Flirting at Work: 10 Ways to Keep It Harmlessly Innocent and Fun

We all have such hot coworkers that we can’t help but catch our eyes with Google. But the buck at work can’t cross the line or trouble will surely follow.

flirting at work

There are invisible lines when you are flirting at work. Sure, you can have fun and watch that hot girl in the cubicle next to you, but if you cross that line, you’ll be fine. It’s hard to come back. Not to mention how many problems you can have if you’re in a relationship.

You have to be careful when you start flirting with someone at work. You never want to make yourself look unprofessional or give anyone the wrong idea. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun here and there. If you know how to make it innocent you are okay

Flirting with girls during work can be dangerous too.

It’s not just about having problems with your significant other if you flirt with others while at work. But it’s also about putting your career at risk. think about it No one wants to work with someone who can’t maintain their professionalism.

When you are known as “Slut in the office” because you can’t seem to stop flirting with everyone. You will not be promoted easily. and your career may encounter such problems. You never wanted to be known that way in the first place. [Read: 10 big dos and dont’s for dating a coworker]

Flirting at work innocently and without problems.

from all of the above You can still flirt with girls on occasion. You just have to know how to make it innocent and when you can. Here’s how you can flirt at work without ruining your job or relationship.

#1 make it funny Instead, make your flirtatious comments very serious and flashy. Let’s talk more funny. Do you know how you used to ridicule the kid you liked when you were young? The same kind of flirting might be appropriate for the workplace.

Say something funny like “A little late because you need time to cut that hair? It’s worth it” can be very funny and still free and flirtatious. As long as it’s joking and in the way you’re mocking them, that’s okay. [Read: How to be funny and make people love your company]

#2 to suit You know what I mean. If you want to flirt at work You have to keep the innocent. There are no comments about sex and there are no naturally offensive comments at all. If it has anything to do with your body or any reference to sex. show that you crossed the line

Anything of a sexual nature cannot be really considered innocent. Once you’ve had someone miss you in that context. It is often impossible to stop them. to avoid sexual comments entirely.

#3 no touch Most companies have a policy against any handshake, but to be clear. don’t do that You can definitely pat someone on the shoulder. But that’s all you can do.

You might want to flirt at work and lightly pat your coworker on the shoulder, but you can’t. That definitely crosses the line. when you have a body You can’t be naive about it. [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#4 If you are dissatisfied with your partner doing the same, stop. Double standards are true in this case. If you know you’ll be upset if your partner does the same. Indicates that it crosses a line that you cannot return. Just like if you’re single and the other person isn’t.

Do you feel comfortable with other people doing the same things as your partner while at work? if the answer is no It shouldn’t either.

#5 Don’t act on flirtatious comments. Flirting at work can be completely innocent if work is the only place you’ve ever flirted with that person. When you are limited to work It becomes less flirting and more of a work friend.

as already mentioned You should not take any action. With any comments you give, if you say anything about taking people downtown and showing them a good time, don’t really do that. Leave a comment, but make it clear that you’re not taking it seriously. [Read: Is flirting cheating when you’re in a relationship?]

#6 Do not do this at work that involves alcohol. This is no big deal. But it seems to be a place where everyone is colorful – and then regret it when you have a job or event and it involves alcohol. you can’t flirt

Your restraint decreases and you think unclearly. And that means you can end up flirting too much and ruining things at work for good.

#7 Compliment the obvious If you want to flirt with compliments, make it clear. If they cut their hair You can tell how good they look while giving them a suggestive smile. but leave it like that

If you’re complimenting things that are more obscure and personality-based. They might misunderstand. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious, and really sexy flirting tips]

#8 measure their response If you can tell that someone is taking your flirtatious comments too seriously. to dismiss You never want to lead someone and turn them down by rejecting them when they invite you out.

This will make your working relationship with them very uncomfortable. And you can’t blame anyone but yourself. So make sure you pay attention to how someone reacts to your flirtation. when they show interest stop it all

#9 wink at them The best way to flirt at work can maintain innocence is if you wink playful here and there. This opens the door to flirting. But it didn’t cross the line.

A good way to do this is to give someone a compliment followed by a small wink and a smile. This will turn the flirting wheels back without making them think you want to jump into bed with them. [Read: How to wink like a total tease and catch anyone’s eye]

#10 If you feel awkward, cross the line. this should be clear If you feel weird About your flirtatious opinions show too much You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable flirting with someone who isn’t your significant other.

If you do Show that your opinions are not that innocent. to avoid this problem Follow the instructions above and don’t go that far. If you have already done this Stop flirting and try to pretend it never happened in the first place.

[Read: 10 signs your partner’s coworker is too close for comfort]

Flirting at work can be a little difficult in many ways. You want your relationship between your coworkers to be light and fun without crossing that line. These tips will help with that.

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