Friend Zone or Interested? 15 Hints to Decode Your Crush’s Behavior

Are you in the friend zone? Are they interested in you? How do you know the difference? This is a sign of either the friend zone or the interested person.

friend zone or interested

As someone who has experience in the friend zone both as a giver and as a receiver. I want to share my insights on the puzzle. I’ve spent years chasing people who play with me. All I do is get hurt and waste time. They enjoy an ego boost. but it doesn’t help me

So let’s stop wasting time. If you’re not sure where you stand with someone. talk to them I know it’s hard but you are more important than them If you’re not ready to talk to them. Look for the signs to see where they are. [Read: Don’t turn your crush into a villain if they friend zone you]

Friend zone or interested person – how do you know the difference between the two?

No, don’t get me started in the friend zone. Okay, yeah, I’ve been friends with a few guys before. But I’ve been zoned by friends, of course, I don’t know… I know, but I refuse.

Who wants to be in the friend zone? No one, no one wants to be just a friend, so even though we already know the answer But we still hold on to hope. thinking that they will change their minds But this doesn’t bring any good, if anything we waste our time. but meanwhile You think there might be a chance that they will like you. It’s a hard spot to get into. [Read: 15 ways to tease and flirt with a friend without being weird]

It’s clear when you see the signal between being a friend zone or being interested.

#1 Friend Zone: They bring their friends to hang out with you. When you ask to hang out with them, they say, “Sure, we can hang out with our friends.” Yeah, a bit of a buzz kill, right? They don’t want to make you feel guilty but are too weak to be honest with you. [Read: 13 actions that’ll help you escape the friend zone]

#2 Interested in: You go out on a date. They ask you if you want to go to dinner or go to the movies. This isn’t a typical hangout with friends. This is dating It was a bold move. Maybe they’re hinting that they like you.

#3 Interested in: You meet your family. Now there are some friend zones where you get to know their family and vice versa, but usually you don’t hang out there all the time. an invitation to a special occasion something is happening

#4 Friend Zone: They talk about other people. they talk about other people People you think they might like too. Look, they can try to make you jealous or assess your reaction. But don’t play around In fact, when talking about other people, it’s because they are not. that into you [Read: How to deal with sexual tension between friends]

#5 Interested: They put the phone down. when you are together They won’t text anyone. Instead of focusing only on you and the time you spend together. If someone devotes their time to you it has meaning especially when we are attached to our phones.

#6 Friend Zone: No Touching You don’t touch each other. You touch them and even if they don’t deny it. But they don’t care to touch you back too much. you are in friend zone Touch is a big indicator if someone is interested in you. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

#7 Friendzone: You can feel it. What can I say about it, deep down if it isn’t? that into you Although there are signs indicating the direction of all the zone friends. But you still feel in your stomach that they don’t like you that way. What can you do? just keep going

#8 Interested: They touch you. Remember that touch is important. Whether they’re hugging you all the time, grabbing their arms, back, legs, stomach, or head, they’re all attractive. If someone doesn’t like you sexually he won’t touch you but if they like you They will try as much as possible to get their hands on your skin.

#9 Friend Zone: Nobody Knows You Their friends have never heard of you. If you have mutual friends No one would think that this person likes you. If he doesn’t mention you he doesn’t like you If they like you, everyone knows. everyone. [Read: How to be friends with someone you like without losing your mind]

#10 Friend Zone: N.S. sentence. you know the sentence we all know the sentence if they say “You’re a good friend” and it’s over. There’s no way back from that. You know and I know when people say They are cementing their feelings for you.

#11 Friendzone: You are their therapist. They talk to you about their problems. And you are someone they can always trust. but that’s about it You’re not really flirting with them. You’re more of a therapist. This is definitely when you should consider yourself a friend. [Read: Friend zoned? 13 flirty ways to slide back into the sexual zone]

#12 Interested: They treat you differently. They have friends of the same sex as you. But they treat them differently. You feel like they are paying more attention and flirting with you. But with their other friends, they only maintained a strict friendship atmosphere.

#13 Friend zone: You are introduced as a “friend.” and when they introduce you as a friend They value the word “friend”, they don’t want it. anyone Think otherwise, even if you may not have noticed. But when you start to see them introduce you to other people. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

#14 Interested: They tell you how they feel about you. If they tell you that they have feelings for you or don’t care to see anyone else. it is true It takes a lot of courage to accept their feelings for you. This is the clearest and easiest way to know if someone likes you. [Read: Signs a friend likes you even if they’re hiding it]

#15 Friend Zone: They Talk About Finding “That Person” Ouch. This one hurts. You find yourself in a deep, intense conversation with them about the future. then they talk about “Finding one thing” Do you think you’re “the one”? It’s a bit awkward, right… but… uh, you’re in the friend zone.

[Read: 13 friend zone hacks to get your friend to start liking you more]

After reading this list, if you’re still curious, friend zone, or interested, take it easy. There’s only one way to know: ask them, push, push, push!

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