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I am writing this Forever Yours review for those women who are worried about that special someone getting away from them. Forever Yours is a brand new relationship product which will teach women how to both hold on to the men they love and commit to a more meaningful relationship. I highly recommend it for women who want to both catch and hold on to the man of their dreams.

About the author

Forever Yours EbookThe Forever Yours  – Secret Password To His Heart has been created By Carlos Cavallo, a dating expert who has helped many women know how to get the attention of men they adore and desire.

In addition to that, he is also a black belt instructor and motivational speaker. Carlos has also appeared in countless television shows and radio stations sharing his expertise in front of millions of people. This program is based on his vast experience in psychology, relationship, psychology, and life coaching.

Carlos has emphasized the importance of using genuine personality to attract the right person instead of portraying a fake personality in order to trick a guy to fall for you.

How it works

Pressing the Issue Sabotages the Relationship

One of the most significant mistakes that women make too often if they try to press the issue and get the guy to make a more substantial commitment. Some might even take things further and make subtle or not-so-subtle threats.

In these cases a guy’s defenses will immediately go up, nearly guaranteeing that fat lady has sung on the relationship. A guy wants a commitment but wants to think that it is his idea and does not want to be pressured into it.

Acting Too Casual About the Relationship Does Not Work Either

So should you just sit there and wait for him to commit? Well, that ends badly as well. If you act too casual about the relationship then a man is not going to think that you are taking the relationship seriously, and might even lose respect for you. So the key is finding a way to move the relationship along, without appearing to be trying to move it to the next level. Sounds impossible?

Forever Yours Teaches You How to Move Past His Defenses Before He Puts Them Up

Forever Yours PDFForever Yours is an electronic relationship course recently released by Carlos Cavallo who has successfully taught many women to reel in their men at $1200 workshops in San Francisco. The premise behind the course is that men have various stages they go through in a relationship: (1) Attraction, (2) Connection, and (3) Commitment.

To get a man to the commitment phase, women must (1) properly identify what stage the man is at, (2) determine what is holding him back from moving to the next level, and most importantly (3) saying the right thing to remove those blocks to move him further along. A mistake in any of these regards can be fatal to a relationship, but if it is handled correctly, you will distinguish yourself from hoards of other women making the same relationship mistakes over and over again.


  1. It is beneficial to women who lack power over their men
  2. This program is well organized
  3. It comes in multiple formats
  4. Suitable for all women
  5. It has been created by a legendary dating expert

What’s Included

  • A series of training videos that can be accessed at any time from the membership area once you purchase the product.
  • A series of electronic books you can download and read on your computer, tablet, or SmartPhone.
  • The audiobooks that you can listen to when in your car or on a long walk via a mobile MP3 player.
  • Special Man Mind Maps are also included which break down all the important points in the course in easy to follow diagrams.

Risk-Free Trial

Not everyone can believe that this program can work for them. Perhaps they think their guy is too far gone or that their situation is too hopeless. Carl Cavallo offers a completely risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee, whereby if you do not find the information helpful you can send him an email and he will “refund you every last penny” of your purchase price, and let you keep all the bonuses just for trying the product.


What I like

I really liked the “romance restart” lesson because it boiled down what I could do to get the spark back in my marriage. I also really liked the “Blockers” video because it showed me why my husband pulled away from me in certain situations. And yes, it showed me some of the walls I was putting up that were not helping our situation.

What I didn’t like

There is so much valuable information in the program that I became overwhelmed. I almost felt like “there’s no way I can do all this or learn it effectively”. It was a struggle to just put things into action. It’s great knowledge but you’ve got to take it from your head and use it in practical ways in your relationship.


If you believe that your man somehow doesn’t want to move to the next level of the relationship, just apply the teachings of Forever Yours – The Secret Password To His Heart program and he will fully commit. Don’t sit around with false hope that they will commit if they’re already showing you strange signs.





You will understand the mind of your spouse, what he wants and his desires. Men just don’t reveal his inner self will anyone even to his wife. This will help us established a foundation for the other nitty-gritty that we would soon have to take action.

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