7 Flirting Tips to Get You Some Girl on Girl Action

looking to flirt with women But you have absolutely no knowledge of this? Here are some tips to help you flirt with your favorite girl!

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Can’t skip the word “friend”?? stage? You’re single, but you don’t seem to get along? You’re the one who just came out and is currently looking for your first victim. Or maybe it’s the one girlfriend you can be with forever?

Or are you a timid cat who is always ready to find the right cat? But the feet are cold to start the first movement? If you are, then you are at home, dear! Let’s get you out of what’s called friendsville and let me take control of your flirting wheel in a more romantic direction.

Flirting is the art of showing people that you’re interested in them in a suggestive and subtle way. without being too needy and hopeless It is a skill like any other skill. that requires a lot of practice And when we talk about training We’re not asking you to be trained or actually enrolled in a flirting school, if any of these types. Rather, we mean practice by doing and learning from every effort.

Of course, we know that flirting can be awkward and heartbreaking at first. Especially if you’re doing it the wrong way, but hey! Today is your lucky lesbian day. Because we are here to give you the tried and tested state secrets. This will make your dreams of dating her come true with bright rainbow colors.

How to flirt with a girl to like her

There is no secret to flirting with lesbians. It all depends on the girl you like and how she reacts. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting her into you.

#1 correct tree bark This is a must! The prelude to the entire flirting scene is knowing first that you’re flirting with the same species. This is a step that your gaydar will come in handy. However, how to perfect your gaydar is a whole other story. But remember, don’t follow the rest of the flirting tips unless you’re sure you’re targeting the like-minded gay spirit.

for a start Let’s say you’re not in the conversation stage. You can start by observing her body language. Body language can help you know if she is gay or not. Notice the small sign. notice what she said How do you see a woman or a man? And what clothes to wear. Sharp eyes, but be careful not to scare her. take your time But don’t miss your boat!

Extra tips: Ask around. Ask your gay friends. Who knows, you probably know what you want. [Read: 6 easy ways to know for sure if she’s a lesbian]

#2 rest assured not to bother Confidence is definitely a sexy asset. Knowing how to take care of yourself is one of the things most lesbians and straight girls care about. Look smart and act smart! know your style dress to impress Put on your best perfume and most importantly Be comfortable with yourself and package yourself all.

However, keep in mind that there is a thin line. The barrier between confidence and arrogance Self-confidence is the foundation of confidence. While arrogance is the root of all arrogance, the latter is often closed, confident without trying! [Read: 11 bad social habits that make you undateable]

#3 make a connection The main thing is eye contact. This may sound like a cliché. But this is the most useful cliché in flirting history! Probably because the eyes are the most wonderful organs. Everything about you can be easily seen in your eyes, your intentions, your fears, your hopes and your dreams.

Proper eye contact can easily attract someone to you. While the wrong eye contact or avoidance will surely dispel someone. Don’t keep looking at her Stare at you for at least a few seconds and see if she reconnects. If she can do it, well done! Get up to her and start talking.

Extra tips: I shouldn’t say this But please avoid looking at me!

#4 let her speak The brain is the sexiest part of the human body. If you’re smart, graduating PH.D, MD, MBA, or ATTY before or after your name is definitely an advantage. However, the proper way to show off this is a completely different story.

Being too smart can make or break your flirting strategy. Remember what I said about confidence when I saw pride? On the other hand, you don’t have to be a direct A student to impress a woman. You just have to know how to strike the balance between showing her that you have what you deserve between your ears. Instead, tell her you’re too smart and she’s not smart. Just imagine how hard it was to date a female version of Sheldon Cooper!

You can start a conversation by introducing yourself. Warning: don’t overdo it. Don’t be a parrot. Ask her name. Where did she come from? There are hundreds more to talk about. Start with something she clearly likes, such as interests, hobbies, music or movies. to encourage her to speak

At first, avoid sensitive matters such as past relationships, heartbreaks, and emotional intercourse. It’s like you’re a crazy person who can’t wait. Unless it’s really your plan. lesbians love sex But talking about sex might not be a good way to start a conversation quickly.

looks natural Even deep in your mind, you may be thinking that you should surf Webster or Britannica or pick up a flirtation simulator from Amazon. Overthinking is not good enough. And it seems that you are overthinking it is even worse.

Relieve stress, girls! Charm your way in her heart! And don’t forget to say good things. And sincere compliments too! Girls love compliments!

Extra tips: One, skipped the crippled receiver line. let the man Everyone knows they are just lines. It’ll get you nowhere, two, make her laugh. but if you can’t At least laughed at her joke. Three. Make eye contact while speaking.

#5 sensitive matter We understand that you like her as well as her. But that doesn’t mean you should take off your bra or zip to get her attention. Showing off your promiscuity may not always work. Remember that you are trying to flirt with a lesbian, not a slut. It’s okay to be bold and suggestive. but do it the right way

Extra tips: It’s okay to be a little piqued. touching her hand while talking to her Rub your skin against her arms while sharing laughter, or wrap your arms around her shoulders. If possible, carefully sit next to her or curl her hair. If she doesn’t resist Well, you’re halfway done! The way to go! [Read: 6 flirty questions you can ask someone you’re into]

#6 Respond to collect data. This will undoubtedly make every woman feel special. Forgetting her answers to your previous questions or asking the same question over and over. It’s something that shouldn’t be done in every woman’s book. in the same way Unresponsiveness indicates indifference or unwillingness.

Extra tips: Don’t get bored. Get involved and pay a lot of attention. if you really like her It shouldn’t be a problem.

#7 relax and smile While you don’t have to roll on the floor laughing and smiling from ear to ear. to relax and smile This doesn’t mean you should smile all night and forget to talk. A flirtatious smile must be occasional but intentional. Don’t use a smile as your automatic reply. You can do more than that, girl, if she smiles flirtatiously. Show that you are ready!

Extra tips: If you’re too nervous to smile Remember, she’s just as nervous as you are, and there’s a good chance she might be waiting for any approval. So smile and seal the deal!

[Read: 10 answers to dumb questions people ask lesbians]

True, flirting is half the battle won. But winning half the battle won’t hurt, so go ahead and win your girl’s heart. but at the same time Be brave enough to face possible rejection. After all You’ll never know unless you try How will it be, pass or play?

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