant feeling. [Read: How to love yourself – 15 steps to discover self-love again]

What I learned when I tried to love myself again

I had to relearn how I react to things. I have to think about how I see myself. Not as I thought other people saw me.

I have to learn my self worth from within. so that when rejected I didn’t know personally. Most of the time, I’ve been ghosted or broken up with people who almost don’t know me. I remind myself that not everyone will like me and that’s okay.

I know I’m just looking for the right person. So I don’t need to be wanted by everyone I meet. why do i need them Those things work best.

I also try not to place my self-worth on other people or how they view me. Someone who makes me feel like I don’t want to be a stranger But I have many friends and family members who want me around.

Just as your partner shouldn’t cater to all of your needs. I also don’t need a partner to feel fulfilled or needed. I have to review what I have in my life and appreciate that. [Read: Am I codependent? 14 signs you’re clingy and overstepping boundaries]

I had to realize that I deserved to find someone who needed me. And that should be the right person. not just anyone

I had to give up the idea that other people didn’t want me. Therefore, it is desired by everyone. including myself

It takes practice to accept those things. It took me time to learn how my worth was not dependent on others. But it depends on the way I look at myself. And if no one comes to haunt me or lead me I really like who I am.

I had to realize that I didn’t want to. I just don’t want the same thing with those people.

I’m not telling you to congratulate. but to give you hope It takes time and effort But it can also stop feeling unwanted. [Read: How to focus on yourself – 27 easy daily steps to build your own sunshine]

How to overcome unpleasant feelings

Let me tell you how I got over my feelings of needlessness. But overcoming these feelings is not the same for everyone.

It depends on where these feelings come from. Your process will be different from mine. You may need to fix the past and learn to face what happened. You may need to work on a self-love project to regain your confidence. Or you may need to take a break from dating if it exacerbates your negative feelings. [Read: Why you should take a break from dating to truly find love again]

These can help depending on where your unwanted feelings come from. But there are some things you can do. Whether you are in a special situation to overcome unpleasant feelings.

1. talk about it

The feeling of not wanting is a particularly lonely feeling. Whether you’re in a relationship or not it can be separated And don’t share that only adds to those feelings. I know it may seem embarrassing to admit that feeling of needlessness. But that’s how you cope. If you don’t accept it with someone You won’t know how true it is.

And if you don’t feel desired in a relationship, tell your partner, let them know when you don’t, and how they can help. if they love you They should want to work with you to help you feel loved. If they become defensive or set you on fire. It’s time to walk away and learn to separate yourself from them. [Read: Feeling unloved in a relationship? How to address the issue with your partner]

2. Write it down

Whether you have someone to talk to or not. Writing out your feelings can be very emotional. Just get everything out in a messy or organized manner. Let go of a few negative thoughts about you. allowing you to vent freely

But when you expose these vulnerabilities Every time you write something you like about yourself. It could be personality traits, abilities, or something else. This allows you to experience all the sensations. So you don’t deny your unwanted feelings. But you also remind yourself that there are certain things about you that you want someone to give. [Read: How to build self-confidence one step at a time and realize you’re worth it]

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