25 Funny Things to Text a Girl & Win Her Heart with Your Funny Bone

The way to a girl’s heart is her laughter. If you want to win her heart make her laugh Here are some funny text messages to women.

funny text messages to women

Women say they love mysterious men. Although it may be true But that mystery doesn’t last forever. Women end up going to men who make them laugh. Because of course the mystery is exciting. But it fades away once you get to know the person. What really sticks around is personality, especially one who knows all the right jokes to text women.

So leave that feeling of mystery. because in the end Jokes will win her over. That being said, some guys don’t think they have what it takes to make a woman laugh. and i understand

Making someone laugh can be nerve-wracking. Especially if you’re not sure if you’re funny. But everyone has a sense of humor.

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Does your sense of humor match up?

Some people have a dry sense of humor. Some people are more expressive—so don’t feel pressured to be funny. You’re funny, just understand your sense of humor. It might not always match her sense of humor. and it’s okay not everyone is the same which is what makes things interesting.

regardless Let’s take the first step and unwrap some funny sentences. A few lines to see how things are and what her sense of humor is. [Read: How to be a funny guy – All the secrets you need to know]

25 funny things to text a girl

Let’s make her laugh… Or at least smile with these 25 funny things to text women.

#1 There’s nothing more fortunate than a dress that’s on your body. The tights she wears make you jealous. [Read: How to keep a girl interested – 13 exciting ways to keep her happy]

#2 Girl, give me back my heart because she stole it When I first laid eyes on her That’s right, she’s a thief and she needs to know.

#3 Is it hot here or are you just raising the temperature? She’s hot, it’s not her fault. [Read: Make them swoon – 20 swoon-worthy romantic words]

#4 They are recruiting for wonder woman? Because I have the perfect person for this role. She is your wonderful woman.

#5 Do you feel guilty about global warming? ‘Cause your heat is melting the world Someone should be held accountable

#6 I’m sorry I acted awkward when I first saw you. I guess I suffer from seeing too much beauty. It’s a nice compliment to someone.

#7 Will you kiss me or must I lie to the diary? Wow, do you have a diary?

#8 Is that an earthquake or are you just shaking my world? You have to make sure you shake it slightly.

#9 I got ‘yes’ and lost ‘no’, so what happened? I guess she only had one choice.

#10 Do you believe in love at first sight or should I pass you by again? Let’s see if she blushes when she hears this sentence. [Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pick up lines to get any girl laughing]

#11 I’m not a pro. But I’m pretty sure we’ll look amazing in the photos. look like her How can you not take good photos?

#12 I think I need CPR after seeing your face. as soon as you see her you can’t breathe

#13 My job is safe. no one wants it Make her giggle by making fun of herself.

#14 Girl, I know what you did this summer. Want to do something similar this winter/autumn/spring? This is definitely cheeky.

#15 Do you have a Band-Aid? I hurt my knees falling for you An old classic that will get a few eye rolls. but still able to smile

#16 You should take that beauty somewhere else or I will go insane. Can beauty make people crazy?

#17 My doctor said I never had an arrhythmia. But talking to you proves them wrong. She seems to have a big impact on you.

#18 My phone is not working well. Can you put your number? Maybe it’s already starting to work. Ahhh, it’s sour, but it’s cute. [Read: How to make someone laugh over text just by being yourself]

#19 I apologize for not being part of your past. May I fix it with your future stay? It’s time to plan ahead, baby.

#20 Is your father Liam Neeson? because of me take with you. You must know that reference.

#21 If grapes make your skin beautiful You must be in the vineyard This is a great introduction to a wine-themed date.

#22 You are amazing, I just forgot the pickup line. This is always a good line to use.

#23 If you were Christmas I would be the Grinch who stole you. Beautiful Christmas themed messages to send.

#24 Seriously? It has to be illegal to look good. If only it was a crime [Read: 100 sweet things to say to a girl and make her heart soar]

#25 I hate when I am about to hug someone who is really sexy. and my face hit the mirror I hope you know what to say in return.

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Have you ever texted a girl you’re interested in? Now is the time to smile at her and show her your sense of humor with some funny messages. These are to send messages to women.

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