Funny Emojis Couples Need to Use More Often

Tired of sending smiles to your partner and heart emojis? Or the eggplant and cat emoji? Try these fun emojis to spice up your texting.

funny emoji

Everyone knows that the best way to communicate with someone is to be open and honest. opportunity to happen If you plan to message someone

when we use emojis through text We will see a clearer picture that people. one trying to say something Or at least what they didn’t say. Does it make sense?

Of course there is no Because I don’t have any emojis on my laptop keyboard to understand my point. for a time like this I prefer to use women with their arms and palms up, which means “whatever” more??

Why do people use emojis?

Instead of tormenting people about the nuances of the messages you send. Why not use an emoji to clarify your intentions? With a smile, you can say “hey, nice to talk to you” ??

If you’re not, a smile can deflect negative assumptions about your message by saying, “I’m not in the mood to go out”??

Using emojis can help you express yourself clearly, if not straightforward. It could be a way for you to make other people feel good or to tell someone that you feel bad.

Of course, you can describe your feelings in words. But isn’t it a more effective way to use emojis? Unless you’re a big fan of prose.

However, there are other benefits of using emojis, and many of them are related to couples. And that’s not really what you came here for?

Reasons why couples should use emojis more often

Besides making the world a better place and full of smiles Emojis also help improve the relationship status of many couples. Here are some emojis that achieve that goal. [Read: Do you sext? Study reveals why you should start right away!]

#1 Eggplant emoji + cat emoji N.S. explore Conducted by, it was found that those who used emojis while texting had more sex than those who didn’t. It is possible that expressing love, even through text messages, will make couples more in tune with their sexuality. Face-to-face displays of affection are an important marker for those who have sex in moderation. Who knew texting could offer the same benefits?

#2 Couple Emoji + Pizza Emoji In addition to having more sex Couples who use emoji are also dating more. It is possible that the increased love generated by the use of emoji encourages couples to spend more time together personally. And maybe it’s because it looks a little better to seduce your date. Instead, send them an eggplant and cat emoji.

#3 Ring Emoji + Bride Emoji Emoji users are twice as likely to get married as their cold, emoji-less counterparts. Increased love = increased possibility of a lifetime commitment. The survey found that 62% of users wanted to get married one day, compared to 30% who never printed a smiley face.

If these stats don’t convince you to use more emojis. We don’t even know what emoji to use. Maybe finding a happy date with emoji will change your mind. especially if people that becomes the love of your life

The latest emoji that couples should follow.

Now that you know how emojis work for you and your partner. Here are some tips to get love flowing on your mobile phone.

for compliments or if you did something wrong

Complimenting your partner can greatly improve your relationship with the other person. Scientists have also found that giving and receiving compliments improves your personal and overall happiness. The best part is that you can’t be without compliments. [Read: 40 unbelievably cute things you can say to your crush]

#1 girl + sun + star “My sun and stars” ??

#2 Boy + Moon. “The moon in my life” ??

#3 Trophy + Female/Male.They should give you the Best Girl/Boyfriend award.”??

#4 You + apple + eye “You are the apple of my heart.”??

#5 Children + Girl/Boy + Fireworks “‘Cause baby, you’re a firework.”??

When you want to be cute or if you’re doing something wrong.

It’s always nice to send random messages that show your partner that you’re thinking of them. You can also earn more brownie points by scoring high with cuteness and affection. Remember, the goal is to make them smile, if that doesn’t work, just send them a monkey emoji. work every time [Read: 17 aww-so-sweet ways to say you’re sorry]

#1 Cute tiger emoji + wink emoji “raw”??

#2 Pills + fire + leaves + smoke + female/male. “I am tall with you” ??

#3 See, hear, don’t speak evil monkey emoji. No reason. They’re really cute.

For planning a date or if you’re doing something wrong.

Do this with caution. Because a little misunderstanding can completely ruin a good date night. Your partner might be thinking you want to go to a nice French restaurant. That you’re going to the World Cup with chicken wings and a glass of beer.

#1 Sushi Emoji + Beer Emoji best first date

#2 Pizza Emoji + TV Emoji + Ice Emoji + Flower Emoji “Pizza, Netflix and Chill…and Relationships”??

#3 Surfer emoji + sun emoji + palm tree emoji + silver emoji “To Hawaii or Bora Bora?”

for sex

Because in the end you did the right thing. Or maybe you’re doing something wrong. And sex instead of sex is your punishment. [Read: 20 sexy text messages to start sexting dirty in no time]

#1 Wine + Dancer + Bikini + Peach + Silver

#2 Video Camera + Bikini + Peach + Eggplant

#3 Heart Couple + Bomb + Bomb = Family Emoji

Emojis You Shouldn’t Use

#1 Anything Pig for your safety

#2 bride and wedding ring It might be better to show this yourself.

#3 weapon promote peace and love And hence you don’t have to give your partner any thoughts.

Using emojis is a tried and true work of art. If it works for more than half of the different sample sizes. It might work for you too. [Read: 36 really sweet things to say to your boyfriend]

No matter which phone you use There will be a variety of emojis for you to choose from. If you don’t have a smartphone *why!* you can also create emoticons using symbols *good luck*

Just remember that emojis can look cute and cute. But they can help you send more meaningful messages whenever you’re out of your friends. Just relax with the eggplant emoji, okay?

[Read: 50 cutest things to say to your girlfriend]

Try different emojis combined as we mentioned above. So that you and your partner have more things to talk about and think about when you’re separated.

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