Kick Up the Fun: Messy, Sexy and Dirty Things to Do in Bed

Love dull life? Looking to add some color to the bedroom action? Follow these dirty things to do in bed. And you and your partner won’t want to leave.

Dirty things to do in bed

After being with your partner for a while Sex started to feel the same. Not bad at all. It just became a routine. You know what sex acts you will be doing and even their sequence. with each of my ex-girlfriends They have the same five routines. in definite order—yawn But it must not be like that! You can change it with fun and dirty things in bed. Of course, it takes trials and awkward moments along with laughter. But you know what? Sex shouldn’t be serious. But it should be fun.
10 dirty things to do in bed together
Create a rumble under the cover. Here are 10 things that should be done in bed. Make your love hotter than ever
#1 be sexy in public Get some good sex energy before you go into the bedroom. This doesn’t mean you have to kneel and have your guy suck dick in the middle of the food court. Generates exhaustive sexual energy
If you are at a restaurant Look into each other’s eyes while eating. or on the way home in the car Grab your hand and begin to slowly rub your inner thigh. There’s no way he won’t get excited, in fact, because you’re sensitive to sexual acts. This tension builds up within him until he talks, breaks up, and takes you home. [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]#2 Try sex in publicPublic sex is both invigorating and terrifying. Will I get caught? Who will catch you? What will happen? That’s what makes sex in public so exciting. Fear of being caught while doing something slightly forbidden. So when you go out for a walk in the neighborhood at night, Instead, push your partner up to the tree and start dating. If you’re at the club Find your partner and go into the bathroom. Where will it lead, who knows!
I used to *cough* having sex in the car—I know. In fact, I was a little worried about the situation, and sometimes, “Will I get caught?” questions were answered, like me, when the cops knocked on the window and had to get off. semi naked car [Read: Steamy sex in the car – How to do it right]#3 anal sex Yes yes yes! Anal sex gets a bad rap But that’s just because people who have bad experience with it are not properly prepared. They are usually the ones who speak openly. Anal sex can be an enjoyable experience for both men and women. But there are some things you need to do first.
Remember to clean the area. and secondly use lubricant If this is your first time Use a lot of lubricant. The first few minutes are uncomfortable, things don’t always get out of there. But give it time and anal sex will soon become a favorite.
basically If you’re having anal sex spontaneously Make sure the dick is very wet and it will get out of there smoothly. Sidenote: The next day, your stomach will make a weird noise. and may feel strange slightly when going to the bathroom. However, that feeling quickly disappeared. [Read: The curious guy’s and girl’s guide to first time anal sex]#4 Play dress up. This isn’t just for kids fun. That’s right, put on an elf costume and start memorizing. lord of the rings line—I mean Put on your sexy nurse outfit. Dressing up and role-playing is a fun and interesting way to turn up the usual bedroom routine. Not only will you practice your acting skills. But you’ll also learn more about yourself and your partner’s sexual needs. [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]#5 Dirty talk. Many people think that talking dirty means calling their partner “slut,” “woman,” or “dirty whore.” Come on, get a little more creative. I’m not saying it’s bad. But you have to take it to the next vocabulary level.
before having sex Get your partner in the mood by telling them “What I think is that your ringleader is in me” or “When you get home I’m going to fuck you hard” during sex. Basically describe what you want them to do to you. You can use phrases like “I want to feel a big cock in me” or “I want you to cum in my mouth” after you have sex. Let’s say a few hours later or the next day. Make your partner want more by telling them something that makes them remember how they felt. you can say “I miss your cock in me” or “You got me wet last night.” [Read: How to talk dirty in bed – dirty talk examples]#6 light bond. I don’t mean you have to look like roast pork on a plate. Binding does not necessarily imply gag and whip. Light bondage means being tied with a rope or handcuffs. Being in a bond makes you or your partner unable to control the situation. The only thing you do when committing is surrendering to your partner.
This can be a little shocking in the beginning because we all used to control ourselves. Once you’ve released yourself and empowered your partner. Lets sit down and enjoy the moment. You can start with thin bondage and gradually Move up if you want to push the limits. [Read: BSDM tips and tricks for curious first timers]#7 aggressive Romantic sex is beautiful and sensual—true lovemaking. However, sometimes you just want to be an animal and go crazy with that person. Change your sexual energy in the bedroom by allowing your partner and yourself to be aggressive, hair-pulling, choking, slapping your ass and face, scratching your back, eating alive. Aggressive sex drives you to lose control and explore your sexual boundaries. How do you know the limits of you and your partner? If you’ve never tested it?
#8 sex toys Tired of the doggy style and missionary position? Yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you want to add some color to your bedroom activities. Mix up sex toys, vibrators, anal beads, handcuffs, leashes, go for it, go to the store with your partner and pick what you both want. Let this be a joint effort between you and your partner. [Read: 13 must-have couple’s sex toys for naught first timers]#9 Install the film. There’s something really sexy about filming yourself having sex on camera. This isn’t the purpose of being Kim Kardashian, just to watch you and your partner have sex. When you watch yourself having sex, you suddenly become even more horny. Seeing your partner’s sweaty body above you. It’s pressed together. It’s messy. It’s messy. It’s sex. What could be hotter? [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]#10 Having sex in front of a mirror I’m a strong advocate of having sex in front of a mirror. as well as filming Watching yourself sex is very stimulating and makes you want to push the limits to see how far your sexual abilities can go. I didn’t consider the psychology of it. But what I do know is that if a mirror suddenly appears Your sex will be ten times better. Lom is always right
[Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]Don’t let the boring and boring sex go on. Try doing these things in bed to make it hot rather than hot.

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