The First Text to a Girl: 19 Flirty Examples to Leave Her Smiling

It’s hard to figure out what to put in your first message to the girl you like. where to start what to say? The right tone? Don’t worry, we’re back!

first message to women

in the end! You have received the number of cute girls you like. You calm down and wait a few days for a call back. But when the time is right You just can’t come up with the right words. The first message to a woman seemed like a daunting task. where do you start What if you say the same thing over and over? Maybe you went wrong somewhere? Maybe you will come across as bored?!

we have been to You want to come up with the perfect message and get her attention. Have her sit up and observe. release her emotions And it melts her heart. The problem is, when you try to do that. Every word will leave you, all of a sudden you can’t figure out what’s in sync. Let alone an impressive story. [Read: How to text a girl for the first time and leave a great impression]

Why is the first message to a woman important?

There are a number of strategies you can use to send your first message to a girl. And only you will know which method will suit her. You want to seduce her? Make her laugh? romantic with her? Play cool?

Your first message to a woman will set the standard for what she will expect of you. everything from your greeting to the use of emojis until the number of kisses you put at the end *or kissing* will directly affect whether you get the response you want.

That’s why you’ll need to think twice before hitting ‘send’. It won’t always be this dramatic. When you have the feeling to text her and text her back and forth. Everything will be much easier. What’s the first message? let’s help you [Read: 15 rules to impress a girl in your very first text]

The first few texts are for example to guide you.

Only with your help We have made a list of good messages. Lots that you can use in your first message to women. if you need inspiration Check out the list below and choose what you like. It’s that easy!

1. Hey girl, want to know a secret?

This first message is great, fun, a little mysterious. And it will amaze her from the start. “I met this wonderful woman the other day. And I think I secretly like you.” [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation]

2.Hey sorry, I just found this number on my phone. not sure who

This is a small message That’s smart to send when you’re trying to figure out how to frame the first message for a woman. And if you’re not sure she’ll reply Here is the answer for you. Playing cool can be a great way to attract your girl.

If you seem to have forgotten her She will aim to make you remember. When she tells you who’s who You have to make sure you’re satisfied – you don’t want to play cool until you stop messing with her.

3Oh my god, stop texting me. This is nonsense!

Of course, this message is rather vulgar. And it should only be sent if you haven’t heard from her before. She will know that you are joking and that you have a sense of humor. which is a big bonus If you add a wink emoji later You’ll want to make sure she doesn’t think about your words and thinks you’re really complaining about how often she texts you. or not frequency, as the case may be [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to have fun all night long]

4. Let’s switch roles. You are me. I am you. What do you do to make me say ‘yes’ to dating?

Again, this is a cute and funny way to show you’re interested. It mocks her, compliments her, and is straight forward! You like her, you want to invite her on a date. And want to know how to make that happen!

5. What is your favorite drink?

When you try to get your first message to a woman Keep it simple but to the point with this statement. When she tells you what it is Instead, respond by saying you know a good bar. specializing in *Put her favorite drink here* and invite her on a date.

6. OMG today the most amazing thing happened! I was walking down the street and …

Cut your message halfway and make it look like you have a very exciting story to tell her.

And when she answered what it was Tell her you’ll only give the rest if she agrees to leave with you! [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make her smile]

7I like you. When can we hang out?

This is a simple, straightforward, and straightforward approach to your first message to a woman. If your girl likes to be outspoken and hates games. This message will be helpful.

8. I think you are really beautiful. I want to take you out when are you free

Giving her sweet compliments without being too forceful or sexual is a great way to start.

She will appreciate it and believe that you are a good person. She’ll know you’re not just after sex. So she’s more likely to say yes to you and see how it goes.

9. As much as I like text conversations. Maybe it’s time for us to meet face to face?

If you don’t know what message to send her. But want to look cool and direct in your first message to women? use this Just bite the bullet and invite her out. simple and straightforward [Read: What to text a girl – All the dos, don’ts and secrets to know]

10. I miss you all day and I can’t stop

Letting a woman know that she’s on your mind is both admirable and romantic. You should let her know Don’t forget a simple yet effective strategy that is challenging and bold for your first message to a woman.

11. Tell me your perfect date.

Go straight ahead and ask her to leave. Have her describe her perfect date and take her. You know she’ll love this gesture. Trying to make everything perfect for her is another option. This is one of the best strategies for texting a girl first if you’re totally interested in dating her.

12. I want to go on a secret trip. *insert city/where you live*

This message will be interesting and show that you know how to have fun. Exploring the city you live in with people who can show you new places. *Or secret places you never knew existed* for you to really have fun. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend]

13. My friends and I are hanging out at *Insert location* Later Wondering if you want to join us?

This is a good first message to use if you want to keep it casual. Let her know you’re bringing a friend along. And the group situation will put less pressure on her.

So if you just want to see how it goes without expecting a 1:1 The more you date, the more likely you will be to agree. This is a low-risk strategy for the first message to a woman who has given you her number.

14. You make me nervous.

If you want to be cute Tell her she makes you nervous – it will melt her. This way of writing the first message gave her a little bit of control and authority. But tell her how serious it affects you. *Which will definitely make you smile*

15. I see you and miss you

Take a picture of something funny or romantic. Or choose an interesting and funny meme and send it to her. It’s a casual and fun start without the words in the first message! [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

16. Do you believe in love at first sight or should we meet again?

OK, so magic lines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do it in a saucy way so she knows you’re joking with her. *Instead of being rude or serious*, she’ll find it funny and attractive too!

17. What are you doing now?

If you want to be super natural Why not text a girl and see if she’s available right away? Make sure you have a fun and silly map if she’s available. It could be a picnic in the park, a game of hide and seek, tickets to a concert or sports game. Anything you can think of!

18. Look who’s going to see you. *Puppy picture*

When she asks if it’s yours You can say, “No, but I know it will get you talking!” as a fun way to tease her. And she’ll appreciate that joke. [Read: 30 Hot sexting examples to start a naughty text marathon]

19. I don’t know what to say. I just want to send you a message

Sometimes you just have to be honest and direct. If you really can’t think of anything When you try to write your first message to the girl you like. Just tell her you want to text but you can’t figure it out. To be honest, if nothing else. And she will surely appreciate it!

Beware of duplicate messages

Now when you send that message, you must be busy, like, very busy. You’re waiting for your phone to beep, vibrate, or whatever it does normally. You will have to look at the screen and it will light up with her name or not. But do you know what they say about the looking pot? yes it never happened

Time is very slow when you focus on waiting for an answer. That’s why you have to distract yourself and just wait. You see, women don’t like when men look hopeless. And that’s what you’ll see if you send more than one message at a time. [Read: Texting anxiety: How to send & receive texts without freaking out]

However, there is one exception to this rule.

Send messages and keep yourself super busy to kill time. If she doesn’t reply the next day You can just send it again. However, you have to think of something sharp and light. “I’m so busy wondering if you’re texting but I can’t see it,” along with a winking emoji to show her you’re laid-back. then let it

Don’t send any further messages unless she replies. If she doesn’t respond to your follow-up message you have to let it go Sorry to be a reporter of bad news. But it’s the way it is If you send more messages Show that you’re annoying and she won’t answer.

Some women don’t answer, and so are they. You can’t like everyone back, right? if this is the case go to the next item There are many fish in the sea!

[Read: Texting etiquette & flirting: 26 Rules guys & girls must follow]

When thinking about what to write in the first message to the girl It’s all about keeping the message light and friendly. The less time you spend texting, the more The more time you have to get to know her in real life. And that’s the most important thing!

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