Flirty Conversation Starters: The Top 30 Ways to Get Something Going

A flirty chat starter can get things started on the right page, that’s if you know how and how to use it. Let’s get started

The best Flirty conversation starter.

Whether you’re chatting with someone at a bar or texting them on a dating app. Having the perfect conversation starter at your fingertips can lay the groundwork for every future conversation.

You want to be sure to grab their attention. but in a subtle way You don’t want to be on top or too shy.

Offering a good level of humor, flattery, or even slyness is the key to starting a flirtatious conversation.

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Do you want to start a colorful conversation?

Of course, someone might start a conversation too. “Do you have time?” and ended up marrying three children five years later. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

How you open the conversation determines the rest of the night, day, or whenever. And maybe that includes the rest of your relationship as well. I’m not saying you need the perfect conversation starter to take a chance. But it definitely won’t hurt.

I didn’t mean to pressure But saying the wrong thing right away can really ruin your chances.

Choosing the right starting conversation partner that showcases your personality, your style, or even your interests is the best way to introduce yourself to someone. Because it is unique and shows interest. [Read: How to flirt with your crush and make them fall hard]

start a flirting conversation

Now you know why starting an adulterous conversation is helpful in meeting people. But knowing may not be all. Nerves can prevent you from immediately thinking creatively.

And what gets the attention of one person may not work for another. So it’s always good to choose a flirt chat starter in standby mode. This will give you options depending on the situation. and make you feel more confident when going in for a kill.

1. “I had a bad day. But when I see your smile It made my heart race.”

This could be the start of a flirting conversation, either in person or online. It’s not over the top or creepy. In fact, it’s simple and sweet. It shows interest in this person at a basic physical level and not too much.

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2. “I try to come up with the perfect word to describe your beauty. But I don’t think this word was invented.”

The problem with answering calls or starting a lot of flirting conversations is that they miss their target. They are too sensitive or harsh and inappropriate.

this is just right It’s sweet and flattering. but does not penetrate into the sexual category

3. “I should be working now. But I can’t stop thinking about you.”

If you’re not someone who really likes to push their limits. You can make it simple with this You can start a new conversation with your crush or someone you’ve met once or twice by telling the truth.

This shows that you are thinking about them and instead of playing games. you are being honest [Read: How to flirt with your crush and make them fall hard for you]

4. “You look very familiar. I think I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

Another smart way to flatter someone on top of a new conversation. This will lean slightly into pickup line territory. But it’s not always bad.

Pickup lines are known to be flirtatious and that’s what it is. [Read: 30 foolproof pickup lines + the ones you should never ever use]

5. “I’m taking the first step right now. So next time it’s your turn.”

This type of flirting conversation starter will suggest a level of mockery in your dealings. teasing one another You will create a friendly atmosphere for your conversation. And that adds tension and chemistry to the mix.

6. “Hey, do you like a girl or a man who moves first?”

I stole this from my favorites. CharmedBut it works there. So it should work in the real world. So if you like someone or are just interested. This is a good way to present it all.

If they say yes, go ahead and see what happens. Movements like this are where the most seductive conversation starts.

7“I will play calmly and wait to send you a message. But something won’t let me.”

There are many styles that you can choose from. But it’s something that should be done. It shows again that you are not interested in dating games and just want them to know that you are interested. [Read: Texting your crush – a step-by-step guide to doing it right]

8. “Hello, I would like to invite you on a trip. So I thought I would start by introducing myself.”

This is a great way to start a flirting conversation when you’re away. It wasn’t creepy or uncomfortable. Once again, honest and simple. With this crazy chat starter ready to use. Sometimes classics are what people want.

9. “I need some advice. There’s this woman/man I’d like to ask. But I’m not sure what to do.”

I personally like this one. It’s cute. Wait for a response and then use it on them. I found this to be effective and endearing.

10. “I just realized that I don’t know you. We should change that.”

Whether you’re at the bar or at a party. This is a great way to socialize. That’s not to say that you’re more interested than you should right away. But it shows that you are interested in there. [Read: 30 foolproof pickup lines you should use and 10 to avoid]

11. “My dog/cat is looking for a new father/mother. And I think you are fit to be a good candidate.”

Gathering animal lovers! If you’re trying to meet someone who has the same level of love for your kitten or dog. This is a great conversation starter to get your dealbreakers out of the world early on.

12. “I don’t know how you smile like that. Even though we haven’t met yet?”

No one likes someone who is too cocky. But a little extra confidence can easily spark someone’s attention. Starting a flirtatious conversation like this will at least make someone smile or giggle.

13. “When it’s the wedding season Do you need a family-friendly wedding day?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question. Although it may not be the most creative conversation starter. But it shows that you don’t need anything. And many people are looking for that. [Read: Signs you’re high on wedding fever]

14. “There is a Harry Potter Marathon this weekend, would you like to join me in the whole show?”

I had to add at least one Harry Potter related line to the mix. It can be risky to start a conversation with words that express your needs. But it’s also very popular with nerdy friends.

15. “Is this seat reserved or is it me, Slytherin?”

Sorry, but I have to do something else. This Harry Potter pun is too good to be unusable. Don’t you think?

If you read and think that if someone tells me that they are interested, try it.

16. “I told myself I would swipe again and delete this app if I wasn’t interested. But she popped up So now I will be by your side as long as necessary.”

Of course, this kind of sound is like a line. It’s also pretty flattering. Flirting with compliments is probably the most effective way to flirt. This is the best compliment for dating apps because everyone wants to secretly delete the app. [Read: What every online dater should avoid doing]

17. “I know there’s no way to be single. But my friend wouldn’t let me leave without introducing myself.”

There are certain aspects of starting a flirting conversation that make it work. One, you’re complimenting them. Two, you obviously have a group of friends who encourage you to take risks. Both are good things in my book.

18. “I just want to tell you that I sleep with socks right now. I know it’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.”

Is this true or not? And I hope it’s not true It’s hilarious. You’re offering something personal in the beginning in a funny way. When they answer, “Really?” you can say, “No, but you answer when you think it’s true. So I think we have a good start.” [Read: 25 most common dealbreakers to avoid]

19. “I may not be a scientist. But I think we’re going to have pretty good chemistry.”

You can use this as an introduction or to start a new conversation with the person you’ve been talking to. This is a nice and colorful way to have a good flirting conversation.

20 “It was a long day. But I feel that talking to you will make it better.”

This puts a little pressure on them to step up their game and try to impress you. But it also gives them the opportunity to ask why you’re having a hard day. You help them help you with one sentence.

21. “There’s a spider in my room. Is there a chance that you will come and kill it for me?”

This can start a serious conversation about not killing spiders. Instead of trapping them and releasing them into the wild, Or maybe it’s a nice invitation.

22. “What is your favorite meme right now?”

Ah… memes, I swear you can chat all through memes. And they’re a great way to start a conversation too. This will help you understand what their sense of humor is and whether or not it goes well with it. [Read: Modern dating terms to help you master the dating game]

23. “What is the best or worst pickup line you’ve ever heard of?”

Let’s just hope they don’t say this because it will hurt. But this could be the perfect conversation starter to keep things going. Go ahead if they don’t.

24. “Netflix and Chill is still a thing? If so, would you like it?”

This might make you a little older. But then what? You don’t have to jump into the plan. But just discussing all the Netflix premise and chilling can be a fun way to start flirting. [Read: How to Netflix and chill the right way]

25. “Tell me about the worst day you’ve ever been on and I promise I’ll make it better.”

The criteria may be a little low. but for one I’m a big advocate for discussing past dating with new people. It’s fun to complain and relate to things that don’t work. Especially if this method works.

26. “This won’t work if our opinions about the TV show don’t match. The top three favorites… go!”

TV is an important part of our lives. Most of us drink at least one booze a month. So figuring out where you click on that level is a great way to start an in-depth conversation about your tastes.

27. “Have you ever thought about going back to high school? Because I don’t, and I won’t talk to you right now.”

Conversations about high school can be a lot of fun. whether you hate it or love it Reminiscing about the person you just met about the old days. [Read: Why you probably won’t stay with your first love]

28. “Who is the best actor/actress of all time? under pressure.”

You can have serious conversations or even arguments about the best actors or actresses of our generation. It’s possible you won’t agree, and friendly banter is always welcome.

29. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Let’s continue to grow.”

This is a spontaneous and flirting conversation starter. invite you to do something crazy If the craziest thing they ever did was to drive aimlessly. Your goals are not too difficult to achieve. [Read: 18 ways to be more spontaneous]

30. “I’m having trouble starting a flirting conversation, any advice?”

open a table with them

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Starting a flirting conversation is the best way to make sure your conversation doesn’t end anytime soon. he goes

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