Forward Head Posture Fix Review – It’s A Scam?

We live in an era where digital devices such as phones and computers reign supreme – and do you know what that means?

Well, it means we unknowingly spend long hours bending our necks. This eventually leads to a condition known as “texting neck” or simply forward head posture.

A program going by the name Forward Head Posture Fix authored by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj promises to solve this problem – once and for all. But how effective is it? This review exposes everything you need to know about the relatively popular course.

An Overview

Forward Head Posture Fix EbookFirst off, the program targets a specific group of muscles known as the sternocleidomastoid muscles which are muscles that do the job of maintaining alignment of tissues.

However, as time passes by and as we continue working on fixed postures; these muscles eventually begin to weaken. The weight of your body and gravity eventually force them to start bending slowly.

This process happens so gradually – you may not even have an idea it’s going on until you suddenly realize that your head is slightly tilted forward-wise.

So, is the condition reversible? Well, according to the authors of this program, you only need to spend 15 minutes of your time every day doing some workouts to regain your posture.

Apparently, besides affecting your overall image and looks, the “texting neck” can have a domino effect with implications ranging from:

  • Poor digestion
  • Unstable nervous system
  • Weakened heart
  • Brain fogging and poor concentration
  • Painful neck and upper back pain

Meet Rick and Mike – The Authors

Mike Westerdal is the brains behind this program. He designed it to suit the needs of every other person who may be wondering how to get rid of this problem, once and for all.

But in order to do that, Mike needed a bit of help and so he reached out to his current partner Mr. Rick Kaselj. Rick is a specialist in matters to do with injury recover and kinesiology.

His revolutionary programs have been featured on popular platforms and lauded for their numerous benefits.

The best-selling author is best known for creating some 352 live presentations which he shared with 8,404 other health professionals serving in Canada and the US.

The dynamic duo (Mike and Rick) have been working together for quite some time now, trying to understand how the human body works and what can be done to avert some commonplace problems.

Key Highlights of the Program

Forward Head Posture Fix ScamAt its very beginning, this program focuses on helping you determine whether indeed you’re facing this condition or not.

Once you have a starting point, you will be able to determine the pace at which you progress through the different milestones along the way.

You will mainly be required to perform a number of sequential movements, breathing workouts, self-massage, and static stretches. These will take you anything between 10 and 15 minutes.

What we like the most about it is that the movements are quite easy to implement. The program also includes simplified instructional videos to make sure you’re getting the basics right.

What’s the product included?

(1) 3 Different Sections 

The program can be broken down into three sections, each with its unique targets and potential benefits.

  • Forward Head Posture Fix PDFSection one will tell you everything you need to know about the workouts, how to do them properly and what to expect while doing them correctly.
  • Section two takes you through the workouts in a follow-along format.
  • Section three will take you through all the basics you need to know in order to adjust the complexity level of the program.

(2) Works In a Matter of Days

Ordinarily, you should expect to start noticing some improvement in the first few days of following this program.

Besides a change in posture, this program can literally make you feel better and be more productive in everything you do.

(3) Muscle Re-Education

Sometimes, all you need to do is re-educate your muscles in order to re-align them. Fortunately, this program leaves no stones unturned in making sure you get to do this exactly as the professionals expect you to. You will, therefore, be exposed to a number of drills that are fun to take part in alongside a raft of mobility workouts.

(4) Stretching and Training the Cervical Flexor

Our muscles tend to shorten over time especially if used incorrectly. Likewise, the cervical flexors which are the muscles that power your neck from deep within may also lose their balance.

In this review, we would like to confirm that the Forward Head Posture Fix seeks to resolve this, among other issues you might be facing.

(5) Numerous Bonuses

Besides the main manual, you stand to benefit from two awesome bonuses namely the Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit program which is valued at $29 and the 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions pegged at $17.

In other words, you stand to benefit from $46 worth of advice without parting with a single dime. How cool is that?

Is It A Scam?

Different review posts may harbor different connotations in regards to this program – however, we would like to say that we are highly encouraged by the positive vibe surrounding this brand.

Most of the reviews we came across are quite positive. It seems like a majority of those who purchase this program often recommend it to their buddies as well. Therefore, all indications are clear that this is not a scam.

3 Cons with the Product

  1. It’s difficult for some people to find 15 minutes off duty to engage in these workouts BUT it’s worth the effort to spent time fixing the posture problem.
  2. Not recommended for people with chronic back or spinal problems BUT it’s very recommended to try this method when the problems start to fade
  3. It is not cheap, THOUGH it’s affordable if compared to other alternatives

Best of All, Final Word

The Forward Head Posture Fix is the restorative program you need especially if you use your smartphone or computer for long hours each day. If left untreated, the “text neck” problem could lead to serious spinal injuries which would otherwise be irreversible and permanently painful.





It’s an affordable, valuable product that will increase the quality of your health. You will learn what the exercise is supposed to do, how to do it properly, and what you should be feeling when you do it and how to make the movements either harder or easier to improve your neck health.

Download HERE
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