Feminine Guys: 40 Signs of a Man in Touch With His Softer Side

whether you are a man or a woman You may want to know the signs of a man being a woman. If you want to avoid being one or dating a man who is a woman, read this!

Feminine Man - Signs of Feminine Man

A man who shows his sensitive side is great. Some women like feminine men. because he touched his very sensitive side. and then there are other women who can’t stand the signs of a feminine man showing his behavior to “femininity”

You may be a guy who wants to know the characteristics of a feminine man or a woman who wants to avoid dating. It doesn’t matter what your reason is. But we will help you immediately recognize a man who is a woman. so you can decide what to do next

What makes a woman a man?

The male female portrayed a character that was traditionally considered *I know I’m a woman. But there is still science to prove that men and women don’t think and act the same way*. soft nature Or just an interest in self-care and self-care? There are certain traits that make a man more masculine or feminine.

If you want to know more about the characteristics of masculinity or femininity. Please see this feature on How to be more masculine by listening to your inner voice]

Why don’t women like dating feminine men?

Maybe because opposites attract? Perhaps our evolution or reproductive years has stimulated our brains to favor certain traits over others, especially keeping procreation in mind?

I’m okay with sensitive and understanding men. We all want them to listen and pay attention when we’re sick or upset or just want to vent. But come a little closer If we want to be honest There’s a point where guys cross the gender line and it makes you want to go ewwww! For this reason, a man who is a woman is simply a rejection of many women.

It’s not that having feminine qualities isn’t attractive to women at all. It certainly is! Many women want a boyfriend or partner who is caring and understanding in their lives. But it’s just that when these feminine attributes are combined with many other qualities, that’s when a man steps into the territory of a woman. This could lead to women breaking up completely. [Read: How to be a good boyfriend – 33 traits that make you the best ever]

The Biggest Signs That Scream That You’re a Woman

If you’re wondering if other people see you as a feminine woman? These are signs that may not always scream. but whisper softly with the people around you that you are not okay with your feminine side but you are trying to stealing a woman’s thunder Being sensitive is okay. Being too feminine is uncertain.

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1. You use a lot of skin care and makeup products.

Although taking care of yourself is not a problem. But if men use a lot of skin and hair care products. and even a little makeup from time to time It is likely that inside he will look like a woman. That’s not a problem for a lot of people, unless he might be using his girlfriend’s makeup!

2. Likes to sit back and let the other person control.

If you’re a woman who likes masculine guys, like those who control and lead. You may find this signal unreliable. traditionally Female men have no problem with other people controlling and directing. Not that he was particularly humble. He didn’t feel the need to dominate either. [Read: How to awaken the divine masculine within yourself]

3. You have no problem expressing your emotions outwardly.

Most men have a problem with crying in front of strangers. If a man has no problem expressing his feelings with tears That’s also one of the signs a man is a woman. Again, it’s good to let it all out from time to time. So maybe women find this alluring?

Of course, when tragedy happens in your life. or if you lose someone It’s okay to see you cry. But if you cry because someone poked you or just intention That means you’re one of the more feminine guys along the way.

4. You can easily talk about your emotions.

Traditionally, men do not like to openly and talk about their emotions. Instead, he will divert the conversation elsewhere. Humor is usually used as a shield. A man who has no problem talking about his feelings tends to be feminine in his personality. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

5. You are a fan of social media and love getting attention online.

Although it’s not a particularly deal-breaker. But if you post selfies and quotes It is likely that you are showing a feminine side to your followers! Most guys don’t care about likes and shares. Men who are women are more likely to do so.

6. Is your style colorful or out there?

A woman’s traditional trait is the ability and desire to explore fashion and show off their personality through clothing and accessories. If a man does this Most likely he was a female. If you want to show off your personality through colorful clothes. different design and clothing that is not very traditionally masculine. It is possible that you are a man who is a woman.

7. You have more female friends than male friends.

One of the biggest signs a man is a woman is He has more female friends than male friends. if you are a woman Maybe that’s because you connect better with women and bond more easily. [Read: What do guys think of their female friends? 15 very real secrets revealed]

8. You take a moment to get ready when you go out.

You can easily find a guy who takes the time to get ready. This is more likely if men are more feminine. If you take longer to prepare than your girlfriend. That’s something to be aware of.

9. You are not connected to what constitutes a man.

If a man is a woman He often finds that what is traditionally masculine is a waste of time or even aggressiveness. Football, sports, contact, video games, right? Fair enough.

10. You get along well with clothes and accessories.

Most masculine men don’t care whether the shoes match their shirts or not. However, female men show more concern in their outfits.

If your shoes go with shirts, belts, watches, Ascot, and you even know what Ascot is. It’s time to check your femininity.

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11. You Pick Up Your Own

If you’re easily offended, wayward, or generally sensitive. These are all clear signs of a man who is a woman. Get stronger and take it like a man Otherwise you’ll only meet your sister.

12. You are more likely to be a cocktail drinker than a beer drinker.

when you go out of town If you like drinks for women in general Notice that sign! Of course, one cocktail doesn’t turn a man into a woman. But if this is your drink of choice That’s a clear sign.

Fru-fru drinks are feminine all around. If you want a fancy cocktail Have the bartender put it in a whiskey glass. It will taste the same and no one needs to know. [Read: Girly drinks galore – 24 drinks only girls must order]

13. You love your men’s bags.

Do you carry a bag with you wherever you go? I don’t mean a backpack full of sports clothes. If you’re a fan of carrying a handbag-style bag on a regular basis. This usually consists of a wallet. Beauty items, etc. That’s an indicator of femininity, and no, it’s not a waist bag. or handbag or men’s bags It’s a wallet. Period. [Read: How to be chivalrous – the code of modern chivalry]

14. You cry when chick flicks.

Although it’s normal to sniff a little when a movie is sad or harrowing. But if you can’t help but whine at rom-coms and other emotional movies, It is possible that you are especially female.

15. You always want to discuss relationships.

Masculine men tend to like to follow trends and see where things end up. However, one of the signs of a masculine man is his willingness and enthusiasm to talk about the relationship that is going on and where he stands.

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