First Date with a Friend: How to Go from Friends to Something More

Dating is hard enough, but when you go on a first date with a friend, It might be more stressful than usual. And what are you going to do?

first date with friends

Dating is a distraction. it’s confusing You never know where the other person’s head is. Sometimes you don’t even know where you are. But that goes double when you go on your first date with a friend.

Bringing friendships into the relationship zone can be helpful in many ways, but the first transition can be weird and awkward. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Going on a date with a friend for the first time

It’s exciting to turn friendships into something more and just consider that thought. It’s exciting going on a first date with a friend to see if you have chemistry.

But with all that excitement there was an adjustment. After being friends with someone Moving to a new territory can feel complicated or wrong.

remember friend Ross and Rachel finally reunited? She couldn’t stop laughing when they kissed. This is the adjustment I’m talking about.

You are used to hanging out with this person on a calm level. From that to flirting, compliments, and even a handshake or kiss, it might feel weird at first.

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to avoid that awkwardness Planning a first date with a friend that fits your mood. Along with a touch of romance is important. You don’t want to leave your friends for a candlelit dinner with flowers and violin playing. But you don’t want to do the usual things together.

Balancing romance and friendship That’s the basis of a healthy relationship. It will also help you slowly relax on the more romantic side. you want to stay comfortable But you can’t develop another friendship without change.

Going on a date with a friend for the first time, what should I do?

If you’re planning a first date with a friend. You may find the balance between a calm friendship and this new love is essential to maintaining a comfortable feeling. How can you do it?

Here are some great ideas. For a first date with a friend…

#1 Share your motivation What makes a relationship built on a strong friendship is communication. This is someone you are already compatible with in one way or another. So let it be

Be honest about what you want out of this. And be sure to be on the same page. [Read: The signs you’re dating your best friend and didn’t know it]

#2 Be prepared for any results Both of you might go on a first date with excitement and feelings. But not every first day ends with roses and candles. Dates can go south You can realize that you are not as great as your friends.

It’s okay, but try to accept it. Of course, you may still have some feelings or disappointments. But let’s talk about whether you want to be friends or not. [Read: The signs on a first date that reveal a total lack of chemistry]

#3 Talk about what interests you. This is a great way to start your first date with friends. Instead of making the relationship change sharply. Introduce what has changed.

Tell your friends when you first started developing feelings and vice versa. This will allow both of you to see your sights. so that you can move on

#4 Get close. As a friend, you might get used to going out in groups or just in peace together. You are now on a date Get closer. Now, you want these moments to happen naturally. But do not delay because of anxiety.

you are friend This person knows you so you can feel it. You don’t have to kiss each other but sit next to each other, holding hands or slapping each other’s faces. These little touches are intimate. They are suggesting what might be coming. [Read: 13 friend zone hacks to get your friend to like you more]

#5 Use your history to your advantage. One of the worst things about first dating is not knowing. You enter with little or no knowledge. When you go on your first date with a friend you will not be blind

You will talk about old things. inside joke and other matters that you already know about the other party But you don’t have to understand the basics of the same old first date *siblings, work, school, etc.* You already have the basics. to let you delve deeper, faster

#6 Learn more about each other As you already know a lot about this friend. There is always a lot to learn. and have the opportunity as a friend Some topics may not be restricted. you are dating now Be more open about what you’re looking for in the long run. your fears and dreams, etc. [Read: Subconscious signs of attraction between two people]

#7 do things you’ve never done As a friend, I’m sure you have plans for a trip like a movie, mini golf, or a party with friends. But since this is your first date with a friend, try something new, breaking from the norm for the excitement associated with dating and not just a regular hangout.

try a new restaurant Explore the hiking trails or even a short trip You can do things that you might not do on a first date with a stranger because you are already familiar with the person.

#8 don’t drink too much The anxiety that comes with changing relationship dynamics can lead to a desire to alleviate those concerns with alcohol. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to have a glass or two. Do not overdo it.

This friend may have seen you drunk many times, however, this is still a first date! You want to make a good impression as a potential partner. not just old friends [Read: How to flirt your way back from the friend zone to the sexual zone]

#9 laugh. Humor is what makes dating fun and easy. Humor is probably something you share as a friend. Don’t take yourself too seriously. when changing from friends to more You might seriously consider it romantic. Laughter is what connects you on every level.

#10 Enjoy the moment. It can be easy to let your past influence you on your first date with a friend. You know a lot about their dating history. And their side you wouldn’t have seen if you just met. Enjoy the moment without those thoughts.

don’t look too far It can be easy for a relationship to start quickly once you’ve got the basics in place because of your friendship. This relationship still needs nurturing and effort before it becomes the commitment you hope for. [Read: The tricky pros and cons of dating your friend]

#11 Kiss. I’m not saying you have to kiss on a first date with a friend. But it could be the specified time of the night. Kissing not only ensures that the date is actually a date. But it also gives you a sense of what your physical chemistry will be like.

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Dating a friend doesn’t have to be nervous or awkward. If you know how to deal with it It might be the best day you’ve ever had.

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