87 Fun “This or That” Questions about Sex, Life, and Food

From foodie questions to dirty, dirty truths about sex, we’re looking at 87 really fun “this or that” questions about sex, life, and food.

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Sex questions are on the rise, admit it, sometimes you’re horny just asking out loud! As humans, we are attracted to questions about sex and preferences – moreover. When they have weird twists or hilarious undertones! That’s why we’re looking at the question. “This or That” designed to know more about your crush’s trend in the sack. their love for food and their thoughts on life
The “this or that” question is great to play with your friends, your crush, your long-term partner, your spouse, or even your family. *IF YOU DON’T NEED TMI TOO MUCH* Gather your group of friends or caress your love and back and forth to reveal your innermost answer – with quite amusing results. [Read: 36 racy, random funny questions for flirty guys and girls]Want to know if your crush will feel bad for your anal partner? Or do they prefer a plate of sushi over a steak dinner? We’re looking at 87 “this or that” questions that will blow your mind.
“This or That” Questions About Sex
We won’t make you wait! We are entering the question you want to ask… Or at least the naughty questions you want to read! Plus, what’s more tantalizing than getting to know your crush’s sexual quirks, we’ve rounded up 40 love and sex-related questions. “This or that thing” that you definitely want to know the answer to.
#01 Did the erection disappear during sex or did she get her period during sex?
#02 Tongue or not tongue?
#03 Parents walk into you contemplating, or walk into your parents contemplating?
#04 Sex in the woods or Sex in a cab?
#05 Circumference or length? [Read: The 13 types of penises that women love… or laugh at!]#06 Give or receive by mouth?
#07 An hour’s mouth or a Quickie piercing?
#08 Chest or butt?
#09 Handcuffs or blindfolds?
#10 Extreme fetish lover or cool fish lover?
#11 Sex toys or masturbation?
#12 Phone sex or dirty text? [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the naughtiest words]#13 Underwear or naked?
#14 Oral or anal?
#15 Rabbit vibrator or bullet vibrator?
#16 Legs or neck?
#17 Sex once a week or sex 3 Once a day, every day?
#18 Astroglide or spit and go?
#19 Makeup or bare face? [Read: 30 dirty would you rather questions to ask your lover]#20 A celebrity sex crush or a real life sex crush?
#21 Sleep with a virgin or have someone take your virgin?
#22 Toes in mouth or nipples in mouth?
#23 Loud sex from your neighbor or are you a loud neighbor?
#24 Dirty books or dirty movies?
#25 Doggy style or yoga pose? [Read: 30 really naughty questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive]#26 Bare or trimmed?
#27 Tall or short?
#28 Blonde or brown?
#29 Sexy teasing or dirty talk?
#30 Cowgirl or missionary? [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask your girl and make her wet]#31 Do you regret sleeping with someone or regret that you never tried?
#32 The dominant partner or the submissive partner?
#33 The girl’s bush is so hairy that it can braid, or a boyfriend with a big mustache?
#34 Had sex in front of your parents or never had sex again?
#35 An older couple or a younger couple?
#36 Wrinkled vagina or sagging breasts? [Read: 20 naughty and sexy questions to ask your man]#37 Small penis or premature ejaculation?
#38 Spit or swallow?
#39 Tinder or coffee shop connection?
#40 Marry your first girlfriend or your first boyfriend. Or not married at all? [Read: 60 get-to-know-you questions for a new romance]

foodie question
The food your partner likes tells a lot about what kind of person they are. For example, who will take the last bite of a brownie without asking? Who is that monster! Find out if your crush has these malevolent tendencies by sneaking a peek at the offer. “This or that” is tricky. Food can tell you a lot about a person. So why not ask?
Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner in the kitchen. Or decide which place to book for your next date? These “this or that” questions are worth asking.
#41 Strawberry or cherry?
#42 Coffee or tea?
#43 Lasagna or ravioli? [Read: How well do you know me? 35 fun questions for couples]#44 Cookies or brownies?
#45 Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
#46 Sushi or burgers?
#47 Beer or wine?
#48 Sweet or spicy?
#49 McDonald’s or Burger King?
#50 Chicken or beef?
#51 Sugar or sweetener?
#52 Breakfast, eggs or pancakes?
#53 Candy or cookies? [Read: Do you think alike? 20 questions to ask your best friend]#54 French fries or fries?
#55 Chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered me?
#56 Coffee or tea?
#57 Salsa or Queso Dip?
#58 Water or soda?
#59 Scrambled eggs or Sunny facing up?
#60 Popsicle or ice cream?
#61 Coke or Pepsi? [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility]Common “This or That” Question
Looking for something less appropriate in the questions department. “This or that”? Sometimes it’s nice to ask your partner stupid questions to soften the frenzied sex scene! Here’s a list of 26 common questions, ranging from who their favorite parents are. what do they like to watch to the way they like to travel.
#62 Beard or handlebars?
#63 Xbox or PlayStation?
#64 The Simpsons or Family Guy? [Read: 80 really funny would-you-rather questions to ask your SO]#65 Morning or night?
#66 Aerobics or cardio?
#67 Spring or summer?
#68 hot or cold?
#69 Text or call?
#70 Computer or video game?
#71 Take a shower or take a shower?
#72 A historic vacation or a beach destination? [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone a lot better]#73 Movie theater or Netflix?
#74 B&B or hotel?
#75 Rain or snow?
#76 5-Star or hostel?
#77 Comedy or drama?
#78 Friends or family?
#79 Batman or Superman? [Read: Getting the answers you crave – 30 questions you HAVE to ask a guy]#80 Children or pets?
#81 Hot tub or swimming pool?
#82 Twitter or Instagram?
#83 A beer that is too hot or a beer that is too cold?
#84 Mother or father?
#85 Bikini or one piece?
#86 Tattoos or piercings?
#87 Boxer or brief?
[Read: 50 perfect questions to get to know if someone’s right for you]You range from nonsense to fun and flirting. These are 87 quirky questions designed to get to know your crush better! Think we missed the whole “this or that” question? Leave a comment below and let us know how you can tease your crush with a question!

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