45 Funny Questions to Get to Know Someone Better Instantly

These funny getting to know you questions will help you stay calm and relaxed, rather than being intrusive or distant when learning more about someone new.

Funny, get to know your question.

meeting new people It might make all of us nervous. Especially for introverts or people with social anxiety. Finding funny questions The perfect way to get to know someone is important.

You don’t want to ask too many questions and be overbearing. But you also want to act like you’re interested. Instead of taking things too far, getting to know these funny questions can help you build a real relationship that is sincere and relaxed.

How to ask funny questions to get to know someone

Keep things light when you first meet someone. You always want to avoid something too subtle.

If you don’t want to just blurt out a question. Instead, share a joke related to the question to make the follow-up questions more relevant.

smile and relax If you’re nervous or nervous, you may pass out roughly. You don’t want someone to feel guilty. Whether you’re asking a funny or serious question. [Read: 13 ways to open up and really get to know someone]

Remember to be yourself and be open to their answers. You have to let the conversation flow instead of questions & answers.

Be prepared to answer the same questions. If you are trying to get to know someone They will want to know you too. Make sure you are ready to answer these funny questions as well.

If you don’t have your information The conversation will be one-sided and feel like an interview or, worse, an interrogation.

avoid conflicting things

Being funny doesn’t mean you have to push your limits. There are family-friendly jokes, so try to avoid funny questions. about politics, religion, etc., unless you know the person’s sense of humor.

Do not ask any questions about race or socioeconomic status. Given what is rated PG, you wouldn’t want people to. This offends or turns these jokes into controversy.

When you first meet someone Disgusting jokes are not only red. But it’s also a big deal or even a sudden breakup. First impressions matter, so keep it clean. [Read: Impress everyone you meet by making a great first impression]

There’s enough controversy, drama, and fighting in the world. Keep this fun and light. You don’t know this person yet. So it’s best to stick to a neutral topic in the first place.

Funny to get to know you questions for everyone.

These funny questions range from embarrassing to informative. or even a conversation starter

So pick and choose as you want. Not only will your confidence improve. But whoever you know will let them know how funny you are. want to talk easily, not intimidating These questions will get you started by leaps and bounds. [Read: How to remain calm when meeting someone new]

Asking funny questions to get to know you is the perfect way to break up with someone new. So read and take notes.

1. What was your most embarrassing moment?

This is why it should be done and a classic. No one’s answer was the same. Don’t forget to have your story ready.

This will help you know how serious this person is and whether they can laugh at embarrassing moments from the past. If they don’t want to share They may not be safe. This will definitely help you get to know them. [Read: Fun questions to ask your friend to get to know them better]

2. Do you have any strange abilities or skills?

This is always interesting. For example, I can lick my elbow. and it is impossible That’s what people tend to find extremely interesting.

But expect them to ask the same question back. So if you’re not prepared to walk by hand or take your shoulder out of the socket in the middle of the restaurant. You can skip it.

3. What is your favorite childhood TV show?

This always starts a fun and nostalgic conversation. You can relive your childhood and talk about how your sense of humor has changed. or if you’re still watching that show today

There’s nothing like looking back at your past to bring you closer together. Keep the conversation focused on movies or TV. Because childhood talks can go on very quickly. [Read: Funny ways to start a conversation with a girl]

4. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

If you have your photos on your phone that’s a plus. Everyone would love to hear the answer to this question.

Not everyone is addicted to witches or ghosts. Therefore, seeing that people This is what she loves so much that she wants to dress up as something interesting. Mine is a Pumpkin Princess…don’t ask.

5. What is your worst fashion or style?

You get to make fun of yourself and each other again. Talk about the Indians you have. Frosted or feathered tips are always fun.

It also gives you the perfect compliment… “You have grown up well.”

Sticking to an embarrassing or flattering past will help you both let your guard down. [Read: An awkward person’s guide to flirting]

6What’s the worst pickup you’ve ever heard?

I personally like these. I mean it won’t really be picked up. But hearing such an incredibly bad or repetitive sentence is funny.

Plus, knowing that someone actually thinks it will work makes it hard to laugh. [Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pickup lines that’ll leave anyone laughing]

7. Which infomercial product did you buy?

Infomercials are infamous for really cranky products, some for people who can’t make eggs. Some are for people without blankets or robes. And some of them are completely useless.

Finding out what this person is being tricked into trying is very telling. And if the product comes out as bad as usual, this funny question can lead to a good story.

8. If you can combine animals Which two would you choose and why?

This question might seem a bit strange, but if you’re both an animal lover, you’re welcome. It would be interesting to hear their answers and behind-the-scenes explanations.

9. What’s the best joke you know?

This is a funny and lighthearted topic. even the topic is repetitive Everyone loves a good dad joke. I mean, won’t you? [Read: How to use humor to win over a crush]

10. What animal do you think is the funniest if it can talk?

This is a good thing. Yes, we all love our dog or cat to be able to talk to us. But hearing what a whale, ostrich or giraffe say is quite interesting.

11. What is your fault?

This can be a great way to get to know the other person better. This person could be a very businessman or professional. But to find that they enjoy watching The Bachelor or The Real Housewives is shocking and hilarious.

In addition, if you feel guilty You will know the relationship between you hate and love and Chris Harrison. [Read: 33 guilty pleasures that are best kept a secret]

12. What is the most useless super power you can think of?

Everyone always asks what super power you want. Yes, that’s a good question. But to make it more fun Lets ask this question.

There are super heroes and sidekicks that don’t make sense. Talk about hypothetical situations where these powers come into play can lead to unique and creative chats.

13. If you can be heterosexual 1 What’s the first thing you’ll do today?

Again, this says a lot about someone. If you ask a guy and he says he’s naked You know he might look a little superficial. So this one is funny. But it can dazzle. [Read: How to be friends with someone of the opposite gender?]

14. What song you downloaded on your phone that you would be embarrassed about if it started playing in blue?

This is one of those funny getting to know you questions that will not only give you a sense of this person’s taste in music. but also their true taste in music.

Everyone shares their love for Drake, but when you admit your love for Nickelback or One Direction opens a whole new door. [Read: The best questions to make someone laugh and enjoy your company]

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