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You may have heard whispers about seduction techniques. We find that this is called modular seduction. Here’s how it works.


What is a fraction?

Fragmentation is said to be the process of seducing women using psychological techniques. Fractionation It is a technique developed by Neuro Linguistic Programming expert John Grinder and renowned psychologist Carl Jung.

and the voluptuous part was developed by Different “experts” on women such as Neil Strauss and Derek Rake.
The concept of fragmented seduction takes advantage of information obtained from advanced psychology and human hypnosis. use of fragmentation techniques It is believed that a man can seduce a woman within minutes of meeting her. Not many people know the secret to seduction. But it is gaining attention from a world looking for effective formulas to help men attract women.

Now we’ve given you an idea of ​​what it is. So the question arises “Is it effective? Is it useful? Is it worth a try? Or is it something that should be left as an educational tool? Instead of a tool that lures women into men’s arms?” [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl]

How does it work?

Simply put, fragmentation uses neural and linguistic programming routines and emotional triggers to develop strong emotional relationships with women. It doesn’t sound easy. But read on and we’ll explain it in more detail.

The purpose of this process is to activate a small emotional rollercoaster that will confuse her emotions with you. It seemed to be consistent with the process of seduction. Considering that emotional turmoil prevents a woman from making an objective decision about how she really feels about you.

This technique was so delicate that the woman didn’t even know it was being used against her. unless you look for it

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How to use fractional seduction

#1 draw her attention The expert at developing modular seduction starts the lesson with some tips for keeping women interested. One way is the peacock. This can be done by wearing eye-catching outfits or clothing such as red shirts, cowboy hats, or even too elaborate suits.

Another method is called neglect. This is the time when a guy points out something negative about a woman and forces her to start a conversation about it. It is highly recommended that the statements you use are not particularly offensive.

Finally, you can grab her attention by starting a conversation. Then bow before getting too deep. after a while You can resume the conversation and leave it a little longer. This push-and-pull approach will help her stay alert and increase her curiosity about you.

#2 Develop a slight level of trust between you and the woman you want to seduce by making her get to know you better. When women show interest and participate in conversations Tell her personal things about you. Better tell her a secret Studies suggest that people who share personal information are more attracted to their partners. [Check out: 40 first date questions to have a great conversation]

#3 Encourage positive feelings by asking her to recall experiences that made her feel joyful or happy. As the conversation deepened You can look for opportunities to ask a young woman about a time that will evoke feelings of joy. ecstasy or other positive feelings Let her talk about it in detail before moving on to the next step.

#4 Trigger negative feelings by asking her to recall experiences that caused her to feel depressed or scared. After she talked about her happy times. You can suggest a sad topic. Open up about accidents that most people regret, such as a traumatic breakup. If you are willing to push the limits You can open up about a recently deceased relative or pet. If that doesn’t work, you can talk about something that pisses you off, like a political stance that you both agree on. or news that creates discomfort

#5 repeat steps 3 and 4 twice. Switch from at least two of these topics by telling your partner that sad topics are too serious for now. after more happy topic You can switch to the sad topic again. [Want to bring up a lost love as part of step 4? Try: How to talk about a past relationship with your partner]

What is the purpose of the steps listed above?

Fractal seduction is a type of hypnosis technique that pushes a person to feel the whirlwind of emotion for a short time. The emotional roller coaster that women experience in the above situations is a major catalyst of the whole approach.

Women are more attracted to people they feel they can connect to. Because that woman shares with you her happiest and weakest moments. She will begin to consider you a close friend. The intense emotions you pull from the training act as a bond that she can pull off.

Conversations also leave a lasting impression on the girl you like. because it is not shallow Although many people talk like that. But it’s always different. Because no two things are the same. You have become special to this woman. And it paves the way for you to move forward with growing relationships. [Looking to take it a step further? Read: How to create sexual chemistry and make it stay]

How effective is it?

Those who promote fragmentation say this method works as fast as 15 minutes, but that’s definitely not true. Sometimes it doesn’t work that fast. Because each person uses a different method.

The procedure is not worth much. Unless you have experience with flirting, talking, and showing confidence.
If you are unsuccessful in one of these steps The whole concept of fragmentation will not work. The margin of error is so wide that most people who try without practice will fail. You can turn off women because of the method you choose for the procedure. 1 Not working. You might make her uncomfortable asking too many personal questions. the worst You can offend her if you don’t approach the conversation with tact and sensitivity. [Try: 20 questions to ask her to show your sensitive side]

To make modular seduction work A person must be confident and eloquent enough to pull it off. Appearance can be important up to a point. But the whole concept of fragmentation depends on how well a man can navigate the conversation to the topic he wants.

For those who want to try to separate It’s always a good idea to practice talking to your friends and let them judge how well you do. Practicing in front of a mirror with the cashier selling And even with your boss, that’s as hard as talking to a girl, right?

If you are successful You are ready to get the woman of your dreams. if not then You can always learn from your mistakes and try again. Just make sure you use segregation responsibly. Don’t use it to take advantage of anyone. And make sure you express your intentions clearly.

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Are you ready to use fractional seduction for your next night? Try these steps and see how well you connect with the woman of your dreams.

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