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A fickle friend is the friend in our lives who is temperamental, temperamental, and unpredictable. If it’s worth it, let it go. If it’s not worth it, just let it go.

fickle friend

We all relate to this, right? Many years on this planet I have met many unstable friends. What is a fickle friend? They are the ones that bounce in and out of your life like a bouncy ball. one minute you are awesome Next it disappeared without warning.

What is the motive of a fickle friend? For the most part, they are selfish people who worry more about what is going on in their lives than what you have in their life. Mixture of mood swings and unsteadiness. Which way will the wind blow? which is not always suitable for you

If you have an uncertain friend You’ll start to feel like you’re always trying. Wondering why you’re spoiled? Or did you do something that made them disappear without warning?

7 A must have when dealing with fickle friends.

It’s hard to ignore it personally when you have a friend who either doesn’t seem to care about your feelings or isn’t really committed to your relationship. unless they feel like Never will be your emergency contact. You take them for what they are worth and either accept it or move on.

#1 Be careful with your wordsA fickle friend makes you feel like you’re their “best friend.” You find yourself sharing a wealth of knowledge that you probably don’t want everyone to know.

The problem is, they’re not really loyal. Because they are unable to build a real and lasting relationship. So you don’t want to tell them your deepest secrets. As a general rule, if you have them, don’t tell them much about your interests. It may enter one ear and out of their mouth. [Read: One-sided friendships and when to cut them loose]

#2 don’t depend on itA fickle friend is also a great person to make last-minute plans. Do you have a boring Friday night without any plans? That’s the time to catch up with your fickle friend.

If your favorite band has arrived in town and you just want to see them. Don’t ask your fickle friend to ride a shotgun. because they cannot be relied upon. You never know they’ll back off and leave you holding two tickets with only your butt sitting in it. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

#3 Don’t take it personally When someone is friends with you one minute and then they ignore you less the next time. but also hurts If you have an uncertain friend Realize that it has nothing to do with you or who you are or who you are.

They are fickle to everyone and can cause other people to come to you. if they cancel haunt you for a while or seems lost Let it go and move on. you have another friend So focus on the people who make you feel good, don’t get lost.

#4 stop reaching for themUnstable friends tend to lead unstable lives because the people in their lives let them run away. We all have that person in our lives who treats everyone badly, isn’t a good person, and does nonsense things where we just say, “Oh, that’s who you are.”

It’s your fault if you’re dealing with a friend who’s fickle and frustrated. The first thing to do is stop paying attention to their behavior. They are likely to change it. If you allow someone to behave badly he will continue [Read: 15 ways to get yourself the friends you want]

#5 uncertain return If you want to teach your friend a lesson about how their erratic behavior affects others, do it. Keep doing what they did to you back to them. If they cancel at the last minute, do it with them.

If lost without answering the call do not accept when running back Maybe they didn’t even know that they were unstable. But if you don’t show them how you feel. They will never understand or know what friendship means.

#6 forget about itIf they’re hurting in the ass, demanding, or just ranting, ignore them. Uncertain people are just what they are. The only way to build friendships with someone who behaves the way they do is to accept them for who they are. when they are in a good mood have a good time

If it doesn’t or shocks you Let it roll behind you Just have a backup plan and let things go instead of letting it make you angry or upset. [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]

#7 cut it offIf you can’t tolerate action, frustration, or lack of commitment to your feelings, plans, and friendships when they don’t, let it go.

A fickle friend makes you wonder what’s going on. if you do something or let you down when you rely on them. That’s not really a fickle friend. They’re just not really friends.

If you’re okay with someone here today, go tomorrow and maybe come back next week. You can deal with fickle friends. Don’t rely on them or think they’ll be there when you really need help. because you never know

[Read: Here are the reasons to ditch flaky friends]

If you are a fickle friend You may want to examine how you treat the people in your life and perhaps just consider that you are not the center of the universe. Everyone gets irritable at times. but when you are an adult You can get past it.

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