15 Firm Ways to Deal with an Indecisive Partner

Sometimes you wonder why you can’t make certain decisions. and realize that it’s not you but as your partner Here’s how you can deal with it.

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Indecision is a common feature of many people. But little did we know that there was a reason behind this slightly annoying habit.

What makes people indecisive?

To understand the true indecision You have to remember that indecisive people really don’t care about their final decisions. They were more concerned about who was involved in the outcome of the decision.

They are experiencing an indifference from within which arises from the mistaken idea that they are weak and helpless. They are making decisions without really believing in their own power.

no matter what they decide The choice often depends on the perception of the person or those involved.

They can’t make decisions quickly because they don’t want to be blamed for failing to make the right decisions. Although not so They are also reluctant to do so in case they make a mistake for themselves.

Shallow or not shallow The reason for indecision stems from self-doubt, no matter which path a person makes. There is a high probability that they will not be happy with it. unless the person who was with them assured them that it was.

How does this affect your relationship?

When you hear about it from other people It doesn’t seem like a big deal. But from the perspective of those experiencing this problem with an unsure partner. Might have to pay a lot of tax.

The most common argument you’ll hear from couples is where they’re deciding to eat. Even the butt of many memes online. [Read: 18 relationship turns offs that can ruin your romance]

It doesn’t have to cause a breakup. But it can be a nuisance to people and can be a cause for quarrels. or worse, terrifying silence When this happens often Chances are it will affect your entire relationship.

When it comes to making big decisions about your relationship Taking too much time can lead to other improvements as well, and not all of them are positive.

For example, if it takes you too long to respond to a marriage proposal or proposal. show you miss But when it comes to decisions such as when or where to move. May cause tangible effects such as rising real estate prices

If you find yourself at the end of your partner’s indecisiveness. You must be prepared for the consequences. In addition, you are responsible as the person who can help them. [Read: 12 easy steps to change your life and find your happiness]

How do you deal with your indecisive partner?

There are a lot of things that your partner isn’t sure about. Serious or not, you’ll have to deal with it. Why? For one thing, you care enough about this person to want the best for them. Here’s how

#1 Plan B, C, D, etc. If your partner can’t decide on Plan A, your job is to provide as many options as possible. Make sure you are always available to help them. So it will help to study what they are having trouble making decisions with. Even if it’s about your relationship. [Read: 12 things happy couples talk about to understand each other better]

#2 put your feet down When your partner can’t decide on their own it’s time to call Your “relationship card” already?? You are now a unit. This means that your decisions are just as important as your decisions. with their decision If you are allowed to make decisions – because only some people can do it by your partner – you should be assertive and do what needs to be done.

#3 Find your center If you’re not in a position to make decisions for your partner. It’s best for you to step back and take a breather. Dealing with an uncertain partner takes a lot of patience. If you have very little You should start training yourself more.

#4 Think outside the box. Your partner may be skeptical about their decision because they fully understand what the outcome will be. You can help your partner by offering them alternatives that they are unfamiliar with. An example is choosing to move to a place they don’t know. but as safe and beautiful as with your other options

#5 a little selfish Giving your partner too much time can be at a disadvantage at times. This is where you can draw lines and tell them that what you want is important too. Don’t force your decision on them. But explain that it will make you happy to make decisions for both of you. If they disagree with you, go back to #.1. [Read: 12 signs you’re being overly selfish in your relationship]

#6 Don’t be afraid to use brain training games. This is not about management. Think of it as stimulating your partner’s mind to help them make decisions faster. The most popular games are those where you make people quickly choose between two random choices. Until you surprise them with important questions. and ended up answering the first question that came to their minds. You can also find other ways to help them make faster decisions. based on their subconscious thought processes

#7 use their intestines Studies have shown that our instincts are more effective than calculated decisions. It’s very easy to use your intuition. Because there are only two methods. If you feel good about your decision, just do it. If it makes you doubt yourself or makes you feel bad, let it go. Explain this to your partner and tell them what feels less stressful. It’s the right thing each time.

#8 Let the chips fall where they might. You can’t change people But you can help guide them to become better at what makes them weak. in such a case It’s best to be by your partner’s side as much as possible, but with limitations, know when to give up, and be by your partner’s side. You never know They may find something along the way that can help them improve. [Read: 7 reasons why empathy is so important in a relationship]

Something to remember…

An indecisive partner is almost always dissatisfied. This may make it less difficult for you to help them make decisions. They can be stressful when you put too much pressure on them. And they may resent you for trying to control their feelings about their decisions.

in this situation you have to be careful Especially if your partner’s indecision begins to affect your relationship negatively.

#1 You must surrender all control. Your job is to introduce your partner. At the end of your negotiation You just have to stand up and let your partner handle this new information. Whether or not they will change for the better is ultimately up to them. Don’t be a control freak when it comes to your partner’s decisions! [Read: 20 glaring signs you have a control freak in you]

#2 Don’t be fooled by their puppy dog ​​eyes. This has been going on for quite some time. This means that your partner isn’t the only one to blame. If you help them get to the point where their indecisiveness becomes a problem. It’s time to change and be strong enough to ignore their pouting.

#3 use silent treatment If your partner refuses to change the way you play A lack of humor may help with the problem. Ignore the fact that they take too long to make decisions and do things on their own without them. They will soon see that they are missing out on a lot of things because they can’t make quick decisions about what really matters. [Read: How to use the silent treatment in a way that it helps your relationship]

#4 Help them understand why this is necessary. Helping your partner is possible only if they know what’s going on. You need to tell them about their problems and how it affects your relationship. Show them how this process will benefit both of you. Once they have all the information They tend to agree that working with indecisiveness is a good idea.

#5 Don’t apologize for trying to help them. They might get mad at you and try to argue that you don’t accept their flaws. The fact is that some flaws are completely unacceptable. especially when it does more harm than good. You are doing what you think is best for your relationship. Don’t apologize because doing so will put you back in square one.

Don’t mistake hesitation for a personality disorder. There are many severe cases. But it is almost unspeakable for people who are not confident in their decisions. Treat this as if it were a hindrance to your relationship. Talk, work together, and do your best to resolve issues with your partner.

[Read: 16 silly bad habits that can hurt your relationship in no time]

Dealing with a partner who makes uncertain decisions is not an easy task. And it might even be frustrating. But with a little patience and effort using these tips. You can change their lives and your relationship for the better in no time.

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