Fellas, This is Why You’ve Never had a Girlfriend

Some guys can’t find a boyfriend for life. If you look good but can’t stop a girl. You may experience these 11 fatal flaws.

never had a boyfriend

There are many men who have never had boyfriends. They walk around with their friends who seem to check in with their female friends. and was left to question why it wasn’t them.

Some people may act like they don’t care or don’t even want a boyfriend. but the truth is A lot of guys who aren’t lucky enough to score cool girls think there’s something wrong with them. They were sitting there wondering what they were doing wrong.

Did you do something wrong?

Recently, I accidentally woke up with someone lying on my sofa, don’t worry! It’s just a friend of my roommate. who need shelter after a night out But since I woke up early and was making breakfast. so he aroused himself And we got used to each other very quickly.

Although I’ve never met this guy before. But the first piece of information What he revealed to me is that he never had a girlfriend, can’t find “that person”?? and that made me think Why do some men who look perfect, attractive and successful never have a boyfriend?

with the right age for dating So he was one of many men who questioned why. He also asked me what I thought of it. I still don’t know him well enough to tell him why. But from my first impression I wonder some reason [Read: The 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Although I can’t state the exact reason you’ve never had a girlfriend. But I can definitely come up with a couple of reasons why something isn’t normal. Coming from a woman, here are some factors that might hamper your girlfriend catch skills.

#1 You mentioned that you never had a boyfriend. Excuse me, the guy from my sofa! But if you say you’ve never had a boyfriend I began to wonder what you are. it was not intentional The moment I heard that My mind began to spin. and it fades away

It’s good to never have a boyfriend. Don’t keep telling cute girls like this unless you’re intentionally avoiding their attention. The female imagination is your greatest enemy.

#2 No confidence. Confidence is great when it comes to women finding attractive people. and said that he never had a girlfriend, just “I can’t figure out why” ?? I can tell right away that you have lost confidence in your ability to buy. And that’s not interesting. You have to have the confidence to get a girl out first. So gather your courage and try! time and again if necessary [Read: 9 subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

#3 you give too much information man in love on the sofa I didn’t need to know your life story from the first day I met you—and especially where. 7:30 a.m. Before I even drink my morning tea. Women like mysteries! Immediate disclosure of all your life and childhood problems. Makes you lose the excitement of getting to know you.

#4 You don’t provide enough information. On the other hand, you may not provide enough information. Of course, I know the name of your first pet. and she was teased by her neighbor which lied about this But I don’t know your goal. I don’t know what your hobby is.

These are some of the key factors a woman needs to know before you have a girlfriend. This is where you find the similarities between the two of you. Other random information can wait until you get her [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you even before you ask her out]

#5 You don’t know what women like. Maybe you don’t know anything. This is a real possibility. You never know what women like and that is preventing you from buying. Knowing what a girl likes can help you catch a girl and keep her! Read about women or really listen. When a female friend talks, learn!

#6 You don’t make yourself a material fan. Hello friend zone! You could be the king there too. Girls may not see you as your boyfriend because you didn’t make yourself look like your boyfriend. Letting a woman talk about her latest crush and give you advice is not the way to go.

If she starts complaining or talking about other men, don’t respond, or better yet. Tell her he’s an idiot and you won’t treat a girl like that. This made her start to picture you with your girlfriend. and how you will act as a fan A woman’s imagination can be your best friend. [Read: How to avoid a girl’s friend zone and make her want you instead]

#7 You are too picky One problem you might have is being too picky when it comes to the girl you want to date. You may have set standards that are too high. And that’s why you can’t find “one thing”?? If you are thinking that there is someone who is 100% ready for everything you need, then you should give up.

That’s not true. There are so many amazing women you can’t see. Just because she probably likes oatmeal and you think it looks like vomiting. Come on quickly. Expand your horizons, friend.

#8 you don’t date How do you get a boyfriend if you don’t take a girl out on a date? If you think texting and Facebooking with girls is the only thing you need to do to keep yourself free. It’s clear why you don’t have a boyfriend.

Dating is an important part of starting a relationship. It’s where the excitement is. That’s where the chemistry started. You have to date a woman *real, not cyber*.

#9 You are naive when it comes to flirting. Flirting is a quick way to let a girl know you’re interested in her. If you can’t flirt How will she know you’re interested? It’s also a really fun way. To create chemistry with someone Practice makes perfect. So practice flirting! [Read: 12 essential flirting tips every guy needs to know]

#10 You cannot read the signs. Maybe you don’t know when a girl is interested in you and that hinders your ability to ask her out and possibly make her your woman. Laughing around you often is a sign that she’s interested. You can also ask your female best friend how you can know if she is interested in you. [Read: 12 signs she really likes you and wants you to ask her out]

#11 You blame women. “They are all crazy” ?? Ahem! excuse me? number! Girls aren’t a problem—especially if you’re someone who’s never had a boyfriend but they’ve had a boyfriend before. If you start to blame women for not being able to get women. You will be dissatisfied with them all the time.

This will pass from woman to woman. And you will unknowingly exit the game before it even starts. You’ll immediately have a mindset saying that she won’t date you and that will change your personality and the way you treat her. Stop it!

[Read: 10 clear signs you need to back off when you’re pursuing a girl]

Friends who can’t find a boyfriend Even if you think you’re the catch But here are some reasons why that might be the case. Use a page from this book. Go out and try again!

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